Swaragini (love connection) part 17


Hi guys..this is chaitali.I saw ur comments in last episode.U were asking for another part today..so i wished to fulfil ur wish..So here is tge part.Forgive for mistakess and if it didn’t go to ur expectation.Because i wrote it in a hurry.

Part 17
Sumi raised her hand again to slap ragini but shekhar comes and holds her hand.Sumi looks at him and he nods no.Sumi released her hand and looks at ragini again.
Sumi:Why have u done this?
Shekhar:I have the same ques ragini.I supported u in every decision and now u r giving me this reward?
Ragini was looking down.She had no answer.She was just shedding tears.Urvashi came near her and stars shaking her holding her shoulders.
Urvashi:What have u done with my shona??Where is she?
Then everyone realized that swara was missing.Sumi quickly went upstairs but she didn’t find her there so she came down again.
Sumi:What have you done with my daughter?Have u killed her?
Now ragini looked up with her red eyes.How could her mom think that she will harm her sister?This sentence stabbed her heart.
Sumi:Don’t call me mom…i am not ur mother.
Ragini was stunned.She understood that her mother is saying this in anger.But the word was so deep like she told it truelly.
Shekhar:Calm down sumi.What r u saying?Let her speak.Tell me princess..I know u can’t do this without an important reason.
Sansker was outside till now.But he came in hearing the noise.He was equally shocked seeing ragini in bridal dress.What!That means swara didn’t get married?

Sujata dragged him to her side and said”Thanks God we didn’t make did ur engagement with this girl.Otherwise my son’s future would get spoilt.”
Ap:U only see ur son’s life!Now my son’s life is spoilt.Can’t u see that?
Sansker couldn’t understand what should he tell to this two ladies?
Shekhar was questioning ragini.
Shekhar:Tell me the reason ragini.What forced u to do that.
“I am telling u”someone told from the entrance.
It was a second shock to all seeing swara there.
Sumi ran to her.
Sumi:Are u allright beta?
Swara :Yes mom..but only because of ragini.
She looked to ragini who was nodding her head in negative signing not to tell anything.Laksh noticed this and felt strange.
Swara:Ragini did this to save me.Because i…
Ragini didn’t let her complete the sentence and said in middle “because i like laksh”
All looked at her weirdly.
Urvashi:I told u di..this girl will snatch love from swara.
Swara:What r u saying masi?She didn’t snatch my love because i don’t like laksh.
“What!”This time it was laksh who speaked.
Swara:Sorry laksh…but this is true.I always thought u as friend.
Obviously laksh was shocked but he didn’t feel that heartbroken.Actually he felt releived.But as usual the reason was unknown to him.
Shekhar:U could tell us once.We asked u if u were happy or not.U didn’t say that time.
Ragini:It’s not di’s fault papa.I always kept saying her that she liked laksh.And that’s why..
Ragini again took blame on her.

Swara was about to say something but urvashi stopped her.
Urvashi:Whatever..Now what will happen to swara?Her sister married her husband cheating on her.Now who will marry her?
Dadi:This is not like the old time.She is a modern girl.We will find an alliance for her again.
Urvashi:No kaki..no one will marry her knowing that her marriage didn’t happen at the end moment.Everybody will think her guilty.Nobody will try to know the truth.
Sumi:My daughters life is ruined.
Sansker was listening all this.He looked towards swara who was looking down having tears on her eyes.He couldn’t see her on that state.Life has given another chance to live with his love.How could he miss it?
He came forward and asked swara’s hand from shekhar saying “If u people allow me,i want to spend my whole life with her.I will feel honoured if u give her hand to me”

He than goes to Dp and folds his hand”I never wanted anything from u bade papa.Please allow me to do this!”
Dp looked at Rp and sujata.Rp gave his consent but sujata was hesitating.
Ap:Maan lo sujata.Swara is better than ragini.And see sansker also got ready to marry now for her sake.
Sujata than nods her head.Sansker and swara both were happy.Sumi again took her to upstairs and made her ready.Only they two were there in the room so sumi asked her.
Sumi: Are u happy now?Tell me clearly.
Swara:Yes mom..because i love sansker.
She told her how she got confused when ap asked her to marry her son and then did all the ritual thinking about family,then her suicide attempt and how ragini saved her.
Sumi hugged her tightly.
Sumi:U decided to leave us in stead of telling truth to us!
Swara:Sorry mom..i will never do that mistake again.
Sumi than felt bad for what she did with ragini.
Sumi:Ragini did al this to save u and i slapped her.What kind of mother i am.Why couldn’t i understand that my daughters can’t do any wrong to each other.
Swara:Ragini will understand u mom..she will understand that u have done this in anger.

Downstairs all were ready to see another marriage.Swara came down in red golden lehenga.Sansker just couldn’t remove his eyes from her.Swara saw that and smiled shyly.
She sat near sansker.Pandit started reciting mantras.Then they stood up for round.They took 7 rounds taking oath to spend seven lives with each other.Sansker made her wear mangalsutra.Then he put sindoor to her hairline.While putting it some sindoor fell on her nose.Everybody told that she will get his husband’s love a lot as it was a sign of this.Swara became red due to shyness.
Ragini was looking all this with a smile on her face.Then she had a flashback.
Ragini opened the diary and shocked to see that “I love sansker”Written on that.
And in another page”All my dreams are broken.I can never find my love.”
And at the last page she saw written”I can’t live without u..and i can’t say no to my family now..there is no option for me without doing suicide.May be God will give some peace to me and my family after that!”
Ragini got afraid seeing this and called swara but number was off.She called landline but nobody received as there was noise of drums in the house.
She immediately leave for kolkata.When she reached there she saw already barat coming.She tried to enter to the house but there was crowd.So she entered there room through the window.She was shocked to see poison in swara’s hand.She took the bottle and threw it.Then she told her that she knows everything and she doesn’t love sansker.They both werw worried how to say no when the groom family is there for marriage.Ragini told swara about exchanging the dress and she being the bride.First swara didn’t agree.But then agrees seeing no other solution.After changing the dress swara went out through the window and ragini put a long veil.
Flashback ends

Ragini smiled and said “Thanks God i took ur diary in stead of mine”
Laksh saw her smiling and said”U r very happy ruining my life! Oh God!Now i have to bear u for my whole life!”
Ragini gave her a disgusting look and said”I will deal with u later”
Swara and sansker took blessing from the elders.Then swara came to ragini and hugged her.
“All of this happened because of u.I got love of my life”she whispered on her ear.
“Anything for my sister”Ragini told her.
Swara broke the hug and said nervously “But what about laksh’s parents?Will they accept u?”
Laksh:Oye hello…pehle main toh accept kar loon.
Sansker:Laksh!!She is ur wife now.Behave urself.
Laksh:Bhaiya!Seriously?I got married with this chipkali!! God..Why didn’t i die before seeing this?
Ragini:Why don’t u die now?Who cares!
Swara:Ragini..don’t tell this.it’s inauspicious.
Ragini shrugged.
Laksh:I will surely die if i live with u laado.
Ragini:Hey..don’t call me laado.
Laksh:Why?what will u do?marry me again??Laado!
And they started fighting like always.Swara and sansker tried to stop them but in vain.At last they got frustrated doing that.They saw each other and smiled.They decided to let everyone do whatever they want and continue their job staring at each other with eyes filled with love.
Episode ends with raglak fighting and swasan staring at each other.

Precap:suhagrat(don’t dream anything romantic cause their will be everything except romance 😉 )

i wanlate say one more thing..next part will be late.

Credit to: Chaitali

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