Swaragini (love connection) part 16

The most awaited marriage
Part 16
At night
Laksh was walking here and there in his room.He recalled his and sansker’s dance with ragini.He was being restless.He took the vase and throw it on floor in anger.
“What am i doing?Tomorrow is my marriage with swara and now i am thinking about ragini!What happened to me?”he said with extreme frustration.
He stood infront of the mirror he looked himself through the mirror.He felt like it was talking to him.
“Why r u thinking about ragini?”
“We fight always that’s why”
“That can’t be a reason.People think about that person always whom he loves”
“I love swara”
“U didn’t think about her for once in whole day”
“I hadn’t time..i was busy with functions”
“But u had time to think about ragini?”
“It’s because….”
“It’s because u love…”
Before it could complete the sentence he broke the mirror.
“No no..this can’t happen.I only love swara and tomorrow is my marriage with her.”he told it brushing his hands to his hair.
“But why i always think about ragini?It can’t be love.I think i should talk to her and clear everything”He told taking out the phone.
He called swara’s number.Swara didn’t pick up the call.He called again.Now swara cut the call.He again called but this time swara switched off the phone.
“Damn it!”laksh stamped the foot on floor.
“I think i have to go to her house and talk to her face to face.This will be right.”he thought.
He looked at the watch.It was 12 am.
“How can i go there at this time?What to do now?I don’t even have her number.”He sighed with extreme frustration.
“Let everything leave to God.Will see what happen tomorrow “saying this he went to sleep.
Ragini reached mumbai at midnight.She reached at the hotel in which she had booked room before.She took out the phone to call swara.But her number was switched off.
“I know u r angry with me.But believe me i am doing this for u”saying this she kissed swara’s pic on her phone and slept.
Swara was crying badly laying on the bed.First of all she was getting married with the brother of the person whom she loves.To make the matter worse,after some days her sister will be married with her loved one.And at last her soul sister with whom she shares everything from childhood is not here to make her feel better.Her eyes were swollen.She slept crying.
Sansker was also restless.He was moving from one side to other on the bed.He remembered swara’s hug,every meeting with her,her smile,her innocent face.He closed the eyes and tears fell down.”Mujhe iss baat ki afsos nehi ki tum meri nehi hogi,baas iss baat ka afsos zindegi var rehega that i couldn’t even tell u that i love u”he said closing his eyes.
Marriage brings happiness in life of two families.But this marriage had brought only miseries in the fours life.All of them accepted it to make the other one happy.But God had planned something else for them.

Next day it was wedding day.
In mumbai
Ragini opened her bag and took out the diary.She wanted to write something as ut was a new start for her.She opened it and realized that she took swara’s in stead of her.She was about to close it but her eyes got stuck in some page and she was shocked.
At evening
Sumi was making swara ready.She puts a teeka on her neck by taking kajal from her eyes.
Sumi:My daughter is looking so beautiful.Kisiki nazar na lag jay!
Swara:Ma ragini?Did she call?
Sumi nods no.Swara was sad.
Urvashi came from the door.
Urvashi:Baarat has come.Is swara ready?
Sumi:Yes.Come swara.
Swara:Mom u go..I want to spend some time alone in my room last time.
Sumi puts a veil on her and said”Ok..i will come back to take u when the rituals begins”
She kissed her forhead and went out.Swara shut the door.
“Sorry mom,sorry papa.I can’t marry him.I can’t even ruin ragini’s life saying that i love sansker.I have no choice but suicide”she said crying.
She opened a drawer and take a bottle in which there was written “Poison”.She was about to drink it but someone patted her shoulder.She turns and became shocked to she the person.She was about to shout but the person holds her mouth and stops her.

Sumi,Urvashi and dadi received the groom and his family.Laksh sat on the mandap.He was continuously looking at the way.Urvashi noticed it and said teasing him “Don’t worry u will see ur bride after sometime.And then she will be urs forever.”
Laksh :No aunty,i was looking for ragini.Where is she?
Urvashi:Why r u looking for her?She has gone to take part in dance competition.She didn’t even think to attend her sisters wedding.She is so selfish!
Laksh fisted his hands.
Laksh:What!How can she do that?
Urvashi:She has already done it.Now u forget about her and think of swara.I will not spare u if u make her unhappy.
She told sumi to bring swara.Sumi nods and went upstairs.
Sumi opens the door and saw swara sitting on the bed with a long veil.She smiled.
Sumi:Now u r feeling so shy that u have taken such a long veil!
Swara just smiled nervously.Sumi could only see her lips.She took swara with her.
In mandap
Laksh was thinking”How could she do this with me!How could she go without telling me!”
He stood up but pandit stopped him.He saw sumi coming with swara. He felt like running from the mandap but that was impossible.So he followed pandit in rituals.
Sansker looked up to see swara.A bitter smile came on his face.
Swara came and sit near laksh in mandap.She had a long veil so no one could see her face.
Pandit joined their hand during the rituals.Laksh had a strange feeling.He felt the same when he danced with the girl in party.He had the same feeling when he touched the hands of the girl.A smile came on his face and all his restlessness vanished.
“I am marrying the right person.I am marrying my cinderala.My thought about ragini was just an infatuation.”he thought.
Pandit asked the to stand up to take round.Sumi tied their knot.They took seven pheres.
Then they sit down again.Laksh makes her wear mangalsutra.Pandit asks him to put sindoor.Laksh was about to remove the veil to put sindoor but she holds his hand and nods no.
Laksh puts sindoor keeping the veil.Pandit declared them as husband wife.Sansker couldn’t bear anymore.He went out wiping his tears.
Laksh and swara went to the elders to take blessings.After dada and dadi,they went to shekhar.He hugged them both.Then they went near sumi.While touching her feet the veil from bride’s face was removed revealing her face.Sumi was shocked to see her face.Laksh was equally shocked.When she stood up looking to others nervously,all were shocked to looks at her.
She opened her mouth to say something but before she could say anything,”Chatttash”.Sumi slapped her hardly.
“How could u do this ragini??”She shouted.
Ragini looked at her teary eyed holding her cheek.

Precap:Urvashi shouts and asked everyone who will marry the elder sister when her younger sister married her would be husband cheating everyone?And flashbacks of how the bride got changed.

So,all the confusion is clear now.Raglak got married.In next episode u will get another dhamaka!Now tell me in ur comments if u liked their marriage or not?Forgive me if i did any mistakes in writing this.

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