Swaragini (love connection) part 14


Hi guys…chaitali is back with a new part…before starting i want to say something…the silent readers are increasing (may be)because so less of u guys comment nowadays.Well leta start with today episode

Part 14
Laksh was roaming here and there in his room.He recalled all the happenings of the day one of his college to engagement.Meeting with swaragini,fight with ragini,flirt with swara,their alliance,ragini’s silence after that,her drowning and lastly his engagement with swara or may be ragini and sansker’s alliance.He was being restless.Sansker entered there.
Sansker:What happened lucky?
Laksh looked at him angrily.
Laksh:I should ask the ques to u!
Laksh:Matlab,from when u started to pay attention to girls?that too girl like ragini!How can chachi know that u like her…but i was unaware of the fact!
Sansker:Even i was unaware too…don’t know why mom told that!
He shrugged.Laksh’s eye lit up with hope!
Laksh:That means u don’t like ragini?
Sansker:No..i mean i don’t know.
Laksh:I knew it!How can u like a girl like ragini!How can any boy like her!She is so annoying!
Sansker:Shut up lucky,wo itni bhi buri nehi hai.
Laksh:That means u like her!
Sansker:She is good girl..sweet bhi hai..tge fact is just i didn’t think something like that about her…i always considered her as a good friend.
Laksh:Tell me clearly bhai…u like her or not?
Sansker looked at him suspiciously.
Sansker:Why r u so curious about it?
Laksh:I have right to be curious about my brothers life!
Sansker:First pay attention to ur own life.Its u who is getting married first.Did u talk with swara after reaching home?
Laksh:No(seems uninterested)
Sansker:Then what r u waiting for?Call her.
Laksh unwillingly took out his phone and dialed swara’s number.

But ragini picked up the call.
Ragini:Di is in washroom.U call after some time.
Saying this she wanted to cut the call..but just then laksh spoke up.
Ragini:Di se baat karne ke liye phone kiya hai toh meri nasm kyu le rahe ho?
Laksh:That means tumne maan liya ki tumhari naam laado hai?
Ragini:Look i don’t have a mood to argue with u!
Just tgen swara comes out from washroom.Ragini sees her.
Ragini:You called for ur would be wife…talk to her.
Saying this she gave the phone to swara and went out of the room.Swara took the phone with a confused face and said “hello”
She heard laksh saying “Me too have no interest to talk with u…lo apni husband se baat karlo”
Saying this laksh gave the phone to sansker before swara could say anything.And he went ouy of the room angrily!
Sansker took the phone with confusion and called laksh from back..but he was gone.
He had to talk over the phone being helpless.
Sansker:Hello ragini
Swara had tears in her eyes hearing his voice.She quickly composed herself and said “Ragini nehi..main hu”
There was a deep silence over phone.Nobody was talking.At last swara broke the silence.
Sansker:for what?
Swara:For the alliance.
Sansker:Ohh..i forgot…thanks.
Again there was a silence.They didn’t know what to talk..but their heart didn’t let them to cut the call.
Sansker:Congrats to u too.
Swara:For what?
Sansker:For engagement.
Again silence.They were just feeling their presence over phone.Suddenly swara hear sumi calling her name from downstairs “Swara,ragini where r u two?Come and see who is here!”
Swara told sansker “Mom is calling…i have to go…bye?”
Swara was about to cut the call but suddenly sansker told from other side “Swara!”
Sansker:Nothing..umm…have a nice day.

Saying this he cut the call immediately.
A tear escaped from seara’s eye.Sumi again called her name.Swara wiped the tear and went downstairs.
Everybody were present there.A lady about fourty years came and hugged her.
“Swara…my cutie pie”she told.
“Urvashi Maasi!!I can’t believe u r here!!after 6..7 yes after 7 years!!”swara exclaimed in joy.
Urvashi:How can i miss my shona’s wedding?
Swara:I am soo happy u r here!
Ragini also came to hug Urvashi,but urvashi stopped her in middle.
Urvashi:Bass bass…i am so tired now..i want to rest.Sumi di..will u show me the room?
Sumi nods and went with her.Ragini felt bad.
On the way to room
Sumi:I know why did u stop ragini!Why Urvashi?Why can’t u see her like swara?
Urvashi:How can i?She no one to me!It will be good if u too understand that.
Sumi:But she means everything to me.I love my both daughters equally.
Urvashi:Only swara is ur daughter.Not ragini.
Sumi:Shut up.Don’t ever dare to say that further.She was is and wil be my daughter.
Saying this ahe went away angrily.
Urvashi thought” I won’t let that girl snatch anything from my shona!In this house swara’s priority will be first.I will make sure that.”

Next morning laksh and sansker came to meet urvashi.Laksh touched her feet.
Sumi:Yeh laksh hai.Swara’s fiance.
Urvashi:Bless u beta…Be happy and keep my shona happy.
Laksh just smiled bitterly.Sansker also touched her feet.
Sumi:This is sansker.We fixed ragini’s alliance with him.
Urvashi just said”oh”and then again turned to laksh.
Urvashi:Now tell me laksh what would u like to have?Tea or coffee?
Laksh:Nothing…we have to leave early.
Urvashi:Arre aise kaise?u wait i will bring tea.
Saying this she went to kitchen followed by sumi.
Just then ragini came down.She passed an irritating look to laksh and a warm smile to sansker.Laksh felt the real anger boiling on him!He suddenly stood up.Sansker was confused.
Laksh:Bhai u forgot?U have important work today.
Sansker:What work?
Laksh:Wo u forgot!The college authority has called u to talk about making u the lecturer.
Sansker:Haan..i totally forgot.
Laksh:Now u remembered na!So go..
Sansker:Ok..masi has gone to bring tea..i will go after having tea.
He was looking for swara.
Ragini:Wow..Sansker.. that means you are being lecturer of our college! Congrats.
Saying this she forwards hand to shake with a him.But Laksh hold her hand and kept aside.
Laksh:You can do it later laado.Bhaiya go now…you r being late…go.
He started to push sansker to the door.Swara came down then.She was confused with the happenings there.

Swara:What’s going on?Why r u pushing him laksh?
Sansker:Look swara..he is trying to get me out of ur house.Say him something.
He complained like a kid!Swara couldn’t control her laugh looking at his puppy face.And Sansker couldn’t remove her eyes from her seeing her smile.She was looking like a real angel.

He came to reality when laksh shouted.
Laksh:I was just sending u to ur work and u r complaining!Kisiki help karna hi bekar hai.
He sat in the sofa crossing arms.Sumi and urvashi came with tea.After sometime Urvashi asked swara to show the brothers the house.Sumi also told the same.
So swara and ragini went to show show them the house.While going ragini slipped and laksh hold her by waist.Laksh was looking at those familiar eyes again.They came to reality when swara shouted.
Swara:Ragini tum thik toh ho na?.
Laksh quickly made her stand.
Ragini:Yes.we r coming..u two go.
Swara nods and went with sansker.Ragini tried to go but her chain got stuck to laksh’s shirt button.
Laksh:It looks like u r eager to glue with..Kahi bhi kaise bhi chipak jati ho.
Ragini gave him an angry look and tore the button from his shirt with her chain.
Laksh:What the hell have u done!
Ragini:Mujhse panga lene ka ye hi result hoga.
She went from there leaving angry laksh behind.
Urvashi and Sumi were watching all this.Sumi smiled watching their nok jhok.
Urvashi:U r smiling!This girl may b danger in ur daughter’s married life!Dekho kaise laksh se chipak rahi hai.
Sumi stopped smiling and said “They both sisters love each other and can never harm each other”
Urvashi :They r not real sisters.
Sumi:They r soul sisters.It’s better if u too realise this fact.
Saying this she went away.
Urvashi said in mind “First her mother snatched my sister’s love and now she is trying to snatch swara’s love!I won’t let that happen.”
She was looking at the way where ragini was gone.

Precap:The marriage rituals begins.
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Credit to: Chaitali

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