Swaragini (love connection) part 13


Hi guys…this is chaitali again with new part
Part 13
Maheswari and gaddodia family returned home as ragini was sick.
Next day
Sansker was standing in his room and thinking the recent happenings.Laksh entered the room then.Laksh remembered what he did with sansker when ragini was unconscious.He felt guilty for his behaviour.So he went near him and apologise to him.
Laksh:Sorry bhai…i was depressed then.I am really sorry for my behaviour.
Sansker:Its okey.But i wondered why u behaved like this??
Laksh:Wo nothing…i just thought u might get exhausted.U just got out of water than.
Sansker:Even u got out of water just then.
Laksh:Uff bhai..from when did u become detective?Why r u asking so many ques?
Sansker:Ok…so tell me how is ur preparation?
Laksh:What preparation?
Sansker:Tomorrow is ur engagement na?
Laksh:Oh..i forgot that.
Sansker:How can u!
Laksh got thinking.Seriously how could he!He was going to marry his love..but he forgot his engagement day!
That night was so long for the four.None of them could sleep.Swara couldn’t sleep because of excitement.Ragini was thinking about Laksh and his marriage with her sister.Laksh was trying to think about his engagement with swara and tried to feel happy,but every time he closed his eyes,ragini’s thought filled his mind.And sansker?He wasn’t even unable to understand why he was so restless! He only remembered how swara hugged him and kissed his cheek.
And finally the engagement day came.

In the evening
Maheswari family come to gaddodia mansion.Sansker was wearing a blue sherwani and laksh was wearing a orrange sherwani.Seeing them nobody could say qho was the groom!Both were looking so handsome!
Ragini came down with swara.Swara was wearing a pink lehenga.and ragini wearing a orrange one.
Laksh looks up to see swara,but his eyes got stuck on ragini.They had an eye contact but ragini looks away.Sansker was trying hard not o look towards the sisters.Swara smiled seeing him.
When swaragini came to hall annapurna took swara’s hand and took her near laksh.
Ap:Come beta…sit with laksh.
Swara was confused.
Sumi:Yes…bride and groom have to sit together.
Swara :But why laksh?
Ap:Because u r getting engaged to laksh!bhul gayi??
Ap smiled at her.Swara was hell shocked!She looked to sansker who was avoiding eye contact with her.She remembered all the incident after fixing their engagement.All the time everyone knew that she was getting married to laksh,except her!She felt ashamed of her every steps,hugging sansker,smiling at him,kissing him on cheek.She felt like dying.She understood that’s why sansker had no effect on her words.She looked to laksh who gave her a tight smile.Before she could say anything ap and sumi took her near laksh and made her sit with him.
The ritual started.Ragini went stand near sansker.They were talking and smiling.Sujata noticed them and thought something.
Ap told laksh to make swara wear ring.Swara was not forwarding hand.All thought she was feeling shy.Sumi took her hand and forwards to laksh.Laksh made her wear ring.
Then it was swara’s turn.She took the ring.Her eyes were filled with water.She looked to sansker then to her mom and dad.She closed her eyes.She remembered all the moments with sansker and then tge face of her mom dad.She opened her eyes.
“No,i can’t do this for my selfish reason.Sansker doesn’t love me.But if i back off now,it will be an insult for my mom dad.I have to do this for them”she thought to herself.
She unwillingly made laksh wear the ring.Engagement ritual got completed.Sujata took Ap aside.
Ap:What r u doing sujata?
Sujata:I have important talks wirh u…i have found my daughter in law.
Sujata:Ragini.Look at them jijji.They look happy together.Even sansker saved ragini that day.This means he likes her.
Ap:But he said he is not ready for marriage now.
Sujat:So what jiji?We will fix alliance.Then when ragini’s study completes and sansker also be ready for marriage,We will get them married.
Ap:Idea toh thik hai.I will talk to them now.
Ap goes near sumi an shekhar.
Ap:Today ur one daughter got engaged with the son of our family.Now i want to talk about the other one.
All got confused.
Ap:I want ragini’s hand for sansker.
Ragini and sansker were shocked.Same with swara and laksh.
Ap:Don’t look so shocked!We will do the marriage after ragini completes her study.I just want u to say yes for this alliance.
shekhar:We have no problem…but ragini…
Sumi went near ragini and asked her.Ragini looked to swara and laksh and then sansker.
She thought”Its better for me di both”
Ahe looked down and said”I have no problem with this”
All become happy except laksh swara and sansker.Sansker was surprised with her yes.Where swara and laksh were shocked.
Sumi:Now only sansker has to say yes.
Sansker was about to tell something but sujata came in between.
Sujata:What will he say?I know my son!He likes ragini.
Hearing this laksh stood up and said”what!From when?How bhai?How can u like her?”
Ap:What r u saying laksh?Are u out of ur mind?
Laksh then realized what he just said and felt like stupid.
Laksh:No,i mean bhai shares everything with me but he didn’t share this that’s why.Kya hai bhai?U could tell me once that u like ragini i would have told her.
Sansker was confused with his behaviour.Laksh sat angrily.He was continously looking at ragini who was looking down.
Everybody completed talk and Maheswari family went from there.

At night
Sumi came to swaragini room and sat near them in bed.
Sumi:Everything is happening so quickly! i can’t think that my daughters r going away from me.First swara and then ragini.
Swara hugged her tightly and started crying.Sumi was tensed.
Sumi :What happened beta?Aren’t u happy with this marriage?Tell me
Swara:No mom…i am just sad that i have to go away from u and dad.
“Aur hum toh bahar wale hai?”dadi told from the door.
Swara wiped her tears and said”I will miss u too dadi.”
Dadi came near them and hugged both sumi and swara.
Ragini:This is not fair.U forgot me!main bhi ja rahi hu dur!
swara:Chup kar!I am going before u.
Ragini :So what!
Swara:Baat bandh kar drama queen aur aa ja.
Ragini goes to then.They share a group hug.Both sisters were crying badly.But the reason was not going away from parents…it was something else…Only they knew it!

Precap:Serials are incomplete without vamp and villainss We wil see one in next episode 😉

So guys leave ur comments and give me energy to write next part.And next part will be late.Till then…bye

Credit to: Chaitali

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