Swaragini (love connection) part 11


Part 11

It was a fresh morning.Everything was as usual.But not for maheswari and gaddodia family.The day was special for them.They were going to the rest house so there was a picnic mode in every person.Actually not everyone.Laksh and ragini was out of this everyone.Laksh was restless,where ragini was without any expression.

First they decided to go by car.But they had to go by car.But they had to divide in small groups.Nobody wanted that.So they hired a big van where both the families will go together.
Gaddodia family came to maheswari mansion.
They enter inside.Ap and sujata greeted them.Swara was looking for sansker.Sujata notice this.
Sujata:Everybody is here swara.Whom r you looking for??
Swara:How everyone?He hasn’t come yet!

She told in a hurry.But then realized what she just said!Oh shit!She was so embarrassed!
“You r in ur would be in laws,swara!behave urself!What will the think now?”she cursed herself.
But the ladies were enjoining her red shy face.
“Hmmm…HE??We don’t understand about whom u r talking??Tell his name too…jara hum bhi jaan le”sujata told to tease her more!

Swara became more shy.
Ap:Haan haan..bolo swara
Swara slowly said”yor son”and tightly closed her eyes,as nobody is gonna see her if she close her eyes.
Just then laksh and sansker came with two bags from.upstairs.:
Ap:Wo dekho…for whom u were waiting has come…my son.
She told looking towards laksh.But swara opened her eyes to see sansker.She smiled seeing him.He also smiled back.Laksh came near swara.
Laksh:Hey u r looking beautiful today.
Laksh:Ummm…where is ur sister?
Swara:My sister has a name…ragini
laksh:Haan wo hi…where is that mad girl?
Swara:She is outside.Looking ur garden.She loves flowers
Laksh:Umm okey…i will show her.

Saying this he hurried towards garden.
“Don’t eat her head.”swara told from back.
“You r sending tom and jerry together”someone told from behind.Swara turned and found sansker.
Swara:Oh you..hi.

Sansker :Hi…so what’s ur plan about this sudden picnic?
swara:Umm..nothing much..will see what happen.
Sansker:Where are your bags.
Swara:They r already in van.
Sansker:Waise..how much bags do you both sisters took?
Swara:Not much…only 4..2 for our cloths one for make up one for our shoes…oh another for our other necessary stuffs.I forgot to count that…So total 5.
Sansker was listening to her with an unbelievable expression!
Sansker:Are you going for 2 months or 2 days?

Swara:Of coarse 2 days..kyu tumhe nehi pata?tum bhi na
Swara laughed and hit his shoulder playfully.
Sansker:No..i know that..i just got confused to hear the number of ur bag.Don’t u think u it’s less.U should carry more bags…u need more stuffs for 2 days.
Sansker told it in a joking manner.But it seemed like swara took his word seriously.
Swara:See…u also think so na?Even i wanted to take more.But ragini didn’t let me.
She pouts cutely.
“Forget sansker..U are talking to a girl”sansker murmured as he was consoling himself.
Swara:Did u say something?

Swara:No i just heard.U were saying something.
Sansker:Nothing…lets go now..everybody must be waiting for us.
Swara shrugged and said “Yeah..lets go…but i heard u saying something”
They headed to the van and sansker kept her saying that he didn’t say anything.But swara was not in a mood to believe.

In the garden
Ragini saw a pink rose and a smile came to her face unknowingly.She went to pick it up..after all pink is her favourite colour.But as soon as she touched it her finger got cut by the thorns.
“Ouch”she screamed and hold her finger.
Suddenly another hand hold her hand started to wipe the blood by his hanky.She was surprised to see laksh.
Laksh:Can’t u take care of urself mad girl.Look what have u done!if u need this than u could tell me…
Ragini was surprised to see his concern for her.She slowly told “its okey.U need not to worry about me.”
Laksh realized what he was doing and immediately released her hand.They heard a call from Ap “Laksh ragini,where r u both?We r leaving without u”
Laksh left from there silently.Ragini just saw him from behind and then she also followed.

In the van
Ragini entered and saw laksh and swara sitting together.Everybody were sitting as couple.Only sansker was sitting alone.Sansker saw her looking for seat and he moved slightly as sign to sit beside him.She smiled and sat beside sansker.And they started to talk.Laksh saw her sitting beside sansker.

Van started to move.Swara was looking at sansker who was busy to talk with ragini.She wished him to look to her but he wasn’t looking.She felt sad.
Laksh was starring at ragini.May be sansker telling her some jokes and she was laughing like a mad.Laksh unknowingly smiled.
“At least she smiled after a decade”he thought.He felt a weight in his shoulder and found swara sleeping in his shoulder.He didn’t know why he was feeling uncomfortable.

They reach in the destination at around 4 pm.Everybody got down and were in hurry to get fresh.Ap showed swaragini and sumi their rooms and they got busy to freshen up.
After some time swara sit in the bed and wondering what to do for time pass.
Swara :So tell me ragini what is ur plan for this evening?
Ragini was laying in the bed.She was so tired after the journey that she didn’t want to talk.all she need was some rest.

“Sleep”she told in a sleepy tone and covered herself with a blanket.
Swara:Don’t be boring yaar.We came here for such a short time we need to see the place.Lets go out.
Ragini :U go..i am not going.
Swara:Why r u talking like old lady?Even i have come here after a long journey.Look i am still so energetic.
Ragini:Because u slept all the way.Now let me sleep.
Swara was not in a mood to listen her.She pulled her from the bed and dragged her out.
Swara:Wait,let me call sansker.We haven’t talked since we came here.

Ragini got suspicious.She was marrying laksh but why she was eager to talk sansker.
Ragini:Aren’t U supposed to call ur would be husband?
Swara:I am doing that.
Ragini was about to say something but stopped seeing swara already started talking over the phone.
Swara:Hello sansker.Quickly come with laksh.We are going out.
Ragini now understood as swara was calling sansker to call laksh.

Swara and ragini waited there for some time..and the brothers were there.They went out.
Ragini was avoiding eye contact with laksh.
They reach near a lake.There were some boats in the lake.Suddenly swara exclaimed “Let’s have a boat ride.”

Ragini :No way.i don’t know swimming.What if i fall.
Laksh:Swara see ur sister is a darpok..its okey baby.Boat riding is not ur cup of tea.U stay here and we will go.
Ragini:Look sansker ur brother is starting fight.Tell him i am not a darpok and i am coming.
Laksh:What if u fall?
ragini:My di won’t let me.
Swara:So let’s go..
They went to a boatman and gave him money to ride.
Everybody was enjoying except ragini.She was so frightened but pretend to be brave.Because she didn’t want to be a darpok in laksh’s eye.

“Relax,ragini…u r with three people.And u r not in the water u r in the boat…see.”She told to herself and looked to the water.She again got frightened and closed her eyes immediately.Laksh was examining her from a long time.And this time he couldn’t control laugh.He laughed out loudly.
“Laado look at urself,u r frightened like hell…darpok kahi ki!”laksh told controlling his laugh.
Ragini became angry and stood out shouting”Don’t call me darpok, i am..”
But before she could complete she fell on the water.
“Ragini”Swara screamed at her lung.

Ragini fell on the water and closed her eyes due to fear.Everything became blank as she was not finding any air there.

So this was the chapter.I know its a beat boring but i had to write this to clear feelings of everyone for each other.

What will happen as ragini doesn’t know swimming?Who will save her?Guess.
And leave ur comment to let me know

Credit to: Chaitali

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