Swaragini (love connection) part 10

Hi guys,this is chaitali again.I want to ask something to the silent readerss.Why don’t u comment?Is it that boring?Realy it hurts when u see so less comments in ur hard work.Anyways…i know how much I tell u but u won’t comment.So going to the part
Part 10
Ragini was lost in her thoughts.She tells to herself “No,this can’t happen.I always fight with him,i hate him.But why i am feeling bad if he is getting married to di??May be its only because the person i hate most is going to become my jiju.Not may be,it is for sure.Yes that is the fact nothing else.” But she didn’t know that she was only lying to herself.She was just trying to lie with her inner soul.Because her mind was not ready to accept the truth.Just then swara entered the room picking two dress in her hand.
Swara:Ragini help me.what will i wear tomorrow ?I have to look great.Tomorrow is sansker’s result day.

Ragini heard her and quickly closed the diary.Swara noticed this and laughs.
Swara:What do u write in that diary?U never showed me!U share everything with me,then what secret is in that diary?
Ragini gave a bitter smile and said:Some secrets can never be told to anybody.We need diary for that.Didn’t u heard the proverb “The heart of a woman is an ocean of secrets”
Swara:Ragini,from when u became so filmy?Anyway leave that..now tell me which one should i wear?
Ragini selects the one in her left hand and asked her:Laksh will also come na?
Swara:Of coarse.It’s his brothers result day.I know he will top.Waise from when did u start to keep the news about laksh?Pura din toh jhagadte rehte ho.

Ragini:From the day he became our relative.
Saying this she went out of the room.Swara was confused at her behaviour.

Next day swara and ragini went to college.On the way they meet laksh.
Laksh:Hi ladies.Oops sorry i forgot that yaha ladies ki elawa aur vi tarah ki insaan hai.
He indicated to ragini.
Ragini was quiet.She was not fighting with him.Seeing her calm laksh again said “Swara,did anyone went through surgery in ur house?”
Swara:No!what r u saying!
Laksh:Actually it seems like someone has cut ur sisters tongue.That’s why she is not saying something.

Swara was about to say something but ragini said before:Di,when u r done talking,come to class.I have some important cls today.i am going”
Swara:Ok ragini.U go..i have to check notice board.May be result is out already.
Laksh:Even i am in ur class lado.I don’t know what important cls is today!tumhare akele ke liya koi special cls rakha hai kya teachers ne?
Ragini totally ignored him and went away saying bye to swara.Laksh was confused at her behaviour.Though he used to quarrel with her,he liked it.So today when she was quiet,it hurt him somewhere.He understood that something was wrong with her.
Swara:Laksh stop teasing my sister.You r going to become relatives.So stop quarreling.
Laksh:Is anything wrong with her?Is she upset?
Swara:don’t know.Kal se kuch ajib behave kar rahi hai.
Laksh:Why?Ok i will go check.

Saying this he ran behind ragini before swara could say something.
Swara was thinking “What happened to them both.Kal ragini laksh ke baare me puch rahi thi.aj laksh ragini ke baarw me puch raha hai.The two people who fight always are concerned for each other!”
She nods her head in an unbelievable manner and went to notice board to see result.May be sansker was also coming to see result.She wanted to see it before him.

Laksh was searching for ragini.”Where did the mad girl go”he told under his breath.
Ragini was walking aimlessly on the ground.Suddenly her skirt got stuck in something.She turned and saw it was stuck in a roch lying in ground.She bend down to release it.She was not able to release,so she got frustrated and thought to tear it.But suddenly a hand hold the corner of the skirt over her hand.The hand was hard but the touch was soft.She immediately turned and saw laksh.She jerked and tried to go,But as the skirt was still stuck,she had to sit again.Laksh slowly released the skirt and looked at her.He looked at her eyes.There was something in her eyes which didn’t pet him to break the eyelock.Whenever he aaw those eyes he felt like he saw them ao closely before.They were so familiar.He never felt like this when he saw swara.He didn’t know how long he would continue to see her,but ragini broke the eyelock and stood up.She turned to go.But laksh hold her hand.

Laksh:Wait..what happened to you?Why are not fighting with me?
Ragini didn’t turned to him.She told him being in same position “Do you really think i can quarrel only?”
Laksh was numb.He didn’t expect this kind of ans from a girl like ragini.
“No…umm…yes what else will u do…i mean u fight with me always.”
Ragini then turned to laksh and laksh looked at her eyes.There was something in those eyes which was telling him that she was not okey.His hands unknowingly went up and touched her face.He cupped her face with one hand and his other hand was holding her hand.Ragini removed the hand from her face and said “Okey,i will not fight.After all u r my would be jiju”She calmly released her hand and went away.

Laksh stood there cluelessly.Her last word echoed in his mind “Would be jiju” Actually he never thought a relation like this with this mad girl.What was he about to do?Why he touched her face when she was disturbed?Why he couldn’t bear when she said that she will never quarrel with him.All of this ques came in his mind and made him confused.What was happening to him?

Swara went to the noticeboard and saw that many students gathered there.Result was out.She peaked her head within the people and see the result.She saw sansker’s name on the top.She got so happy that she started shouting”Oh my God,Oh my God,yiepee”
People around her looked at her with irritation in their face.Their expression was like why this girl os shouting in this crowd!She noticed this and stopped.She tried to come out of the crowd but couldn’t.People were so busy to see the noticeboard that they pushed her while going towards it.More she tried to get out,more she got stuck in tje crowd.She forwards her hand with much struggle and shouted “Somebody pull me,i am stuck…help.”

But nobody was in a mood to listen her.suddenly two strong handa hold hers and pulled her towards him.She was out of the crowd and hit his chest.She looked to his face to say thanks.She was happy to see sansker.She hugged him in joy.Sansker was shocked.He atood still and was not understanding whether he should receprocate or not.But his confusion didn’t last much as swara realise the position.She immediately went apart.Both felt embarrassed.There was an awkward silence between them.Sansker broke the silence.

Sansker:What are u doing here?It’s our result published there.
Swara:So what?I came to see ur result.
Sansker:U went through this crowd to see my result?
Sansker:U saw already?So tell me.because it seems impossible to go near the board now.
Swara:As always.U r the topper.
A smile came on sansker’s face.
Sansker:Really!I have to give this news to mom,dad,bade ma, bade papa,laksh.They will be so happy!
Saying this he almost ran from there.Swara was sad.”I told him the result first and he didn’t even thanked me!that’s so mean” she thought.In the mean time sansker came back to her.
Sansker:Sorry.I was so happy that i forgot to thank u.U took all the hurdles to know my result.Thank u so much..

Swara:Only thanks se kaam nehi chalega.U have to give me gifts.I told u the result first.
Sansker:Okey..what gift do u want?
Swara:I told u before…Give something that i can’t return.
Saying this she went away smiling.Sansker was confused again.

All the maheswari family were so happy to know sansker’s result.Not only that.Well there was another reason also.Sumi called them and said that they were ready to let the marriage fast.So they fixed the engagement day 4 days away from today.Ap blessed sansker keeping her hand on his head.
Ap:Keep shining like this.
Sujata:Mera beta toh hai hi aisa.
Dp:I wish laksh had 10% quality of u!
Ap:Don’t say this.After 4 days it is his engagement.
Laksh started coughing badly hearing this!
Laksh:4 days!what r u saying ma?
Ap:Haan beta.But before that i planned something for u two.I got two good news today.So i thought to celebrate.

Sujata:We r going to our rest house.We will spend 2 nights there.
Ap:I already asked sumi and shekhar ji.They r also joining.
Laksh:That means swaragini also coming?
Laksh:Swara and ragini.
Sujata:yeah they r coming.
Laksh became happy.But then he realized he asked both the sisters name.Was he happy because swara was coming or was it ragini?He didn’t understand what happened to her.He was thinking about ragini!
Screen freezes on his confused face.

Precap:Rest house…game…some unpleasant happening

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