swaragini (love connection) Part 1


hi guys this is chaitali agin to bother u with my stupid writing..hahaha
i updated the episode yesterday itself but it didn’t appeared.Well i m writing it again.
A beautiful morning.
In Gaddodia Mansion
A girl is seen sleeping peacefully covering herself in a blanket.All things in the room are pink.because pink is the favourite colour of the girl.A lady enters their and tries to wake up the girl.
Lady:wake up princess.Its ur first day at college.u will get late.
girl:mom.Why r u here?where is my angel?u know na i can’t start my special day without seeing her face first!
lady:u can’t even start ur day by seeing ur mom’s face??
saying this she pouts the face.
The girl gets up and sits in the bed with closed eyes.
girl:ohho my sweet mom…u know na my days become great when o see my angels face in the morning.So how can i miss it in this special day??
the lady was about to say something.but a person from behind says:let it be sumi( yes the lady is sumi)ragini will see both her angel ans mom together.(yes the girl is ragini)
sumi :ok..but where is our angel.?
screen shifts to a park where a girl was doing jogging wearing a black jogging suit.
Suddenly the girl collides with a boy and the water bottle in her hands fell down.she was about to fall and closes her eyes tightly but before falling two strong arms caught her by waist.The girl slowly opens her eyyes and saw two brown eyes starring at her.She was loat in that eyes.The boy made her stand and asked with concern in voice:hey miss, r u okey??
but the girl was so lost in his eyes that she didn’t even realise what he was saying.the boy waves hand in front of her and the girl comes into sense!
girl:No…i mean yes i am okey.nd so sorry.
boy:why r u saying sorry?it was my mistake.i am sorry.
girl:its ok.( by forwarding her hand to shake)anyway i am swara gaddodia.and u?
boy:(shaking hands with her)Sansker.Sansker maheswari.
swara: nice to meet u.
sansker: same here.
then swara bends down to take heer water bottle which was lying in the ground.Sansker also saw this and he also bends to pick it up and in this process both of their heads collide together again.they both frst shouts :OUCH!! and then start too laugh loudly.Sansker took thhe bottle and giive it to her
sansker :sorry again.r u okey swara?
swara:i m good.(suddenly she loks at the time and says) no i am not soo good.
sansker: why what happened?
swara:if i don’t reach home within 5 min,there will bee ann earthquake in pur house created by my sister.So bye.
sansker: ok bye.if u survive in this earthquake then we will meet again.
swara smiles at hiis words and went from there
sansker also turn to go.

Screen shifts to GM where ragini is still sitting in the bed with closed eyes.sumi and shekhar are asking her to go and get ready but she is not paying any heed
sumi:uff this girl is becoming jiddi day by day.now where is swara?
a person from behind:i am here.my cute princess can oppen her eyes now.
Ragini opens her innocent eyes slowly and seees swara in front of her.she get up from bed and hugs her”where were u”she asks.
swara:just went to park.now u go get ready.
ragni:ok.i am coming in a while.
Saying this she went too washroom and comes back after wearing a pink tops and a white skirt.She went downstairs and saw swara already was ready wearing a purple kurti and black jeans.
ragini:OMG!swara u r looking so cute.all thehe boys will go mad seeing u today.
swara blushes and says:now come on quickly.otherwise teachers will b mad att us.
they grab thehe car keys and runs
sumi shouts from behind:at least have breakfast!
“we will have in canteen”they said while entering into car hurriedly
shekhar comes from behind of sumi and says:they loe each other so much na?
sumi:hmm..i wish they never know the truth.
shekhar :they never will.
they both got teary eyed

Screen shifts in Maheswari Mansion.
two ladies r shown serving breakfast.they are annapurna and sujata
ap:sujata laksh air sansker kaha hai?
sujata :jijji,sansker toh kabka jogging karne chala gaya..ab ye laksh ka kuch pata nehi…uthe bhi ya nehi??
ap: aj phir se papa ki daat khayega ye ladka.
Dp and rp comes from behind.
Dp:where is ur useless son annapurna?Sleeping till now??kal bhi pura raat party mee thha kya?
ap:ayse maat boliye ji..abhi fresh hoke niche aata hoga
dp:let it be.he is useless.today is his frst daay att clg nd he is still sleeping!
just then sansker enters and says:No bade papa.He woke up at 6.as it is his frst cls he is just going through new books.
dp: good for himself
sansker then goes upstairs.after he is gone,dp says:i wish sansker would be my own son,i alwz wanted a son like him.But i got two useless goat.One is sleeping at his frst day at clg and another is……
rp:let it be bhaisa.Sansker aapka hi beta hai.

On the other hand sansker goes to a room where a boy is sleeping.Sansker directly goes too washroom,takes a bucket full of water and pours it onn the boy!the boy jerks with a shout.
boy:aaahhhhhh!!!rain rain!!give me umbrella.
Suddenly he notices that he was in the room and saw sansker is watching him him with anger.he had thhe bucket in his hand.
boy:what is this bhai?
Sansker:not a word lucky.go and get ready.i dnt want u to get late today.u r my bro.
lucky:why?clg topper ki bhai let nehi ho sakta??
lucky:ok okk!today they will know me as ur bro bt soon they will know u as my bro.
Saying this he went to washroom
sansker looks on confused.
episode ends
precap:first day at cllg

guys forgive me for grammar and spelling mistake.And dnt worry about pairs and enjoy their friendship(sometimes hateship lol)first
and plz doo comment…tata

Credit to: chaitali

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