Swaragini (love connection) Epilogue


Hi friends…Chaitali is back with the epilogue…i hope i am not late..

Morning light fell on a couple who was sleeping peacefully in each others embrace.The lady woke up first.She smiled seeing her husband sleeping and without disturbing,she went to the washroom to freshen up.

When she came back she found her husband till sleeping peacefully.She couldn’t but admire the sleeping angel.She went near him and gave him a peck on forhead.The man immediately opened his eyes.

“Taking the advantage of ur husband in sleep,Mrs swara maheswari?”the man asked chuckling.

Swara:Not at all….i can take advantage when he is awake..so why will i chose when he is asleep,mr sansker maheswari?

Sansker smiled at her talks and pulled her closer,placing a hand in her waist.

Sansker:Now i am awake…take advantage!

Swara tried to loosen his grip on her waist,but she failed and surrendered on his embrace again.

Swara:Leave me sansker…it’s morning…and bay will be awake..
Sansker:Nope..i am not gonna leave u…
Swara:What do u want?
Sansker:A morning kiss.
Swara kisses him on his forhead.

Swara:Ho gya?Now let me go

Sansker doesn’t loosen the grip…and points to his own lips.


Sansker:Jo bhi hu..jaisa bhi hu…i am all yours.

Swara smiles and blushes at the same time.Then they stares at each other.They think of their first meetin,then their marriage,falling in love,cares to each other,the pain of being apart….but after all that now they r together….with a baby of 5 months!

Their eyelock breaks hearing a sound of crying baby.Swara immediately got off the bed and took the baby from the cradle.

Swara:I will maje the baby sleep…u go and take a shower.

Sansker obeys like a good boy and went to washroom.When he comes back,he sees that swara is staring at the sleeping baby in the cradle.He hugs her from behind.

Sansker:What r u thinking wifey?
Swara:Nothing…just thinking that my life is more beautiful than i could ever imagine.

Sansker opened his mouth to say something but stops hearing the noise of quarreling.
Sansker:U heard that?
Swara:Yeah…this ragini and laksh!They will never stop fighting…they r having a baby now..but still acts like baby!

Ragini was half lying on the bed with a determined look on face.She had a big baby bump as her delivery date was near.And laksh was trying to feed her the soup.

Ragini:I will not eat..this soup is boring!
Laksh:I am not asking u to eat…i am saying for my baby!
Ragini:Haww..u only care for ur baby?Not me?
Laksh:Yeah..i care for my baby…who r u?
Ragini opens her mouth to say something and laksh puts the spoon full of soup on her mouth taking the chance.

Ragini:This is cheating….u r a cheater.(With soup in her mouth)
Laksh:Yeah..i will be cheater…for my daughter.
Ragini:I am having a son.

Ragini opened her mouth to argue but holds her stomach feeling the labour pain.She hises in pain.

Laksh:Now u r being a cheater as u know u can’t win!Haha..
Ragini:I am not cheating idiot…i think the baby is coming!

The whole maheswari family reache in the nursing home.Doctor takes ragini to OT.Ragini holds laksh’s hand tightly amd didn’t let go.
Ragini:pls stay with me..i am scared.
Laksh:May i stay with my wife during delivery?

Doctor:U can….if it is Normal delivery..then we have no problem…but if we need to surgery then u will have to go out.

Laksh nodded and went to the delivery room.

“Push mrs maheswari”the doctor said.

Ragini tries to push.

Laksh:Push ragini…only for a few moments…then all will be okey baby..push!

Ragini just tries to push again.But it only causes her pain.She made a painful look.

Laksh:Push ragini
Ragini:I can’t!
Laksh:U can…chipkali…push.

Doctor:Yes chipkali push

Laksh:Hey…how dare u to call my wife chipkali?
Doctor:U were calling that’s why.
Laksh:Only i have the right to call that.

Ragini was impatient seeing this immaturity of his husband in this delivery time and slapped him on his back,where her hands reached in this lying position.Laksh rolled his eyes.

Ragini:Will u be quiet till the baby comes.

After some time the maheswari family heard a cry of a baby from the OT.The baby was born.The doctor came and congratulates them as a baby girl was born..
Swara:Can i meet my sister?
Doctor:Yes…she is inside with her husband.

They immediately went inside,amd saw the baby im ragini’s arm and laksh giving a peck on her forhead.He turned seeing all the family members.Sansker had a camera with which he was taking video.

Laksh:Look bhai…i won the challenge this time…we have a girl.
Sansker:Sabas bhai…what will u name her?
Pari:No i will name her.
Uttara:No i will.
Sujata:No…i will name her.
Ap:Stop everyone…i have the right to name her.
Sumi:No…i will name my granddaughter.

Then the ladies start to quarrel among themselves about who will name the child.All the man laughed seeing the fight.Sansker was recording all this in his camera.When the ladies realized that the fighting was being recorded,they stopped and composed themselves.

Ap:I think ragini should name the baby.
Laksh:Mom…she will name her pinky..as her favourite colour is pink.

All laughed and ragini frowned.

Ragini:No..my di will name her.

Swara:What me?What will i name her?As our name is connected to each other,our daughters name should be connected.My daughters name is preeti…and i name ur daughter tisha..they both will ve called together PREETISHA.

Ragini:Like swara and ragini SWARAGINI?

The both sisters hug each other and swara makes preeti and tisha join their hands.Laksh hugs sansker in excitement which made sansker shut down the camera and hug him back.All the family members were happy.

And they lived happily ever after..!

And i end the epilogue here.I hope u liked it…so now tell me how was it?Was it good or was it bad?

And yeah i have started new ff…please try to read it….here is the link of first part…


See u there…bye.

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  1. Awwww……..itssss ssooooooo sweeeeetttttt…..fabulous…. 🙂

  2. Megha123

    Awsm epilogue

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    Awesome epilogue dr.. I was waiting for ur update.. Aww swasan has a baby girl.. Hahaha raglak fights will never end.. They r such a cute family.. Hahaha loved preetisha

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    I loved it, it was so awesome 🙂 you nailed the epilogue keep going loved raglak 🙂 😀

  14. Maddy_02

    Awesome….loved it….thanks for this….love you. 🙂

  15. Dharani

    very nice

  16. Sree

    Awesome brooo??.
    Raglak fight was very nice mainly when laksh said she was cheating. ??????
    Nice names for babies???
    Overall an cute epilogue??
    Love u bhai???

  17. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    What a wonderful epilogue bro loved it especially raglak fight and doctor scene, oh my God, just awsm. ?

  18. AWWW what a cute, sweet and lovely update

    1. What a cute, sweet and lovely update Chaitali ❤️❤️❤️. The way Swara was taking advantage of Sanskar while sleeping, such a naughty girl ??. And aww SwaSan were so cute and happy with their daughter ?. RagLak were SOOO ADORABLE as well. Lol their arguments will never stop ??. Even during Ragini’s labour she was arguing ?. And Loool I LOVED how Laksh was calling Ragini chipkali whilst she was pushing but he didn’t let the doctor. He’s so possessive about that nickname, but it’s cute like its his unique way of referring to Ragini ??. And OMG the ending was so cute!!! I loved how the daughters names matches just like Swaragini ❤️?❤️. And it was nice to see the family and the couples happy after all the good and bad. Sadly I can’t say ‘I can’t wait for the next update’ but oh well I’ll probably read this FF again and again whenever I miss it ??. Thank you SO SO SO much for writing this FF, I honestly had a fun time reading it. All the SwaSan, RagLak and family moments were GREAT and the journey of the couples was just the loveliest thing ever ❤️.

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