Swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 7

Thnks guys for your love and support to my ff
episode start in mumbai a mansion shown and aarti is doing pooja and after compliting pooja she see the watch
aarti: dont know what will happen of these boys and their father they didnt wake up till now
and goes to a room
aarti : raj wake up
raj: aarti bas 5 min please
aarti : no if you dont wake up now i will talk to u
raj wakes up

raj: aarti ok i wake up but u have to give me something and hold her
aarti: leave me u are now two sons father
raj: so what
aarti: oh i forget our sons are also sleeping leave me i have to go
raj: first complete my wish
aarti: ok
and kisses on his cheeks and then aarti goes to sanlak room and raj to bathroom
aarti: sanlak wake up beta its getting late
sanky: ma dont irritatr us let us sleep na
lucky: yeah ma go and irritate dad

aarti: so u dont wake up like this and think sonething and go to bathroom and take a buket full of water and throwd on sanlak
and they wake up shouting
sanlak: mom flood and sit on bed
sanskar: mom whats this
aarti: you both go and get ready and come for breakfast
lucky: ok my hitler mom
and aarti goes and sanlak goes to get ready
here in goa a mansion shown dadi is sitting and riya is doing pooja preprations
dadi: swaragini dint wake up till now
pooja: no ma i am going to wake up them
dadi : you wait i will go

here a room is shown a girl is coming from window in room she is our swara
swara: ragini come fast other wise today we will gone
ragini: yeah swara but pull me na
swara: ok
and she pull her up and she come in room
ragini: before dadi come we have to change our dress
swara: yeah ragini come lets do it fast
dadi come their and open the door and see swaragini sleeping and goes to them
dadi: my princess wake up beta
swaragini: ji dadi
and they both wake up
dadi: beta go and gey ready and comr for pooja ok
swara: ji dadi
and dadi goes from their

swaragini take a relif breath
swara: ragini today we got saved
ragini: other wise we have to listen dadi lecture
and think how they change their dress and sleep and smiles and hug each other
swara: cone lets get ready and.goes to bathroom
herein sanlak house
both boys gey ready and come for dinner
sanlak: gm dad
raj: gn beta
sanlak: gm sweety
aarti: gm
and they sit and do breakfast after breakfast a paper came on sanlak name and they open and see it and in paper written that they are get admission in kolkata collage and they all get happy sanlak hug each other
here at swaragini house they come ready and do pooja and they also recive a.paper in it it is written that they get admisdion in kolkata collage and all get happy and swaragini hug each other

scrern splits in sanlak huging each other and swaragini huging each other

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  1. Nice episode… All the four are gonna meet in Kolkata… Update regularly and make it long…

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