Swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 6


Soory guys for late update as I have problem in my net connection hope u all understand
Riya and mihir come with swaragini at home and dadi is wating for them and shocked to see another child in their hand
Dadi: who child is these
Mihir tells her the whole incident and dadi gets tear in eyes
Dadi: how can anyone leave such a cute child like this
And take swara from them and start loving her riya and mihir gets happy seeing dadi
Mihir: ma we have thinks their name swara and ragini what u say
Dadi smiles: nice swaragini
And riya take them in rooms
As time passes they all 4 grown up and now become young
So their intro as they all are changed
Swara: a cute bubble girl naughty and very sweet girl and morden and she love playing guitar but ambition to become like her father

Ragini: sweet cute and also naughty and morden and she love dancing but ambiton to become docter
Both sister are like caron copy of each other and love each other so much and cant see each other in pain they are morden but yet know their limits and love their family so much
Here we talk about are heroes
Sanskar: handsome cool guy and love singing songs but its his passion but want to become a bussieness man
Lucky : (lakash) care less guy and handsome cool and his passion is dancing but ambition is to become docter
Both bothers love each other and can do anything for each other and cant see each other in pain and love their family so much

Don’t know now what destiny has decided for them will they meet if meet then how will they recognize each other will their love story complete in these birth so should they have to take again birth to complete their love story
Don’t know when destiny plays what game with any one
If u like that I continue so please comment


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