Swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 5


Thnks for comments and I will try to make it intresting
There is 1 month leap the maheswaris and gadodia not forget about what happen 1 month bach all are working as machine happiness is lost somewhere today the the barsi of raglak and sawsan all gathered at maheswari mansion
Here in Mumbai a house is shown a lady is taking out of the house as she is having labour pain and they headed towards hospital
Here in Kolkata prepration of baris start gadodia family arrives their and they start the pooja
Here in Mumbai the man come hospital with wife and goes in and doctor take the lady in ot
Doctor: don’t worry rathor shaeb everything is alright
And goes in ot
Yes he is rajnath rathor a great business man of Mumbai and the lady taken is roshni rothor his wife
Rajnath is moving in corridor in tension and seeing ot
Docter come after some time and rajnath comes to him
Raj: what happen docter
Docter: congratulation rathor shaeb your wife give birth to two boy child

Rajnath get happy hearing this news
Rajnath:docteer how is my wife
Docter: she is fine we are shifting in ward abd goes from their
Here in Kolkata in maheswari mansion a room is shown and inside room a lady is sittind holding a frame and her face is reveled she is ap and her eyes are closed suddenly she fell something and a smile come on her face
Ap: I know they will come I will tell to all of them and runs out of room and come to hall and see all of them sittin and raglak and sawsan photo has garled on it
Ap shout: stop it and all looks at her ap goes and put out the garled from both photos and shouts
Ap: I tell u na they will come my sons have come I can fell that if they have arrived then swaragini have also to be arrived to complete their adhuri love story
Dp goes and hold ap and their nurse come and she give her injection and she get faint and they take her to room all cry seeing her condition she is only murmuring they has arrived
After that they all go to hall and ask panditji to continue pooja pandit tell that this pooja is now cant happen and goes from their and dp ask for forgiveness from all
Here in Mumbai aarti shift to ward and rajnath goes in ans see her and goes and kiss her on fore head and then goes to child and see them
Rajnath:aarti you know you have given the biggest gift of my life
Aarti smiles

Rajnath: I love u my jann
And take both kids in his hands
Aarti: I love u to and take one child and both kisses on their forehead
Rajnath: I have think think their name
Aarti: tell me
Rajnath: sanskar poiting towards child holding aarti and lakash pointing towards chil in his hand
Aarti: nice name raj and then she see a s mark on sanskar hand
Aarti: see raj what is this
Raj see s mark in and call docter docter comes and see
Docter: don’t take tension mr. rathor its just a birth mark
Raj: docter when she will get discharged

Docter: we have to do some test and some formalities you can take her tomarrow
And goes from their and raj and aarti chit chat and next day they take them to their house
After 1 week scence shifts to goa a hospital is shown a man is moving here and here outside the ot and a old lady is also sitting their the face of man reveled he is mihir singh a best business man of goa and the lady sitting with her is his ma her name is sonali singh she comes to mihir and console her after some time docter come and he goes to docter
Mihir: docter is anything serious
Docter: there are complications but now she is fine and she has give a birth to girl child
Mihir and sonali gets happy hearing this news
Sonali: can we meet her docter
Docter: yes ofcourse
They both go in a ward a lady is shown she is wife of mihir her name is riya and besides her a cute little girl is sleeping peacfull dadi goes to her and take her in arms and kisses her
Dadi: riya today u have given me all the happiness
Riya smiles and mihir goes to her
Mihir: are u fine riya u have scared me
Riya: I am fine nothing has happen to me
Mihir goes to dadi: ma you go home and get freshen up and I am here

Dadi goes and mihir take the child and sit beside riya
Mihir: riya I have thinked her name
Riya: what
Mihir: I thought we should call her ragini right
Riya: wow mihir such a nice name
And they chit chat next day they take dischare papers and come out of hospital but its become late andthey headed towards car and drove of to the road
On the other side in goa only a lady is shown running and after her some goons the running the lady has a baby in her hand and she is running suddenly she see a basket on a road and see back goons are at some distance to her she goes and put the child in that basket and see her
Lady: don’t know I will come or not but I want u to be safe god bless my princess she is crying continuously seeing her and the child also crying seeing her mother going
Lady see goons and runs in different direction and they also go behind her
Mihir and riya are coming with ragini and their car get stopped suddenly and they their car stop at that place where the lady put her child
Mihir: I think some fault has happen you sit here I call machnic
Mihir goes ato call machenic and riya in car playing with ragini suddenly she see a crying sound as it was late night so she heard it clearly and she come out and follow the sound and goes near basket and open it and see a baby in it she is crying and she take her in the mean time mihir comes with mechanic and finds riya not their and then see riya standing at some distance and goes towards her and see she is holding a child

Mihir: whose child is
Riya: don’t know mihir I found her in this basket
Mihir: how can anyone left such a beautiful child here
riya: maybe some reason
and she see ragini is holding the girl hand and smiling
riya: see mihir how ragini is smiling seeing her
and mihir see this
riya: mihir I am thinking we should take her with us na please
mihir cant say no to riya so he said yes and they both go towards car and mihir gives money to mechanic and they sit in car
riya: mihir we cant tell her that she is not our child ok and take care of her as ragini
mihir: yeah riya
riya: but what about ma
mihir: don’t take tension of ma when she see her face she hud her
riya: mihir I have think her name if she is ragini then we will call her swara nice na
mihir: yes and see both of them what a combination of name swaragini
and swaragini plays in background and they smile seeing them

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