swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 4




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Todays episode start with sanskar and family come to swara house and give shagun to swara and then after some time pandit come their
Dp: aaye pandit ji
Panditji sit and see sawsan kundali
Panditji: they both are made for each other and their kundalis are perfectly matched and their enagement should be done day after tomarrow
Lucky: wow on new year
Ap: its such a great news
Swara hugs ragini and lucky sanskar and after some chit chat all maheswari family goes and ragini is their as she and swara are going for shopping and on the other side a lady veiled hearing this and think I will never let this happen sanskar is only mine face of lady reveled she is kavita and she goes from their and swara and ragini left for shopping after shopping they both sister talk and then laksh come and take ragini with her
On the next day in maheswari mansion engagement prepration are started and lucky and ragini doing all the work

Ragini: bhayia these flowers decorate here
And she was about to go but in vain slips but a protective hand hold her he is lakash and the man having flower basket lost balance and flowers fall on them and they share an intense eyelock and bg music anakhon me teri plays
Uttra see this and go towards them
Uttra: uuhhh
And they both compose themselves and see uttra
Uttra: bhai if your romance get over then I take babhi
Ragini blushes
Lucky: uttra ki bacchi ab tu gayi
And uttra run and lucky also run behind her
On the other side in badi
Sanskar calls swara

Sanskar: jaan I want to meet you now
Swara: ok my love where
Sanskar: you come xyz restaurant
Swara: ok
Sanskar: don’t you forget something
Swara smiles: no way
Sanskar: think once again
Swara: yeah I got it
Sanskar: tell
Swara: I forget dadi is calling me thnks sanskar you made me remember
Sanskar: that’s not fair swara
Swara laughs: I love u my pagal

Sanskar: love u
They both go and get ready and left swara came out of badi and wating for taxi suddenly a van come and they force fully take swara inside and smells her chloroform and she get faint and they take her
On the other side sanskar is wating for swara and this wating turn into 1 hr then 2 and then 5hr sanskar is continuously calling her but she is not picking phonr
And hear swara wake ups and see her tied on chair andshe see a shadow shouts who are you why are you doing these please leave me what I have done the face reveled she is kavita
And here sanskar become restless and suddenly his phone ring he attend
Kavita: so you are wating for swara but its all waist
Sanskar: who are you where is swara
Kavita: wait sanskar she is alive hear her voice

Sanskar hear swara voice she is telling to leave her
Sanskar: what you want
Kavita: I will tell you I you come xyz place but alone and don’t tell anyone as my mans are around you I you tell then here swara will die
Sanskar: don’t do anything to her I will come
And sanskar goes home and directly goes to his room lucky see him tensed and goes behind her
Lucky: lucky what happen bahi you look tensed
Sanskar: nothing I am tired that’s it
Lucky: ok bahi
Sanskar write a letter and put on side table
And after some time he goes to that place where that kidnapper told as sanskar reach with car and came out of car and see no one their and suddenly 4 mens come a smell him chloroform and he faint and they put him in van and take him
On the other side lucky goes to ragini

Lucky: I think bahi has some tension
Ragini: what happen
And lucky remember how sanskar before going tell him that there is something for you on my bed side table
Lucky hurriedly goes to his room and ragini also fllows him
Lucky see a paper their and read aloud
Lucky swara is get kidnapped and the kidnapper has told me to come xyz place and I am going don’t know what happen as they tell me not to inform anyone if I did it they will swara
Lucky and ragini get shocked and ragini start crying
Lucky goes to his room and take laptop and hold ragini hand goes out
Ragini you drive car from sanskar mobile we trace him and ragini start the car and after some time they trace sanskar and goes in that way
Here in badi sumi and shekar are worried as swara is not resp[onding her calls so they go maheswari mansion and ask they they also worried for sanskar ragini and lucky as none of them is at home
Ap: don’t know where they all have gone sawsan not attending their call and raglak left their phone here
Sumi: don’t know why I felling some thing bad is going to happen
Ap: we have to do police complain

Dp: but police will not write fir before 24 hrs
We have to wait
At the place where sawsan tied they both wake up and see each other
Swara: sanskar you here
Sanskar: are you ok na swara
Swara: and you
Sanskar: nothing will happen to you swara I am here na
A voice came
Kavita: what a love but I don’t like it
And she come sawsan shocked seeing her
Kavita: you both are shocked na seeing me na
Swara: kavita you
Sanskar: why are you doing this kavita
Kavita: bcz I love you sanskar and these swara try to snatch you
Sanskar: but I don’t love u dammit
Kavita: just stup up sanskar if she will die then you started loving me right
Sanskar: no don’t do any thing to her
Kavita: she will surely die but not now

And kavita gesature his mens to close their mouth the mens do it and swasan see each other with tear in eyes and goes from their
And that time raglak comr their and goes in and see swasan tied and goes and about to free them but some one hold them
Ragini: leave us
Lucky is struggling to leave but it cant happen
Kavita come and ragini and lucky see her

Ragini: you here
Kavita: yes so you both come here to destroy my plan but poor guys get caught and laugh loud
Ragini: you are not doing this right you have to pay for it
Kavita: she is takiling so much you tiead them and shut their mouth they tied ragini and lakash and shut their mouth
Kavita: I wanted only to kill swara but you two bevakoof also come so I also have to kill you but not today today you all enjay with each other bcz tomarrow you have to die bye
Sawsan see each other lovingly and tears coming from their eyes while raglak seeing each other lovingly and tears in their eyes

Precap: maha episode


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