Swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 4

Guys please comment on my ff as i am not getting responce i am felling very bad

todayd episode start with next morning all goes to mens police station and they writr the missing complain of sanlak and swaragini
inspector: sir we have to call our master so that he can trak their mobile ok
dp: yeah do it fast
and he come and they get to know about the place and started going their
at xyz place sanlak and swaragini are tied lucky see a glass bottle and difficutly goes their and broke the glass and somehow free herslef and then he freed swaragini and sanky
swara and ragini hug each other
swara : are you ok na ragini
ragini: yeah
sanlak hug each other
sanky: come lets go
and they all about to go kavita with her goons come and see them free and gesture goons and goons goes and fight with them
and here dp and all are on their way

at xyz place sanlak over power goons and by seeing this kavita take out the gun
kavita: you both stop it now other wise i will kill swara abd point gun towadrs swara sanlak stop and goons run from their
sanky: no kavita please
ragini: please kavita leave her take my life but leave her
swara: no kavita you want me to kill kill me but leave them all
kavita: stop your emotinal drama and swara you have to die
and fire the gun
sanky shouts kavita and swara and lucky shocked as ragini come in btw bullet and swara and bullet hit her chest she us about to fall lucky hold her and swara is in still shock
kavita: oh no swara you got saved but not this time and again shoot but this time sanskar pushed swara and bullet hit his chest abd he fall down
swara shout sanskar
and goes and take his head in lap while lucky is sitting having ragini in lap abd staring her
kavita shout sanskar: this all happen bcz of you swara i lost my sanskar and she shoots her she also fell down
ragini is breathibg heavily
ragini: lakash i love u so much and in this life we have only this much time to be together bye lakash
lucky: no ragini you canr live me like this i cant live without u what i will do without u ragini please dont go
here sawsan saw each other and smile and holding each other hand and breathing havily
swara: i love u sanskar
sanskar: i love u too my love
and i wanted to be with u togethwr forever
swara smiles: yes sanskar no one can come btw our love
here ragini and lakash
ragini: swara i want sister like u in my every birth
swara: yeah ragini we are sister forever
and all three breath heavily

lucky: please guys take me with u i cant live wirhout u
sawsan and ragini: we will meet in our next birth
sawsan hug each other and their breath stop but their face are smiling
lucky: no ragini this time i will not leave your hand
ragini breathing heavily touch lakash face and her last woed are i love u lakash and her hand falls and she died lucky is staring her and suddenly he falls and he also died all 4 are died making a promise to meet in next birth
and here kavita see everything sawsan i will be always their in btw u abd shoot herslef and falls and get died
and then dp with police abd family membet comes and they their sons and daughter died crys vigrously sujata goes to sanskar and see sawsan is lying in huging position and cry sumi and ap also cry all get statter seeing this
ap: they will come to conplete their story bcz their love is boundless
and cries
inscpector : dp we know this is hard time for you all but we have to take dead bodies
dp: ok sir
and 4 of their dead body is taken to mm
sawsan are holding hand while raglak holding each othet hand and then their funeral has done
at new year gadodia and maheswari peoples lost their happiness forever
and by this ibcidebt sujata got attack and dead and ap gets mental alwaus saying they will come they have to completr their love story theie love is boyndless and get pralised attach and dead now all are living like machine without happiness dont know when happiness cone in their house will they come to complete their adhuri pream kahani


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    wow its senti nd emotional i like it make gd love story of the nxt birth swasan and raglak heart touching story was nice

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  11. Very nice

  12. Nice yar…

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  14. So sad yr but I’m happy as their lovestory will strt again in their nxt birth

  15. Wow you’re showing afterlife that’s cool please update next part soon

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