swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 3

Thnks for comments but I think you get bored by my ff as I am not getting good response if you want to stop my ff then tell
Todays episode start with raglak come home and then sleep and on the other side sawsan are talking
Sanky: sona tomarrow I am coming to your house
Sona: from tomarrow you will become officially mine my love
Sanky: yeah sweetheart but I missing all your naughtiness and your smile
Sona: oh my love if you want to see then come
And sanky cut the call
Sona: hello sanky
And see the phone is cutted and think what happen don’t know
After some time sanky call her
Sona: yeh what happen you cut my call how rude I will not talk you
Sanky: wait sona take a breath and come and open your balcony window
Sona: why

Sanky: can you open it without asking any question
Sona: ok
And goes and open the window and shocked to see one
Sona: you here sanky
Sanky: yeah and come in
Sona: no no I am loving him this much that I was imagining him here
Sanky: what happen I am here only
And sona pinch her hand
Sona: yeah you here
And go and hug him
Sona: but why you come at this time
Sanky: to surprise my love and to see happiness on her face
Sona: I love you so much
Sanky: I love you infinity
Swara goes and closes the And they sit on bed and talk and after some time they fall asleep
Next morning sumi come to swara room and see it locked

Sumi: swara beta open the door sanskar family is coming today you have to get ready
Swara in eyes closed : yeah ma coming
And she open her eyes and see she is in embrance of sanky and smile seeing him and then suddenly think of sumi
Swara: oh shit
Sumi: sona open the door
Swara: yeah ma
Swara: sanky wake up
Sanky: uttra please let me sleep na
Swara: its not uttra its swara
Sanky open his eyes but he is not completely out of sleep
Sanky: sona what are you doing in my room this much early
Swara shakes him: open your eyes sanky and see where are you
Sanky open his eyes and see surrounding and ask where I am sona
Swara: you are in my room

Sanky shocked how I come here and remember tonight incident
Dorr again knocked
Sumi: swara what happen why are you not opening the door
Sanky: sona open the door why are you sitting here
Swara hit his head: mom is on door and if she see you then
Swara: ma 5min I am coming
Sanky fearlessly : yeah sona what she think of me please hide me some where
And swara hide him in bathroom

And goes and open the dorr
Sumi worriedly: what happen sona why are you not opening the door
Swara: ma I was in wash room na that’s why
Sumi: oh ok come down fast and take dinner and then get ready ok
Swara: yeah ma you go I am coming
Sumi goes and swara closes the door and goes and open the door of bathroom sanky thinks its sumi
Sanky closes his eyes: soory aunty I didn’t did anything I came here only to meet swara don’t know when I sleep please aunty don’t tell any one
Swara see his face and start smiling and started talking in sumi voice
Swara: but I did not except this from you
Sanky: soory aunty plase
Swara: no bets I have to tell this to family this is not good now we again have to think about this marriage if you are right guy or not for sona
And then sona talk in her voice
Swara: but ma

Swara: no sona you don’t talk I did not except this from you
Sanky whose eyes are closedby fear as he has no guts to face aunty while swara is trying to control anger
Sanky makes puppy face: soory aunty but don’t tell like this I love her so much
Swara who is controlling her laugh couldn’t control more and start laughing and sanky heart the laughing voice and open the eyes and see swara standind their and laughing and sumi aunty is no where
Swara in sumi voice: ok beta I have forgiven you
And laugh and sanky understand all thing
Sanky: swara ki bacchi I will not leave you today
And start coming towards her and swara start running and sanky also running behind her
After some time of chasing they both get tired then suddenly sumi voice come
Sumi: come fast na beta you have to be ready also
Swara: yeah ma coming
And looks towards sanskar
Swara: you also go if any one knows that you are not at home then
Sanky: yeah and goes towards door but swara hold his hand

Swara: where go from balcony from where you come
Sanky: what are you mad
Swara: then go by door and every one caught you
Sanky: yeah and go towads balcony
And turn sona I will take revenge of it
And go swara smile and go down
At maheswari mansion all are ready to go swara house
Sujata: all are come but whose marriage is going to happen not come yet
Ap: yeah laksh you go to sanskar room and check
Ragini: ma I have left my phone at room I am going to take it
Ap: okay beta
Lucky and ragini go upstairs ragini goes to her room and lucky goes to sanskar room
Lucky comes the room and chek room but sanskar was not their and is about to go but someone peep from window and here ragini also come with mobile but stop by lucky voice
Lucky: bhai you you did not get ready yet where are you coming from
Sanky surprised seeing lucky
Sanky: me I come from jogging
Lucky: you think I am a fool tell me otherwise I am going to tell every one
Sanky: wait I was at swara house
Lucky: whole night
Sanky: no I was gone to meet her but don’t when when I get sleep their
And sanky see ragini at door
Sanky: ragini you

And lucky also turn and see ragini and ragini come inside
Ragini smile: so if papaji and mamiji ask about yo then we tell that you are at sona house all night so you don’t get rady till now
And see towards lucky and gesture to take fun of sanky
Lucky: yeah bahi we have to tell them
Sanky get tensed: please you don’t do this
Ragini: soory jiju but we have to do this
Lucky: but if you want that then you have to give us something
Sanky: what
Ragini: it can may be a surprise party gift or anything if you want to shut our mouth
Sanky: so you both are blakmaling me this is not fair
Ragini: jiju relax its your choice if you don’t give us then we are going to tell everyone
And they turn to go
Sanky: wait ok deal
Ragini: then now go and get ready
And sanky go to bathroom and they both laugh and go downstairs
Ap: where is sanskar

Lucky: ma he is coming he getting rady
Dp: he didn’t get redy yet how irresponsible
Ragini: no papaji he is working late night so in moring his eyes open late
Ap: oh its ok
And after some time sanky come and they all go to swara house

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