swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 2

Episode 1 Here

sorry guys for late update I hve some connection problem so I can upload my ff but thnks to all guys for support for my ff

Todays episode start with sawsan both come to lovers garden and hug each other
Swara: so sanky give me my surprise
Sanky: no sona first you
Swara: I am telling you na first you
Sanky: so I am also telling you you first you show
Swara point figure at him: I am telling you na first you show
Sanky: ok
And sanky remove his blanket and on her hand s is written swara see this and get happy
Sanky : now your turn
And samky see s writtenon swara hand and gets happy
Sanky: hey sona we both surprise are same
Swara: bcz our heart connected to each other that’s why we think same my sanky
Sanky go close to her and pull near her by holding waist
Sanky: so do you like my surprise
Swara: yeah this is the best surprise and you
Sanky: I liked it so much
Sanky: so we have to give a give both return gift
And pull her more towards him
Swara: yeah why not
And sanky put his rough lips on her lips and they start the liplock and passinatly do it for 3 min
And then leave swara get shy and about to go but sanky hold her hand and suddenly rain started
Sanky: lets have dance
Swara: without music
Sanky: these rain drops with creat a music
And they dance passionately and lost in each other but someone is eyeing them evily behind the tress
They complete their dance and rain also get stop sona fell cold so sanky wrap her in his blazer swara eyes him lovingly
Swara: please sanskar never change be like this only and don’t left me
Sanky: I will always be with you in any situation
A tear come from swara eyes and samky wipes it
Sanky: no more tears swara I will give you lots of happiness that you will forget all your pain
And swara hug him and they both sit on bench and talk to each other and after some time they left in car and while drawind swara see a chast shop and tell sanky to go sanky stop the car and they go at chat shop
Swara: bhiya make it spicie thar tears come from eyes ok and sanskar what you want
Sanskar: I not these kind of food
Swara: how boring
And swara takes and eat and see sanky a idea come in her mind
Swara: sanky there is something on your mouth
Sanky: where
And sanky tell this and swara put the spoon in his mouth its was so spicy sanky cant handle it and start coughing badly swara see this and get tensed andtake water and give him and rub his back sanky see her and they share an eyelock bg music kuyki tum hi ho plays and a tear come in swara eyes
Sanky : sona I am fine
Sawra: I am so bad I anything happen to you then how fool I am
Sanky: its ok swara I am fine
Swara: I cant live without you sanky
Sanky : me too swara
And both hug each other
and sanky left swara home and go to maheswari mansion
On the other side lucky come from office and go to his room and see ragini and memerised seeing her she is wearing a red sari and one neck piece with mangalsutra
Ragini come to him
Ragini: lucky I am ready come lets go
Lucky is lost in her ragini waves her hand on his face
Ragini: what happen laksh where you lost
Lucky come in senses
Lucky: no by the way you are looking beautifull today
Ragini: thnks and get shy
Lucky: I will come in 5min
And lucky goes to get ready and lucky come after getting ready and they goes to a restaurant
They both sit on chair and waiter come
Waiter: may I have your oder sir
Lucky: ragini you give order I want to know what you like
Ragini gives the order
They done the dinner and talking to each other

After they done they are sitting then their manager comes and tell
Manager: today is the special day for our restaurant as I has completed 50 years so the copules who want to dance are requested on stage please I will be a gift for them
Lucky: ragini come lets dance
Ragini: me and you
Lucky: yeah your name is only ragini na
And lucky forward his hand and ragini hold it and they both go on stage there are more copule on stage and their start a song mobbhat basa de na tu sawan aya ha and they dance passinatoly and both lost in each other after dance they pay bill and go in car when tthey are droving towards home ragini see a icecrean stall
Ragini: stop laksh
Lucky stop the car
Lucky: what

Ragini gesture towards icecream stal
And they both get out of car and take icecream and strat eating suddenly a idea strike in lucky mind and he put icecream on ragini face ragini is shocked by this sudden action come in senses by lucky laughing
Ragini: you I will not leave you you are gone
But lucky start running and ragini also run behind him suddenly lucky im balance and fall and as ragini is running when he fall she suuenly stop but cant balance her and fall on him a icecrem put on lucky face also they share an eyelock and bg music aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya ha plays after some time they get up and ragini see lucky face and smile
Lucky: why are you smiling icecream is in your face not on mine ok
Ragini hold his hand and take him near car and told him to see mirrir lucky see mirror and see icecream on his nose and make a puppy fac and ragini start laughinh and lucky see her laughing this
Lucky thinks how cute you look while laughing I have taken this smile from you but from now I will give you all happiness and its promise from me
Ragini see lucky staring at her
Ragini: what
Lucky: nothing you look more beautifull while laughing
Ragini gets shy and they both left to home in car


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