swaragini (love is boundless) Episode 1

This is my first ff hope you guys like it

I start my ff from when kavita lfeft sawsan in mandir and they confess their love to each other and their family member and on the other side ragini is also become positive and sign the property papers on dp name and lucky has decided to give second chance to his marriage and swara forgave ragini for what she did
There is all around happiness in the family to know about swasan decision ragini goes and hug swara
Ragini: I am so happy for you swara
Swara: thnks
Sawsan take all family member blessing and then swara and dadi sumi shekar go to badi
In raglak room
Ragini: lakash I am so happy for them
Lucky: yeah ragini
Lucky: and ragini I want to tell you soory for what I did with is not right I always plays with your emotions but today I have taken a decision
Ragini: what

Lucky: if you agree can we give second chance to our marriage
Ragini gets happy and noded head in yes and go and hug lakash
On the other side sanskar is his room happyily dancing and thinking finally god has heared me she give my life back to me today I am so happy and remember his fight and funny moment with swara and think my sona is so innocent and sweet that anyone can fall for her but thnks to god who gave sona to me I have to give surprise to her
And in swara room she is sleeping in the lap of sumi
Swara: ma today god has given me everything my sister and worlds best loving pure hearted person i am felling like dancing you know ma I am the luckiest girl in this world to get sanskar as my husband so I will give a surprise to him tomarrow
Sumi: ok bets but now you sleep
And sumi goes to her room
Swara messages sanskar to meet her at lovers garden at 10:00 am their will be a supride for you
And sanskar also messages that there is also a surprise for you both get happy and sleep after so many days they get a peacfull sleep

Next morning both get and go to arrange surprise for each other
And on the other side in raglak room
Ragini wake up and see lucky sleeoing and smiles and goes to get ready when she comes she gets ready she see lucky sleeping
Ragini: lakash please wake up na you will get late for office
Lucky: ragini bas 5 min don’t be like papa
Ragini: no 5 min its already 8:00 am and you are still sleeping
Lakash: ok I will wake up at 8:05 am ok now let me sleep
Ragini gets a idea and see a glass of water and take it and sprinkle on lakash face
Lakash hurriedly wake up
Lucky: ragini its raning
And ragini start lauhing by his act and lucky come in senses and see ragini lauhing and say
Lucky: ragini you I will not leave you
Ragini start running and lucky also chasing her and suddenly by disbalance ragini fall on bed and lucky also dis balanced and fall on her they share an eye lock bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays after some time they compose themselves and look here and their suddenly lucky see the glass of water and take it sprinkle water on ragini
Lucky: I have done my revenge

And runs in bathroom and ragini smiles on him
After lucky come ready he goes to ragini
Lucky: be ready ragini at 8:00 am
Ragini: why
Lucky: there is a surprise for you

And lucky goes to office and ragini happily goes to kitchen
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