Swaragini love at first sight part-4


The episode starts with sanskaar cries and sees swara but she does not respond. He goes outside crying ragini asks what happened???? Sanskaar is everything fine he cries and leaves

Ragini asks the doctor about swara but he tells that if ragini did not come out of coma within 24hrs she will die

MD comes and tells I will kill swara becoz she is one who saw my face so I will kill her

Sanskaar comes to the temple and prays to god . Old man tells that he should do something SPL so that your loved ones will be happy. Sanskaar asks what?? He tells it sanskaar tells OK and goes to the temple he roll on ground praying swara should be fine

On the other side swara is fighting for death ragini comes to the temple and sees sanskaar and gets happy she thinks he is doing this much for swara pls god save her

Temple bell rings sanskaar completes it and gets prasad and comes to the hospital and sees her till in coma he makes her eat prasad suddenly there was a move on swara hand he gets happy and calls doctor

He checks and tells it is miracle she is fine now MD thinks now I should kill her police arrives and co.yes and asks question to swara she tells the identity

MD thinks what to do now???

Sanskaar goes out to bring medicine ragini and laksh goes home to bring dress for swara and sanskaar that time MD comes and removes the oxygen mask swara struggles.

MD hears someone coming he leaves it is nurse she calls doctor sanskaar sees and runs to see swara but doctor does not leave him inside sanskaar sits and recollects his lovely moments

Their first meet was at college they come across each other they hit swara tells sorry sanskaar sees her eyes and did not hear it she leaves but he eyes her

Precap: Sanskaar brings swara to the house

Guys I think you like it as per the wish I have made with punctuation

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Sorry guys the recap: MD stabs knife on swara stomach. Sanskaar prays for her life. He goes inside and sees swara and start crying

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Thnx devi

  2. emotional
    can u make it lengthy pls

    1. Ranaji(narendran)


  3. It’s very gud
    But if don’t feel bad then I will give some idea
    1) show some more emotions in it you have keep it very straight forward only point to point but you should add some more emotion like sanskar is fully breakdown nd is crying nd walking in road in shock and remembering their lovely memory…..then you should show the fb of their first meet…..how they come in relationship not only 1 or 2 scene in fact full in one episode

  4. By some twist nd turns

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Thnx for the advice I will do in next epi

  5. Wow. Now u telling flashback right. Pls maku cute love story for swasan

    1. Ranaji(narendran)


    1. Ranaji(narendran)


  6. Hey srry ur ff is good bt m nt abl to undrstnd at sm point i hv to think ki ha this is situation…try to wrt strght n clr…srry if u got hurt…n tdys episd ws good

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      I will make it clear in next epi

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