Swaragini love at first sight part-3

The episode starts with swasan romance

Next mrng they both come to the office and face each other swara goes to the cabin and attends interview later sanskaar also attends after some time

The MD calls them and tells swara you are the manager she gets happy. Sanskaar is PA of swara. He gets sad they both come out and see each other

MD tells that this is my first step to separate you soon see my power swara

Swara and sanskaar comes to the beach swara asks what happened sanskaar he tells nothing

Swara tells she will buy ice cream he tells no but she tells yes and goes to buy it while bringing she sees someone comes back to sanskaar with a knife she throws the ice cream and runs to save her the man stabs it but in swara stomach sanskaar gets shocked and tries to hold the man but he runs

Swara fells down unconscious sanskaar brings her to the hospital doctor takes her inside

Sanskaar comes to temple and prays for her that time the man revealed the face it is MD of swara and sanskaar he tells sorry swara but it is your mistake you came in between us

Ragini and laksh hears about swara and runs to the hospital doctor comes out and tells she is in coma stage

Sanskaar comes to the hospital and sees ragini crying and asks what?? She tells swara….. He goes inside and sees swara and cries he goes to her and takes her hand and kisses it and tells I love you

Pls come back but she does not respond he cries

Precap: Doctor tells if swara did not come out of coma within 24hrs she will die sanskaar cries and prays to god

Guys I think you like it pls give comments

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Bhavani

    Nting. Md said that making swara is highr adarity to sanskar to saparate to swasan but y he tried to kill to sanskar.

  2. swara is becoming savitri or what???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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