Swaragini love at first sight part-10


The episode starts with Swara comes home crying ragini consoles her and asks what happened Swara tells everything ragini looks on

Swara tells I believed sanskaar but he did not tell about survi.. Ragini tells that sanskaar thought survi is her old friend and it is not needed to speak her

Sanskaar goes to hospital and sees survi and takes her hand suddenly her leg starts moving sanskaar calls doctor he comes and tells it is miracle she is alive and doctor calls MD and tells your sister is alive one boy touched her hand she got conscious MD thinks it is sanskaar and comes there and sees him and tells that you should marry her or I will kill Swara

Sanskaar gets shocked and tries to speak he tells I was the one who killed her in the beach but she escaped bit now I will kill her if you did not marry her…

Swara thinks about sanskaar and cries he comes with divorce papers and gives her and tells to signs in it Swara asks what is this?? She reads and gets shocked and slaps him hard ragini comes and asks what happened Swara tells ragini asks what happened you got bore on my sister and going to other girl sanskaar tells yes I hate her and I enjoyed her now I want marry survi

Laksh sees it and thinks I will speak to him later and I will ask why he is acting ?? Swara signs curtly and cries and runs from there ragini scolds him badly and taunts and runs to swara. Sanskaar remembers going to police but MD tells I will kill with my friends so that no proof he laughs sanskaar getsno option and thinks to get sign in papers

Sanskaar walks on the road Hamari adhuri kahani plays…

He cries on the other hand Swara cries she thinks I will leave from here soon ragini tells I will not live where my sister is not there ragini tells laksh to pack up.. He tells OK

Survi asks about sanskaar MD tells tmr is your marriage she gets happy

Precap: Swara and ragini comes to shop to buy things for travelling purpose . sanskaar sees it and gets hurt he tells laksh about it laksh tells OK I will take care of them

Guys there is two part remaining pls enjoy it…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. It’s too short na.
    ..plz update the next part … a long episode..waiting for ur next update
    Nice story keep writing

    1. Thnx next part is the end shani

  2. please give a long episode and update the next one soon

  3. plz update the next part a long episode..waiting for ur next update nice story keep writing.

    1. Thnx sona but I had ended

  4. Superb dear waiting for ur next episode

  5. Nyc ….keep wrtng…???????????????????

  6. Thanks for support guys

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