Swaragini (Love is the air) Chapter 2


Hii…this is ma 2nd ff…hope u like it and thanks for ua lovely comments….

@Srinivas college.
Swaragini are in college. Swara is nervous. Ragini consoles her by saying we will do our best and leave the rest to god. Swara gets confindence. Sanlak enters the college. All the gals kept seeing them. Laksh says wow soo beautiful gals. Saskaar says we came here to judge the competition not the gals. Laksh kept quite and walks with him. The reach the audotorium. After some paticipate it was the turn of Ragini and Swara. They come to the stage. They start their song. Sanlak was mesmerized by their voice. Swaras forgets the beat but Ragini handles it. It was the turn of results. Sanlak annouced 3rd position is priya and riya. 2nd position is sama and shama. And 1st position is… is…is…Swaragini is nervous. Sanlak says Swaragini. Swaragini gets super happy. They go to take their award. Ragini takes the award from Sankaars hand and their hand touches. Ragini didnot notice it bcz of happiness. Sanskaar gives award to Swara. Sanlak kept seeing them with a smile. Laksh whispers they are soo cute. Sankaar says yes. Swargini leaves with a smile.

At canteen:
Ragini and Swara are in canteen. Swara says i didnot believe we will get 1st prize. Ragini says this is bcz of our hardwrk. Ragini says i ill go and take food for u. Swara says ok but come fast. Ragini goes while she is walking she slips bcz of the banana peel. Laksh holds her. They have a eyelock. Moh moh dage plays…. They realize what position they are and recompes theirselves. Laksh says congrats. Ragini says thank y Mr …Mr…Laksh say Mr Laksh Maheshwari an ua name is Ragini ryt. Ragini says yes. Laksh says ua voice is sooo nice and ua sister Swaras also. Ragini thanks him. Laksh forwards his hand and ask for friendship. Ragini sees him and says friend forwarding her hand. Laksh says by the way u look very beautiful. Ragini blushes and says thanks. Laksh says how much tym u ill say thanks? They see each other n laugh. Ragini says Swara is waiting i have to go. Lalsh ask can i also come? Ragini says yes as u r ma friend now. They smile and go.

They come to Swara. Swara says i asked u to come fast. Whre were u? Ragini say actually. Swara stops and says leave it . Ragini says this is laksh maheshwari. Swara says nice to meet u. Laksh says me too. Meanwhile Sanskaar thinks where did Laksh go? Mayb lyk evertime he is with gals. He turns and sees Laksh is standing with Swaragini. He kept seeing Ragini for a while and goes to them. Sanskaar comes and Laksh introduces him as his bro. Laksh says he does not have much friends. Ragini says so what we are there no and gives her hand for friendship. Sanskaar smiles and gives his hand. Swara also forwars her hand. They all four became.friends.

Precap: the love has started….

If i have wasted ua tym then sorry guysss….

Credit to: Rithushree

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  11. vinay karthik

    hey great yaar………. nice start and keep going…. in ur ff u showed a good supense….

  12. vinay karthik

    hey great yaar………. nice start and keep going…. in ur ff u showed a good suspense…. raglak r ragsan…. nice to c like ths….

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