Swaragini (Love is the air) Chapter 1


Hii guyzzz…..i am die heart fan of swaragini….. she is leaving the show so i am going to write a fanfiction for her….

Ragini loves her family a lot. She loves her step sister Swara and Step mother. Sumi loves both swaragini.
And Maheshwari family is same

Chapter 1
Beautiful scene of kolkata is shown. A girl is seen playing with
Childrens. She is our Ragini. Another girl came running and shouts Ragini. She is Swara. Ragini ask wat happened Swara. Swara says i cant handle the childrens one is not eating and one is fighting. Ragini says oho Swara i gave u one work to handle kids and that also u cant handle. Swara says i dont have experience to handle kids(says in a childish voics). Ragini says ya as u r only a child. Ragini says to children that eat ua food and do ua homeworks quickly. Children say ok didi. Swara ask her come fast. Ragini leaves with her.

Ragini handles the children very sweetly. Swara says u shud b a teacher. They smile

Gadodia House:
A woman is doing aarti. She is Sumi. Sumi gives prasad to family. She takes blessing from her MIL and FIL. Shekar is reading newspaper. Swaragini comes and hug their dad. Shekhar say so my princess came. Sumi ask u hug ua father not ua mother. Ragini hugs her says u r the best mom in the world. Sumi says enough and ask where did they went in the morning. Ragini says orphnage and u know most of time i like to spend time with kids. Swara says bcz of u even i have to go. They laugh. Sumi ask them to have their breakfast. They both eat thier breakfast. Swaragini in usion says u r the best cook. They have a family time together.
Sumi ask dont u want to go to College. Its already late and ask them to go. Swara remembers there is a singing competition today. Ragini say oh I forgot and takes her veena while Swara takes her guitar. Dadi ask them to win amd come. Swara says ofcourse we will only win. Swaragini takes the blessing of elders they wishes them all the besf. Swaragini smiles and leaves.

Maheshwari House:
A guy is doing pushups. He is our Laksh. Another boy is punching the bags. He is Sanskar. Both the boys drink water. Laksh says bhai today we have done lot of exercise. Sanskaar says Yes. Laksh gets a call from his mom to come home. They leave

Maheshwari house:
Sanlak reach home. Ap gives prashad to Sanlak. DP ask them are they free? Sanskaar says yes. Why? Wat happned? DP says actually i have a meeting and i have to go to Srinivas College as today there is a competition. Will u both go there. Laksh does not wishes to go but Sanskaar says ok badepapa. DP smiles and says choose the best singer.

Precap: Sanlak sees Swaragini

Plz tell ua feedback and pair will be diclosed soon.


Credit to: Rithushree

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