Swaragini- for my love 26 (Last epi)


Hi guys… this is continuation of 25 and last epi…

At baadi, wedding rituals are started… laksh sitting in mandap, swara and pari brings Ragini… Laksh mesmerised by seeing rag… Raglak take 7 peheras…lak wear mangalsutra to Rag… he fills her maang with sindoor… Rag gets tears in her eyes… pandit tells all the rituals are done, now they are married couple… Raglak get blesing from elders… swara hugs her… soni calls and wishes them… Raglak leaves in car from baadi… all maheswari family leaves to MM…

At MM, pari takes aarthi for Raglak. Ragini pushes rice pot and place feet on sindoor water and step into the house… Rag lights diya in house temple…

at Raglak room, Raglak comes to room… Rag goes to change her dress… laksh holds her hand and drags towards him… both are close to each other… Rag heart beat start fast…Rag is nervous… Rag: laksh… he places finger on her lips and kiss… she shies and moves… he back hugs and turns her.. she kisses him on cheek… he smiles… Rag moves forward but Laksh holds her pallu and pulls her closer by the pallu.. Rag is shivering and Laksh kisses her on lips… she hugs him tight…He lifts her in arms and puts her on bed… He again kisses her on cheeks; she kisses on his forehead… Laksh removes her earrings, anklets and… finally they consummate their marriage…
In swasan room, Swara comes to her room and surprised to see her room decorated… Sans: how is my surprised? swara hugs him: yeah its very nicr and loved it … he smiles… swara thinks to tease him… she release her hug and yawns and tells lets sleep, i feel sleepy…Sans faces changes and he ask if she’s really feeling sleepy… She says, yes I’m sleepy and today I did lot of works feeling so tied…Sans get disappointed… Swara smiles… He sees her activities in mirror and understand she was teasing… He says: yeah me too feelin so tired, its better to sleep… sanskar yawn and takes blanket.. He smiles and tells good night. … Swara looks at him and turns disappointedly… He comes close to her and point is finger to mirror… she bits her tongue… sans kisses on her neck… she shies… Β he place is chin on her shoulder… Sanskar: do you really feel sleepy? Swara blushes and takes sanskar hands and puts them around her waist…He kisses her on forehead and eyes.. As he is about to touch her lips.. Swara falls on bed… sans goes near swara… they intimate…

******************************** “Happy Ending” ********* **************************

Thank you all friends… thanks a lot each for commenting and reading my ff…. I’m really sorry if I boring you all….

Credit to: Nive

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  1. Nyc one ☺? I enjoyed ur journey keep it up looking forward for ur next ff!! Plz do write!!! Feeling a bit sad its ending was a grt experience

  2. wow nive its really amazing story!! i will miss ur story πŸ™‚

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    Very nice ending..☺
    I lk it vry much..
    All d best ???fr ur next ff.

  4. Why u ended it .it was really awesome .will really miss ur ff.:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. awesome. .
    miss u dear.

  6. Will miss you…

  7. Nice but ending so soon

  8. Really nice ending

  9. Very nice…hope u will come up with a new ff soon

  10. It was amazing
    I’m going to miss your ff
    Come back soon with a new one

  11. I don’t know abt others but I will surely miss u nd ur ff dr.all best.cm back with a new one

  12. samanvitha murty

    Its awesome but dont end it please

  13. Awesome dr..i will miss your ff badly..pls write another ff yaar..pls

  14. Thank you so much frnds…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Nive I really loved your ff so much! ??N I just hope u’ll come again with another gud one?

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