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Swaragini- for my love 23


Hi friends… Thank you all for your comments and this is continuation of 22…


Laksh calls Ragini… she takes her phone, its display laksh name and smiles… Swara understands, she takes phone from rag hand and decide to tease… she attends the call…before that laksh takes off the phone but he didn’t cut the call, it was on- line… sanskar: what happen lucky… lak: don’t know bhai, why this Rag didn’t attend my call… I called her more than 3times… sans laughs: oh my dear bro, don’t wry… after all she is swara sis, she doesn’t want any reason, for not attending your call and also you fought with her na… Laksh: bhai it’s not me, she only fought with me… Mistake is hers only… Sans: so what, if mistake is hers you have to ask sorry, Lak: if suppose mistakes is mine… Sans: then also you have to say sorry… (He laughs loud) you just tried her 3times only but even I try more than 50 times this swara will never attend my call… Rag is far better than swara… Lak: bhai don’t underestimate this ragini, you don’t know about her… (@ auto-rickshaw, swaragini hearing their convo in mobile)

Sans: but, suppose they call us, we have to attend in first ring otherwise we gone… lak makes his face: you’re right bhai… this girls made us crazy… sans: not only crazy and also puppet, only yes… ok… other than that we can’t say anything…. both sanlak laughs and tells and also made us mad…

At auto, Swara: Rag these two bros taunting us; we will never leave it easily… Rag: yeah swara we have to teach them a lesson…

Swara calls sanskar… Sanskar signs laksh and attend the call… sans: yeah, sweet heart… swara: why don’t you attend my call in first ring… Sanskar: I’m in driving… Swara: How long I’m calling you… Sanskar: am sorry yaar… swara: by the by I called you to inform one thing, today is not Raglak divorce… sanskar: what? Swara: not only theirs and also ours… Sanskar stops the car with jerk: what you saying? Swara: you are my puppet na, then how can you question me you have to answer yes or ok only na… sanskar wonders how she know… swara ask him to put speaker on his mobile… swara: don’t think too much look at your lucky phone and also inform him tomo is not his marriage how can my sis marry a mad… when will he become normal then there marriage will happen… she cuts the call both swaragini laughs and winks at each others…

At car, lak sees his mobile and tells: oh god.. bhai just now call was disconnected, i think they heard our convo… sans: lucky you are really mad, today we finished… lak: haan bhai, dnt knw wat will gadodia sis gonna to do us… both make innoncent face…

Both swaragini and sanlak reach court at the sametime…

Credit to: Nive

  1. too…cute n out of the world…i am still laughing…

  2. fun loving episode

  3. loved the update… the convo between sanlak is so funny… continue soon…

  4. Too cute and funny

  5. vinay karthik

    feeling bad for sanlak… hw will they convince swaragini….

    1. dnt wry yaar… they will convience easily…

  6. Too cute…sanskarrrrrrrrr

  7. Good epi nive….

  8. Nice but write recap

    1. sure dr..

  9. So cute n funny … Feeling bad for sanlak… sanlak r gone now … Swaragini will not leave them..

    1. Thank u…

    1. thanks dr..

  10. Hahhahahahahaa, awesome

    1. tnq 😛 🙂

  11. Borra satyapujitha


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  12. You write so please keep writing

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