Swaragini- for my love 22


Hi friends… thank you all for reading my FF and this is continuation of 21…
In car, Laksh takes his mobile and think to call but didn’t… he waits for her call… he checks her last seen in watsapp, she had logged off just a minutes ago… he thinks then why she didn’t txt or called me… he dials her number suddenly cut the call… thinks to wait for her call and tells himself may be she is busy… He decided himself to not check his phone until he gets call from her… but he couldn’t stop himself on looking mobile… Finally his phone rings, he attends the call excitedly…. his face changes because it was wrong number… he sees her photo in his phone wallpaper and blushes… sanskar silently notices all the reaction of laksh, smiles at him… Sanskar: Omg, my lucky was blushing… (lak smiles) by the by my dear bro why you looking worried… Laksh: morning one small fight with her, she didn’t call me till yet… Sans(laughs): oh, that’s why my bro mobile is free today, one small advice dont expect girls to call first its better you call her… Tomo is your marriage, before that you have to console her… Laksh: hmm… you’re right even i cant see her till marriage, better I call her… Laksh dials his phone…

Meanwhile, Swaragini in auto… Rag, FB* before 4 months after Raglak reached badi… Ragini: Laksh I’m sorry, I know this single word never heal the wound which I given to you… even I can’t seek your forgiveness now… Laksh: yeah ragini, this single word never heals my pain but what about the pain which I gave to you… I broke your heart, I made you killed yourself by your own… but still you care about me… even I didn’t accept our relation… whatever you did, I had also played equal role in that… Ragini: No laksh its not… Laksh place finger on her lips and tells: Ragini leave this here… I don’t want my past to enter my future, so I think to change my present… Ragini gets suspicious… Laksh: Do you really think your love is enough to live your all life, don’t you need mine..? Rag looks on… Lak:But I need… shall we start afresh from our friendship…? He smiles and forwards his hand… Ragini becomes speechless… she can’t believe her ear which hears his word… she had only one wish in her life, it’s gonna become true… he is standing in front of her for asking her friendship now… her tears roll down from her eyes which explains the happiness of her heart… she stands like a statue with tears…

Laksh waives his hand in front of her, he shakes her… she comes to her sense… she was happy but hesitate little bit… Laksh: don’t worry this time I will keep my words but you have to be my old innocent Ragini again who I met at first time… She smiles… Again he forwards his hand: Hi I’m Lakshya Maheswari… she too forwards her hand: am Ragini laksh, sorry Ragini gadodia… he smiles, both shake hands… laksh drove back to MM, Ragii runs inside the badi hugs sumi and cries … All wonders looks at her bag… Dadi: ladoo beta what happened, at this time you’re alone with your luggage… Rag: Dadi it was my happy tears… ma one who I think reason of my life, he is now ready to accept me…*

At auto, Ragini phone rings, Swara shakes her: Rag where are you, your phone was ringing long time… Ragini takes her phone, its display laksh name and smiles…

Credit to: Nive

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  1. wow dear its awesome! what a twist i love it..

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  2. wonderful update….

  3. Wow superbb whhat a twist

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  6. Wow.. superb nive…

  7. superb twist.. i liked it fresh beginning for raglak

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    twist wala love..

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  9. vinay karthik

    nice kick start of raglak luv story…. amasing yaar…

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  10. It’s really nice. .happy 4 raglak

  11. Its awsome.u r really amazing

    1. hey shabrin and deva nanda thanks alot!!!

  12. Am loving the twist!?! But am lil bit confused! What abt their divorce then?

    1. Dey ll gt marry aftr thr divorce..

  13. Happy raglak and swasan. . cute but short

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