Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 1)

She sat staring at her reflection on blank computer screen, wondering how she came this far, wondering how she could gather the courage to keep moving when everything started to fall apart. It was hard and a long journey, but she finally made it. She had strived hard for her success, worked day and night to achieve all her milestones; and she did. She succeeded in every venture and kept moving forward. Swara Gadodia was unstoppable.

Where she was today, it all felt like a dream. She hoped and prayed for it to be a dream, but it was the harsh reality. She was going to lose everything she had built, everything she had worked for, every achievement of hers. It seemed like this nightmare would never end. She prayed for it to end, but time stood still. It was as if time was mocking her and enjoying her helplessness.
A knock on the door, brought her back to reality. She looked up and saw her secretary at the door. Sally had been working with her for five years now and had been her most trusted associate; “Come in, Sally” she said; “Mam, Advocate Shaw has just arrived, he is waiting for you in the conference room”. The moment that she had been dreading was here. She composed herself and said “I’ll be there in a minute”, “Sally has Rohan come?” she asked. “Yes mam, he is also in the conference room with the Advocate”. She smiled in response and thought “Of course he is here”

She entered the conference room; the Advocate had drawn up the acquisition papers. She looked at the papers and thought “One sign and I hand over everything I worked for all these years”. Her hand trembled as she held the pen to sign the papers, then she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder. It was Rohan; he could always see through her, he knew exactly what she was going through. But holding her was all he could do right now. She was thankful that he was here; there was only so much she could do to compose herself.

After all the papers were signed, she felt numb. She could not digest all that just happened. But little did she know that the worst was yet to come. She would have to face the one person she had been avoiding all her life; that one person who she wished should never come in front of her; that one person who made her ate herself; because even after what he did to her, she could not stop loving him. Sanskar Maheshwari.

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  1. Good start.Keep it up dear .

  2. Thank you very much needhi 🙂

  3. This is sooo good. Good luck for ur ff. But plz tell who are the pairs?

  4. Plz pair ragsan and swalak

    1. Plz swlak and ragsan

      1. I am sorry Humayra but i could not manage to find chemistry between Swara and Laksh.
        Sorry if i disappointed you

    2. Thank You Lila for the appreciation 🙂
      Actually the pairs are Swasan and RagLak..i tried to write about swalak but i could not manage to find chemistry between the characters.
      Sorry if i disappointed you

  5. nice dear…….quite interesting..!!!!!!!!!

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