Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 9)

Laksh and Ragini got up with a headache in the morning; they saw Sanskar on the dining table with a sarcastic smile on his face. “How much did I drink?” Ragini asked him, while Laksh put his head on the table. Sanskar gave a little laugh and said “You and Lucky gulped down an entire week’s worth of drink in one night”; she hit his arm lightly and put her head in her hands. He got two glasses of lemon water for both of them, and patted Laksh “Lucky stop blabbering and drink this”. After a while Ragini and Laksh started to recover from their hangover “How much Shona drink? She’s still sleeping” Ragini asked. “I was so busy in tackling the two of you, I didn’t notice how much drank” he said without looking at her. “Oh god, my head still hurts” Laksh whined, and then he noticed packed bags near the couch. “You’re leaving?” he asked looking at Sanskar. “What? You’re leaving already?” she asked Sanskar. “You both are acting as if I came here to stay forever” he said with a laugh “Yes, I am leaving.

But I will be back in a few months” he said casually. “My flight is in 3 hours, so I have to leave now” he said while getting up. He went and hugged Ragini and kissed her on top of her head “Take care of yourself and Lucky, I shall see you guys soon” he said. He then hugged Laksh, who whispered in his ear “You will leave without meeting her?” he waited for an answer, but looking at Sanskar’s face Laksh understood he was leaving because of her. He gave him an understanding nod and went to see him off.

“House feels so empty without Sanskar” Ragini said to Laksh, just then Swara came into the living room “My head hurts” she complained as she sat between Ragini and Laksh, they laughed at her and Ragini went to get lemon water for Swara. She looked around and asked “Is Sanskar still sleeping?” Laksh looked at her and said “He left for Kolkata a while ago” he noticed her expression change, as she whispered to herself “he left without meeting me”. “Is something wrong Shona?” he asked her, before she could answer “Here, drink this you will feel better” Ragini said while handing her the glass of water. She took the glass “I’ll go freshen up” and went to her room. Why did he leave without meeting me? She thought; maybe I am overthinking, why will he meet me before leaving, we’ve just known each other for 2 days she pacified herself

Months passed, it was the end of the academic year. Swara had cleared her first year exams and had gone into second year. Laksh and Ragini had graduated. On their graduation day, they decided to tell their parents about their relationship. It was a rather funny scene when both of them fumbled while introducing each other to their respective families. Annapurna Maheshwari and Shramishtha Gadodia were rather amused at their kids’ failed attempts to declare their relationship and came to their rescue. Durgaprasad Maheshwari and Shekhar Gadodia could hardly control their laughter looking at their kids blush. While Swara enjoyed this entire scene like there was a rom com going on. Ragini and Laksh went through a lot of teasing and interrogation from each other’s parents they finally got an approval to their relationship. They decided to get engaged the following year after they both got settled in their jobs.

Months had passed Swara and Sanskar didn’t meet each other. Even though they had known each other for a very short span of time, being away from each other had made them long each other’s company even more. Neither of them had acknowledged their feelings. Laksh, Ragini and Swara were still staying together. Laksh and Ragini had started working at the Mumbai branch of Maheshwari Industries that Sanskar had set up. Their engagement date was approaching as the months went by. Along with Ragini even Swara had grown close to the Maheshwari’s. Soon the year ended and Swara had also graduated. The three of them decided to go back to Kolkata, for Laksh and Ragini’s engagement.

The arrangements had started in full swing. Ragini and Laksh were experiencing the happiest phase of their life. They were happy that their relationship had grown over the years and that they would now spend the rest of their life together. Swara on the other hand was anticipating to meet Sanskar. A year had passed since they last met, but even today her heart skipped a beat even by hearing his name. She had never understood how she got so attached to him in just a few days of staying together. The last she heard of him was that he had gone to US for expanding his business there. She wondered if he even remembered her.

The day of engagement had arrived; the ceremony was taking place in the Maheswari mansion. They decided to only include close family and friends to celebrate this occasion. Laksh was waiting to see Ragini. During the arrangements both of them couldn’t see each other, since they were given strict instructions and Annapurna and Shramishtha made sure that swarm of cousins followed each of them wherever they went. Laksh sat in the middle of the hall in his royal blue Sherwani, Ragini loved this colour on him, and thinking of her got a smile on his face. He then noticed Ragini, descending down the stairs. He felt as though he was seeing her after years. She looked beautiful in her navy blue lehenga with gold work and the dupatta covering the top of her head. He had never seen he in this attire and he was thankful for that. Otherwise he would never get this feeling of falling in love with her all over again. Ragini was made to sit beside Laksh. She was blushing because of the way Laksh was staring at her, he leaned to her and whispered “I think I just fell in love with you, all over again”, she felt as though she would turn all shades of red if she blushed any harder. Swara noticed this and started teasing them. “Shona, I forgot to bring the ring, get it from the room” Shramishtha said. She nodded and went to get the ring, as she was coming down the stairs; she was about to trip, when a pair of strong hands held her. She opened her eyes to see piercing brown eyes gazing at her.

In the past year Sanskar had made all attempts to get Swara out of his mind, but in vain. He travelled places, met new people; casually dated a few girls, but he just could not forget her. Swara had captured his mind and heart. While returning from US, he was happy about Laksh and Ragini’s engagement, but he was happier about the fact that he would see Swara after and year. When he entered the hall, he saw someone slipping from the stairs and rushed to help her. When he saw her face he could not take his eyes off her. Her gaze held him, moments had stopped, he observed e face carefully, she had a pierced nose and was wearing a nose ring, the kohl intensified the beauty of her eyes, even though she looked mature than the last time, the innocence hadn’t left her. “Shona are you alright” Shramishtha and Annapurna came to help her, their voices broke the trance that Sanskar and Swara were in. “Thank you” she said to him, he nodded at her. “Finally you came,

I thought you would miss the ceremony” Annapurna said as she hugged him. Sanskar went and hugged Laksh and kissed the top of Ragini’s head while hugging her and said “welcome to the family, sweetheart”. She grinned in response. The ceremony started, during which Sanskar was constantly looking at Swara, she looked amazing in the pink saree that she wore. He had half a mind to kiss her and with all the passion he had buried for the past one year. She could feel the burn of his gaze on her. She avoided looking in his direction, it was taking all her will to not lose her control and hug him.

All this time, and my heart still skips a beat every time you look at me she thought. All this time and I still can’t control my feelings for you he thought.
Thank you for your constant support guys. It pushes me to write better. I hope you guys are liking me FF.. Love Eshana 🙂

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