Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 8)

Swara woke up and found Sanskar leaning on her. She tried to move without disturbing him, but he woke up with a jerk, Swara got embarrassed by their posture “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise when I fell asleep” he said, Ragini interrupted their moment “Shona, get ready quickly, you’ll get late for your lectures”, Swara composed herself and rushed to her room. “Sanskar, you also get ready, I’ll make breakfast for everyone” Ragini said. Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar were having their breakfast when Swara rushed in and said “Bye guys, I’m getting late. I’ll have my breakfast in college” she was about to leave when Sanskar said “I’ll drop you. I’m anyway leaving now”, Ragini was about to say something, when Laksh whispered to her “Not now, we’ll talk to him when Shona is not around”, she reluctantly kept quiet. “No, its okay, I will manage. It will be an unnecessary hassle for you” Swara said; “There’s no hassle, I will drop you” he said while getting up from the table. She smiled and thanked him and they left. “Laksh we’ll talk to Sanskar today” Ragini said, Laksh nodded.

There was an awkward silence between them. Every time they looked at each other, the morning scene flashed in front of their eyes, he noticed that Swara had been hesitating since morning “Are you alright Swara? I mean you have been hesitant with me since morning” he asked her. “I’m just worried about reaching college on time. I need to submit these assignments” she lied. He gave her a questioning look “Sure?” she gave a smile and said “Yes, I’m sure”. The truth was she felt something and she hadn’t been able to pin point exactly what the feeling was and that was making her restless. They reached her college; she got down from the car, thanked him and walked towards the gate. He waited there, looking at her walking towards the gate, he didn’t realise there was a goofy smile plastered on his face, until that smile disappeared when he saw her excitedly hugging a guy and then entering the college with him. Sanskar Maheshwari was aware that he was attracted to her, but he didn’t know what to call this feeling, where he felt like killing that guy who just touched her. Irritated he left from there for his conference.

In the evening Ragini and Laksh were home from college. They found Sanskar in the living room, working on his laptop. Laksh sat beside him “You’re back early” he said. Sanskar shut his laptop and turned to him “Yeah, the conference ended early, thankfully”. Ragini also sat with them, and signalled Laksh that she was going to talk to Sanskar. “I’ll get coffee for everyone” he said and left. “Sanskar, I need to talk to you about something” she started, he nodded and she continued “I want you to keep distance from Shona; I’m not saying that you’re trying something or anything of that sorts. But Shona is like a kid and is very vulnerable. And I don’t want her getting close to any relation that will not materialise in future. I have seen the way you have been looking at her, and we both know that you have commitment issues. I just want to stop this right here before it goes any further” she looked at him, expecting him to be offended. He smiled at her and said “Don’t worry Rags, I assure you I’ll never do anything that will hurt you. I promise to never cross that line.” She smiled and hugged him “You don’t know how much you’ve relieved me” just then Laksh entered he saw them and understood that Ragini had sorted out everything. “Coffee everyone” he announced “Baby, what time will Swara be home. Her lectures finished early today” he asked Ragini. “It’s Karan’s birthday today, she’s gone with her friends to celebrate. She called me that she will be back by 1. Karan is going to drop her” she informed Laksh. He looked at her disapprovingly and said “I will go pick her up”, she laughed and said “That is why she doesn’t tell you anything.” “Don’t worry, I know Karan, he will bring her back safe”. Laksh frowned and Sanskar sat there expressionless. “Alright then, I’m off to sleep” Ragini announced, she kissed Laksh and went to her room.

Laksh saw Sanskar’s face “It’s only been 2 days since you met her bhai, but still I am asking this” Sanskar waited for Laksh to finish his question “Do you like her?” he asked. “I promised Ragini that I would never cross that line” Sanskar replied while looking at the ceiling. Laksh sighed “That’s not the answer to my question”. “There is something about her, her innocence, the way she laughs, and that giggle of hers” he smiled, then he remembered his promise to Ragini, but he realised it was too late. He had blurted out too much in front of Laksh. “Give it some time” Laksh said “She’s not like the other girls you’ve met over the years and I’m not saying all this because she’s Ragini’s sister” he turned to look at Sanskar “I feel protective towards her. She’s like this hyper bubbly kid who I always want to protect” he smiled, “Don’t rush into it bhai, be very sure before you take a step forward” Sanskar nodded in agreement. Laksh yawned “I’m off to sleep. You’re coming?” he asked, “I need to finish some work” Sanskar replied, Laksh waved and went to his room.

Swara came home and sat on the couch resting her head back, she felt someone sit beside her. “How was the party?” Sanskar asked grimly, “It was fun” she replied “I and Karan danced like maniacs” she giggled. He imagined her dancing with a guy and got upset. “Is something wrong?” she asked him “Nothing” he replied without looking at her “its late Swara, you should go sleep” he said in a steely voice. She was surprised by his behaviour, “Goodnight” she said before leaving. Sanskar sat there for a long time wondering “What is wrong with me?”

Next evening the four of them sat on the couch, when Swara said “Guys, let’s go clubbing. I’m bored of sitting in the house”. Laksh whined “Shona, please I want to stay at home”, she narrowed her eyes at him “Don’t behave like an oldie” “please let’s go Lucky. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE”. Sanskar was smiling looking at her jump like a kid; Ragini laughed at her sister’s childish behaviour “Laksh, she will persuade you until you agree to what she says. Its better you get up and get dressed” “anyway it’s been a while since, we all went out”. Laksh reluctantly agreed “C’mon bhai, we’ll never be able to win against them. Let’s get ready”. “Ragini, Swara. We have to go clubbing tonight not next week” Laksh called out to them sarcastically. “Stop shouting Laksh” Ragini said “I’m ready”. Laksh looked at her and couldn’t take his eyes off. She was wearing a pink skater dress, with black lace work on the top and black heels and left her hair open. “Close your mouth Lucky” Sanskar said, Laksh composed himself and saw Sanskar laughing at him and Ragini blushing. “Let’s go” Swara announced while coming out of the room. Sanskar looked at her and froze. She looked amazing with her black lace bodycon dress and red heels; she had her hair in loose curls. Sanskar felt as though his heart will fall out of his chest. He had seen girls who were more beautiful than her, but he had never seen the kind of innocence that she possessed, in any other girl. They went to a club and the girls started dancing. Laksh joined Swara and Ragini, while Sanskar stood at the bar tracking Swara with his eyes. The smile on her face brought a smile on his. He then noticed some guys trying to dance their way closer to her.
Swara felt a hand on her waist and she stiffened. She turned to see Sanskar holding her while he glared at some guys on the side. She understood what had happened and took his hands and gestured him to dance, to lighten his mood. He smiled at her and danced along. When they danced they forgot everything else, looking into each other’s eyes they felt complete. A pat on her shoulder broke her from the trance “Let’s do shots” Ragini said excitedly. They went to the bar counter and ordered for shots. Sanskar decided against it, all he had in his mind was that he wanted to take Swara back home safely. Laksh drank in control but he began to feel a little tipsy and so did Ragini. Sanskar decided to cut them off and drive them home, he saw Swara giggling continuously beside him and understood that even she had too much to drink. Her laugh and giggle was music to his ears. When they reached home, Laksh and Sanskar somehow managed to take Ragini to her room, and then Sanskar tucked Laksh on his bed. He came out and saw Swara on the couch, “Swara, get up I’ll help you get to your room” he said, she looked him in the eyes, he felt her gaze holding him, she took his support and stood up. He held her by the waist and she put her arms around his neck. “I don’t want to sleep” “Let’s dance” she said, “Swara, you are drunk, you should sleep now” he said while unlocking her hands, she stood there pouting like a kid, and then suddenly pushed him on the couch, leaned closer to him. It took all his will power to not kiss her at that time. “Why do I feel so close to you?” she asked him, he looked at her in shock, “Swara, I – I think you should sleep now” he said. She put a finger on his lip, he felt an electric jolt in his body “Every time I look at you, my heart skips a beat” she said in a blurry tone, she looked at her finger on his lip, then flicked her thumb over his lower lip, he froze there, you are testing my patience Swara he thought. “Why do I feel like this?” she looked at him and then passed out on his chest. He lifted her and carried her to the bed; he knelt down beside her and kissed her on her forehead. He then remembered what he had promised to Ragini and went to the living room. I am falling for you Swara Gadodia, and I need to stop before this goes any further he thought.

Little did he know that, this was just the beginning.
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