Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 7)

She looked at him with hatred in her eyes “What do you want to say?”, before he could say anything she continued “Let me tell you, you’ll say I’m sorry Swara for hurting you, I will do whatever you say to gain your forgiveness, you don’t know the pain I have undergone when you left. Please forgive me Swara”. He loosened his grip on her shoulders and stood there dumbfounded, not understanding what to say. She kept looking at him and said “is that all or you wanted to say anything else Mr Maheshwari? You think a simple sorry will erase what you have done to me?” he stood there with guilt in his eyes, she continued speaking “Do you realise what you did was not a small mistake that I could forgo Mr Maheswari. Let me remind you, you cheated on me with another girl” she felt her legs giving up as she spoke and tears started to form in her eyes. He leapt forward to help her stand when two hands held her “Easy Shona. Let’s go I’ll drop you home” Laksh said. He gave Sanskar an angry look before leaving with her. Sanskar sat there heartbroken, he knew that apologising was not enough for the mistake he had done. But he loved her and wanted her back in his life and he would do whatever it takes.

The ride back home was painful after what had happened. “I know what bhai did to you cannot be forgiven easily, but Swara I have seen him repent for his mistake. I’ve seen him go through hell when you left. There was a point when he had withdrawn from everyone. I thought if he continued like this he would die.” The last sentence made her heart skip a beat “I’m not telling you all this to emotionally blackmail you, but because I know that even today you love him. You both cannot live without each other Shona. You are trying to hurt him and give him the pain that you suffered because of him, but even you know for a fact that you’re hurting more than him”. They reached her apartment “You’re right lucky I am trying to hurt him. But I don’t know if I can ever let him back in my life. I have suffered and I am still suffering. You think I don’t want to be happy?” she looked at him “After what happened today, I have decided I want to change the way I have been living and behaving and just be happy. Lot of people have been hurt by me Ma, Baba, Ragini, You and Rohan. I don’t want to hurt anyone any more, Lucky” she gave a weak smile. Before getting out of the car she hugged him and said “Let’s go out tomorrow? I haven’t seen a movie in months”. He grinned and said “I actually have a surprise for you tomorrow” she narrowed her eyes and asked “What is that?” he gave a little laugh and said “Tomorrow Shona. Now go get some sleep”

Rohan was watching TV in the living room when she arrived. He looked at her and smiled; “Why didn’t you sleep? Its past 12” she asked him as she sat beside him “I wasn’t getting any sleep, so I thought I’d watch a movie” he said. She stared at the ceiling “Rohan, I’ m ready to talk about my past. If I don’t get it out of me, I can never move forward”. He looked at her “Are you sure? I mean it’s a good decision. But are you sure?” she put her head on his shoulder and said “You have been a big part of my life and my success. You have the right to know about me”. “I’m all ears” he said

She let out a sigh and spoke. “Ragini was in Mumbai for her Master’s Degree and I had taken admission in the same college. Ma and baba were sceptic to send us off initially but Ragini somehow convinced them” she smiled. “I was a year junior to her and Laksh. They both were dating at the time and were practically in a live in relationship before I came” she giggled.


“RAGINI” she shouted excitedly when coming out of the arrival gate. “SHONAAA” she heard in response. They both hugged each other and then she noticed someone standing behind Ragini, she gave a questioning look to Ragini. Ragini then blushed and introduced him “Swara this is Laksh. He is a good friend”, Swara understood and teasingly shook Laksh’s hand “Nice to meet you Good Friend” ; “as you must have guessed, I am Swara your Good Friend’s sister” and laughed. They both looked at her laughing “How old do you both think I am? I can see you guys are more than friends” she said. Ragini blushed harder and Laksh gave a sigh of relief “and you ate my head saying we’ll have to hide our relationship from her” he said while looking at Ragini. “Okay guys we can have this discussion somewhere else. I’m starving now” Swara said; “Right, let’s go” Laksh said while helping her out with the bags.

“Shona how are ma and baba, I miss them so much” Ragini asked while getting into the car. “You had a video call with them yesterday” Swara frowned “now don’t try to divert my questions” she said “I’m dying to hear this love story” she teased. “Shona” Ragini blushed; Swara looked at Laksh and asked “Seriously, how did you fall for my boring sister” Laksh laughed said “I happen to enjoy your boring sister’s company” while looking lovingly at Ragini. “We both are in the same class, I was drawn to her by her innocence and started finding reasons to meet her or bump into her after class.” “He came to talk to me under the pretence of assignments and notes. And like that our friendship developed over time” Ragini said “We became inseparable, going to college together, he would pick me up from hostel and drop me back, we had lunch and dinner together. Subconsciously we were dating each other but never professed our love” she laughed. “It took me 3 months to gather up courage to propose to your sister” Laksh said “In my mind I had an entire plan to propose to her over a candle light dinner, but fate had other plans, even before I could start working on my plan, she proposed me” he smiled. Swara gave a shocked expression to Ragini “Really?” “You proposed? I cannot believe this”. Ragini laughed at her expression and said “Yes, I proposed, if left to him he would have taken another three months to execute his grand proposal plan”. Swara giggled and asked “What did you say to him?” “Let me tell you how she proposed” Laksh interrupted “One day she came up to me in class, sat on one knee and said ‘Laksh Maheshwari, you are an idiot, you always drive me crazy, and I do not understand how I even agreed to be your friend. If I leave it to you, by the time you express your feelings I will turn 90 and I can’t wait that long. Even though you’re an idiot you are my idiot. I Love You’ and that’s how boring sister proposed to me” hearing this Swara burst out laughing. “At least I didn’t make you wait forever” Ragini said to Laksh. “I’m happy you didn’t baby” Laksh said while kissing her hand. “Ahem Ahem, I am here too” Swara said. They reached Ragini’s apartment. “Shona, there’s something more that you need to know” Ragini said hesitatingly “I and Laksh share this flat”. Swara gave her a weird expression “How were you going to hide your relationship from me when you both are living together”. “That is your sister’s and it’s beyond my understanding” Laksh said while opening the door, Swara laughed while Ragini frowned at him. “Welcome to your new home, for the next two years” Laksh announced “Get settled in your sister’s room, then we’ll go out for dinner” he said.

Months went by. Ragini, Swara and Laksh spent most of the time together after college. Laksh and Swara had become best friends. The three of them were staying together in the same flat and often partied with their common friends. One morning at breakfast “Baby, bhai is coming to town next week, he has a conference here. He’ll stay with us” Laksh told Ragini. “You better save him from me this time. It has been weeks since he even called me” she said to him. Laksh laughed and said “That is between you and him, don’t involve me”. Swara came in “Who are you guys talking about?” she asked. “Sanskar, Laksh’s brother, he is coming next week for a conference, so he will be staying with us” Ragini informed her. “Cool, anyway I’m leaving for my lectures. See your guys in the evening” she hugged Laksh, kissed Ragini on the cheek and left.

Days passed, Ragini and Laksh were having dinner at their apartment, when the bell rang. Ragini opened the door “Look who’s here” she announced. Sanskar hugged her “Do I know you mister?” she asked in a sarcastic tone “I know you’re angry sweetheart, but I was busy with work and you know how I forget everything during work. Now let me in or I’ll freeze here.” She smiled and let him in “We missed you”, just then Laksh came to the living room “BHAI” he hugged him excitedly. “Come to the table I’ll set out dinner for you” Ragini said to Sanskar.

The three of them were having dinner and talking when Swara came in “Sorry I am late, but there was so much traffic. Is there any food left for me or you both hogged it all” she looked up to see a new member at their dining table “Oh hello, I didn’t know we had a guest over today” she smiled at him. “Shona, he’s my brother, Sanskar” Laksh informed her. She looked at him and smiled “Hi, nice to meet you” she said as she sat beside Ragini. “She’s Swara Ragini’s sister” Laksh introduced him. Sanskar could not take his eyes off her. “Lucky, I need your help with some assignments. I’ve to submit them tomorrow” Swara asked him. “Sure, show me what’s the problem” Laksh said. “Both of you first have your dinner and then go” scolded Ragini. “We’ll have our dinner while working” Swara said. Laksh and Swara went to the living room. Ragini noticed Sanskar and snapped her fingers in front of Sanskar’s eyes “What are you looking at?” she questioned. He composed himself and said “I was thinking how you can have such a bubbly sister?” he teased her. “Shut up. Have your dinner” she laughed.

Late at night, Swara was in the living room sipping coffee and reading a novel. Sanskar too came into the living room, he couldn’t sleep. He saw Swara reading and said “what are you doing up so late” she looked up at him “Hi, actually I wasn’t getting any sleep, so I thought I’d read a book.” He sat beside her, facing her and asked “so which book are you reading?” “Bloodline” she replied “why are you up so late. If I’m not wrong you have a conference tomorrow right?” she asked him. “Yeah, I usually don’t get sleep before any conference or presentation” he replied. She giggled and said “so even an entrepreneur like you gets nervous before a big day”. He fell in love with the way she giggled and laughed. “Of course, everyone gets nervous before their big day”. “You want some coffee?” she asked him. “No I’m fine” he replied. They both talked for a long time and didn’t realise when they fell asleep on the couch. Laksh and Ragini were shocked to see both of them on the couch. “Laksh, I don’t want Shona to get hurt. Please make Sanskar understand that. i really like Sanskar but he has commitment issues and I don’t want Shona to go through that emotional rollercoaster” Ragini said. Laksh nodded and said “Don’t worry, I will talk to him”

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