Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 6)

Back at their apartment Swara was enraged at Rohan. She glared at him while he got coffee for both of them and coolly sat on the couch opposite to her, “What the hell were you thinking Rohan?” she asked; “who gave you the permission to take decisions for me? Because of you now I have to go to Laksh’s house and I don’t need to mention that Sanskar will be there too”. He casually looked at her “Do you how long it has been since you last smiled with your heart? I’ll tell you, it has been 4 years, 4 blo*dy years Swara” he looked at her, hearing this she tamed down a little, she was about to speak but Rohan cut her off “Today when you met Laksh I saw the same genuine happy smile that I saw four years ago, and I will not allow you to forgo that for some guy who hurt you in the past”; “Have you ever thought how I feel when I look at you? You think I don’t realise that everyday morning you wake up and stare at the mirror for a long time searching for that cheerful Swara Gadodia that once existed?” she sat there with a shocked expression, he continued speaking “After four years I saw a glimpse of that old happy Swara that you once were, and I will do whatever it takes to bring her back, I don’t need your or anyone else’s permission for that matter”. It had been years but she had never realised how much her behaviour hurt Rohan, he never let her sense his emotions. She looked at him and said “Boy, I never knew you could get angry” she said in a teasing way, to lighten the mood, she went and sat beside him, put her head on his shoulder “You’re right, I should not let Sanskar control my happiness. I promise that I’ll start fresh, leaving the past behind”; “now c’mon cheer up, I don’t like this angry avatar of yours” he sighed and put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head lightly “finally I could put some sense in that little brain of yours” ; “now drink up the coffee before it turns colder than ice” she giggled and drank up her coffee. After chatting for a while and then went to sleep.

Morning at Sanskar’s apartment

“Lucky wake up wake up” Sanskar was excitedly waking up Laksh; “Get out of my room Bhai, let me sleep” he whined. But Sanskar was too excited to listen to him “Lucky you have to pick Swara today, GET UP” even though he was half asleep, Laksh could hear the excitement in Sanskar’s voice “Bhai, I have to pick her up in her evening. You on the other hand should be in office now” he said while reluctantly getting out of bed. He then saw Sanskar standing there with a naughty smile, and asked “What’s your plan?” He laughed and asked “How did you know I have a plan?” Laksh looked at him and said “With that look on your face even a kid can make out you have a plan” “So what is it?” he asked again. Sanskar smiled and said “Don’t get your car to pick her up, tell her it’s in the garage and then you both will come in my car” Laksh laughed and said “That’s a pretty juvenile plan. She’s not stupid bhai. Nevertheless I’ll do that”. Sanskar gave his broad cheerful smile hugged Laksh “I knew it, you would never refuse me” and left for office.

Swara’s Apartment

Swara got up with a new enthusiasm that day, her talk with Rohan the previous night gave her new energy to work towards being happy once again, finding that old Swara she had lost years ago. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and thought I’m going to change the way I dress, I’m bored of my own look now. She wore a casual semi-formal black round neck top and black jeans, put on diamond studs in her ears and wore heels and went to call Rohan. He looked at her amused and said “You look great today” she smiled and thanked him. They left for office.

At Gadodia Industries

Just as they entered the lift, Sanskar also rushed in at the same time. “Good morning Mr Maheshwari” Rohan wished him “Good Morning Rohan, and please don’t be so formal. You can call me Sanskar” he smiled. “Good Morning Swara” he looked at her “Good morning Mr Maheshwari” she replied in an indifferent tone. He stared at her she was looking like he had seen her years ago, he could see the glimpse of his Swara today. He smiled and thought to himself sulk all that you want; today I’ll have you all for myself without this disturbance around. The rest of the day went on with all meetings and presentations. Swara and Sanskar were at their best professional behaviour with each other.


“There’s a pickup for Ms Gadodia” Laksh said in a funny tone while she was engrossed in a presentation. She looked up and saw him “You’re here already, I thought you were coming in the evening” Laksh sat down on the chair opposite to her “Madam have you seen the time? Its 7 already” just then Rohan and Sanskar entered the cabin “I didn’t realise where the time went by. Give me 2 minutes I’ll just sort all this”; “Take your time” she said to her, and then turned to look at Sanskar “Bhai are you also done with your work?” he asked. Sanskar smiled and replied “Yeah. Why?” “Because my car broke down so you will have to give me and Shona a ride home” Swara froze for a second and looked at Rohan. He signalled her to calm down and go, she gave a faint smile and said “Laksh I’m done. Let’s leave?” Sanskar notice the exchange between Rohan and her and got irritated. Laksh got up and said “Let’s leave” and looked questioningly at Sanskar. He nodded and said “Let’s go”. Swara picked up her bag went to Rohan kissed him on the cheek “I’m leaving now. See you at night” he hugged her and said “have a nice time”. While looking at both of them Sanskar was picturing a thousand ways he could kill Rohan that very moment for touching his Swara. Laksh noticed this and gave him a nudge and then the three of them walked to Sanskar’s car. Laksh sat in the front with Sanskar and Swara sat behind diagonal to Laksh. Sanskar adjusted his mirror to see her. She knew he was gazing her but ignored him.

At Sanskar’s Apartment

“Welcome to our bachelor pad Shona” Laksh announced. She giggled and entered after him and Sanskar entered after her. He loved to hear her giggle. They settled in the living room after Laksh showed her the house. The entire time Sanskar kept staring at her. He was happy that she was in front of him smiling and laughing. Laksh suddenly asked in a serious tone “Why didn’t you call me Shona? Wasn’t I a good friend to you?” she hesitated and Sanskar understood she was hesitating because of him and he got up and left them alone, but he could listen to them talking from his room. She said “Lucky you did nothing wrong, I just wanted to get away from everything and everyone that reminded me of him. It wasn’t easy for me to leave you and Ragini behind like that. But I had to do it” she said with a quivering tone. He put his arm around her “All said and done you have promised me you will never do that again. Don’t forget that” she smiled and said “I won’t”. Laksh looked a little sceptic, she noticed his expression and asked “What is bothering you?” he said “I want to ask you something but promise me you will be honest with me” she nodded in agreement, he said “What’s the scene between you and Rohan?” she looked at him and sighed “there is no scene between us Lucky” “it is completely platonic. But we have been working in close proximity with each other since the past few years, so we have a mutual liking for each other” “and the way he has been my backbone during my struggle and accepted every decision of mine without questioning, I don’t think anyone would have done that for me” Sanskar listened to this and felt jealousy take over his senses I despise that guy he thought.

Suddenly Laksh’s phone rang “Give me a moment Shona this is an important call” she nodded and signalled him that she’s going to the balcony. Swara stood in the balcony staring at the night sky; she felt a presence behind her and turned to see Sanskar standing. She stiffened and said “Mr Maheshwari, please get out of my way” but he didn’t budge from his place. He took her hand and dragged her to his room which was attached to the balcony. He pinned her to the wall, held her shoulders and said “You are not going anywhere till you hear me out. I’m tired of your indifference Swara. I cannot take it anymore”. They both share an eye lock.

Finally he thought
Hi guys thanks for your the lovely comments and responses again. i am humbled and glad that you are liking my FF.
For all the Ragini fans, she will be entering in the next episode and you will get to see some RagLak moments as well.

Hope you enjoyed this episode. 🙂

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