Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 5)

At Swara’s apartment
Swara reached the apartment and called up her mother, this was the only way to divert her mind from all that had happened today , she was praying for her mother not to be angry, it had been years since she went back home. The only way she met her parents was by video calling, someday she hoped, when all her pain would wear off, she would go back to her normal happy life. “Hello” hearing the voice brought tears to her eyes; she composed herself and spoke “Ma, how are you?”; “Shona” she could hear the quiver in her mother’s voice; “Do you realise how many days it has been since you last called” she scolded, “I and aba are very angry with you” Swara smiled at her mother’s complaints, hearing Sramishtha’s voice made here feel like she was back to her home “Ma, stop talking for a second and ask Ragini to switch on the video call” she hear a faint voice calling out to Ragini. When the video call started she could see her father looking at her with pain in his eyes, for this was the only medium by which he had seen his daughter in the last four years; “Look at how thin you have become, are you not eating properly Shona?” asked her father; “Baba, I have been eating properly and I’m totally fit, you look like you haven’t slept in weeks. I know you haven’t been taking your medicines properly” she asked him sternly. If there was anyone who could speak in such a stern tone with Shekhar Gadodia they were his daughters, whom he loved immensely. Ragini spoke up from behind “he hasn’t been taking his medicines Swara, now only you can explain him” she said; “Baba, why are you not taking care of your health?” she asked; “so that you come back home to take care of me” he said with tear forming in his eyes. She couldn’t help but cry

“I’m sorry ma, baba for hurting you both so much”; “Shona don’t cry, you can never hurt us. It’s just that we miss you very much” her mother said; “I know ma, I miss you all too”; “Enough of this melodrama” Ragini interrupted “I have a surprise for you” she announced excitedly; “What is that?” Swara asked. But Ragini was in no mood to give away the surprise “You will get to know tomorrow” she said, knowing well that Swara could never handle suspense; before Swara could ask anything “You can at least tell me” Rohan said; “ROOOOOO” Ragini shouted with excitement “How are you” she asked. He sat down beside Swara “I’m well and good” he smiled at Ragini; “Hello uncle aunty, hope you guys are doing well” he said. Shekhar and Shramishtha smiled at him ‘We are well, knowing that you are taking good care of Shona” Shekhar said. He smiled at them “Till I’m here you don’t have to worry about her uncle”. Before she got even more emotional Swara said “Ma, baba I’ll call you tomorrow. Ragini Take care of Ma, baba and yourself too” she smiled. They smiled at her with pain in their eyes “We will be fine Swara. You take care of yourself” Ragini spoke for their parents “Bye Shona” and the call ended.

At night
It took a while for Swara to compose herself after speaking to her family; they both sat in silence for a while. I think I should take her out for dinner, it will change her mood a bit Rohan thought; “Anita is on a leave today. Let’s go out for dinner?” he asked her. She thought for a few minutes and agreed. She needed a change in the environment. The day had been very stressful for her. They both got ready and walked down to a little Chinese restaurant near their house. They often went that restaurant and the owners had become very familiar to both of them. They sat at their regular booth and waited for their food to arrive. They had a light hearted conversation, both were laughing and talking. Both of them needed this change of mood after a heavy day.

At Sanskar’s Apartment

He came home in a very bad mood. Every time he tried to come close to Swara, she shot him down. He didn’t know what he could do to get her to listen to him. He sat in his room sulking and frustrated. Laksh entered his room and saw Sanskar in a bad shape; he thought to cheer him up “Bhai, I’m bored. Let’s go out for dinner”, Sanskar looked at him irritated “Laksh, get out. I’m not in the mood”; Laksh didn’t flinch “C’mon bhai, get some fresh air. I know you’re frustrated. Going out will change your mood a bit”. He pulled Sanskar out of the bed “Get up and get ready, I’ll take you to a nice Chinese restaurant” he said while pushing him into the washroom. “Get ready, we’ll leave in 10 minutes” he said. Sanskar could never win over Laksh. He loved his brother immensely and would always fulfil all his wishes. Unwillingly he got ready and they left.

At the Restaurant

“Hi, we need a table for two” Laksh said to the manager. The manager escorted them to a table. As they were about to sit, Sanskar spotted Rohan and Swara at a corner table. The sight of them laughing together, made him angry. So he makes her laugh and I repel her he though bitterly. Laksh noticed the direction Sanskar was looking in, he also spotted Rohan and Swara, looked at Sanskar and said “No wonder you turned red again”, then he started moving towards, “Where do you think you are going?” Sanskar asked him; “To meet an old friend” Laksh replied “I thought you must have strangled this guy by now” he said teasingly before walking to Swara’s table, Sanskar followed him. “Excuse me Mam, I once had a friend who happens to looks exactly like you” Laksh said. Rohan looked puzzled, Swara turned back to see Laksh. Seeing him after so many years was very over whelming for her; “LAKSH” she shouted and hugged him, he hugged her back “You never looked back Shona, not even for me” he said with tears in his eyes .Swara cried while hugging him, he could feel her shaking “Shhh, relax, I was just kidding” he broke the hug and held her by shoulders “How are you Lucky?” she asked while wiping her tears. Rohan saw Sanskar standing behind Laksh “Mr Maheswari, this is an unexpected encounter” he walked to Sanskar and shook his hand. Sanskar gave a fake smile. “I’m great as always, you on the other hand look as though you have been starved for weeks now” Laksh said. “By the way meet Rohan, he is my business partner and a close friend” she introduced Rohan to Laksh, “Rohan, meet Laksh my best friend” she smiled. I haven’t seen her smile genuinely for a long time thought Rohan. “Hi Rohan, nice to meet you” he shook hands with him; “then he looked at Sanskar and asked in a teasing way “You guys know each other?”; Sanskar glared at him and said “Yes, lucky we know each other”; he looked at Rohan who was very confused with all that was happening “He is my brother” said Sanskar, Rohan smiled and nodded.

Sanskar looked at Swara and she wasn’t even looking at him. Laksh noticed this and thought of an idea “Shona you have to come over tomorrow, we need to catch up. I won’t take no for an answer” he said. This immediately lit up Sanskar’s face, he looked at Swara expectantly. Rohan sensed Swara was about to deny Laksh’s offer and he interrupted before she could speak “Yes, she will be there” Laksh stared at him in surprise, Swara glared at him “Rohan I have work tomorrow” ; Sanskar was trying very hard to control his anger, how dare he decide for her he thought. Laksh said “I’ll pick you up after work”; Rohan smiled and said “that’s a good idea”; “Great so I’ll pick you up tomorrow and that’s final” Laksh declared. She sighed and agreed “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow. I will text you the address. Give me your number” she said. Laksh smirked and said “Some friend you are. You don’t even have my number” he teased; she lightly hit him on this arm and smiled. Sanskar loved to see her smile. She then looked and Rohan and said “Let’s leave, we’re getting late”. She hugged Laksh and kissed him lightly on the cheek “Bye Lucky, I’ll see you tomorrow” he hugged her back “Bye Shona” and whispered in her ear “Don’t you ever disappear on me again” he warned her. She smiled and said “Never” and left with Rohan.

Looking at her leave with Rohan enraged him, he then looked at Laksh and gave a big smile like a kid “Thank you thank you thank you kiddo” he said excitedly. Laksh laughed at his expression “Feed me now, I’m starving”.

I can finally talk to her tomorrow and she will have to listen to me he thought.

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