Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 4)

At Swara’s Apartment

She came out of her room and saw breakfast on the table; “Anita, please get my coffee” she said while sitting on the table “and please check if Rohan Sir is awake”. She was reading the newspaper when someone handed her the coffee, “Your coffee madam” said Rohan. She was taken aback “Where is Anita? Why did you get the coffee?” she asked him. He sat in the chair opposite to her and sipped his coffee “Anita has taken an off today. She is not well” he informed her; “So did you make the breakfast? You should have woken me up Rohan” she said; “Swara, please shut up and please eat”. They ate in silence.

I need to talk to him she thought. Somehow she gathered the courage to speak to him about it; “Rohan, I need to talk to you about something” before she could speak any further, he cut her off “You want to leave again, I figured it out yesterday itself” she looked at him in surprise. He continued eating and said “And the answer is no. You’re not going away this time”; she tried to say something but he cut her off “There is going to be no argument regarding this Swara. I have never asked you the reason for your need of moving away from a place in the past and I will not ask the reason even today. But I will not let you go either” he said while getting up from the table. She sighed and thought he is right, I can’t run forever, she got up and went to the kitchen and said “You’re right, I can’t keep running like this forever” he turned to look at her, she continued “I’m sorry for the trouble I have given you over the years Rohan”; “You have never questioned me about my decisions and I will not go against your decision now”, she looked at him and continued “But there is something you need to know”.

He eyed her curiously, she said “Sanskar Maheshwari is the reason I have been running for all these years. Yesterday I came face to face with my past Rohan” she tried to figure out his expression and continued “I have never told this to anyone except Ragini and now you know a part of it”; “Someday I will tell you about my past, when I’m strong enough to say it out loud. But for now all you need to know is that I need you with me at all times. Do you promise?” she waited for him to speak up. He sighed and said “What else have been doing all these years, you idiot. Of course I‘ll be there with you. Now go get dressed, we’re getting late”. She hugged him and started to leave “Oh and aunty had called; you haven’t spoken to her in days. Call her up” he said; “I’ll call her tonight” she smiled and left.

At Sanskar’s Apartment

He woke up early today; the truth was he couldn’t sleep the entire night. He was going to see Swara again today and everyday here onwards; the thought brought a smile to his face. He went to the breakfast table and saw his brother was already there; “Oh My God, Laksh! Are you alright?” he said and smiled. Laksh frowned and said “Bhai, keep the sarcastic comments to yourself otherwise you won’t get the information you wanted”; Sanskar stiffened “Did you get the information?” he asked; Laksh smirked and said “C’mon bhai, don’t insult my abilities by doubting them”; he saw Sanskar getting impatient and continued speaking “ Rohan Sharma, CEO of Gadodia Industries and Swara Gadodia’s best friend. They have been working together for five years now and started the company four years ago. They live together”, hearing the last sentence, Sanskar’s blood boiled “What do you mean live together?” he asked through his teeth. Laksh noticed this change and said “Relax bhai, they share the same flat. Their friendship is completely platonic. Although, there were talks of marriage in between.” He again looked at Sanskar. His face was so red it seemed he would explode; “Will you please stop turning red after every sentence. They refused to get married.” Sanskar visibly relaxed a bit; Laksh continued “But there is one thing you need to know. I think Rohan loves Swara”; Sanskar looked at him and raised a brow “What makes you say that?”; “Call it a hunch” Laksh said casually “try not to kill him” he added with a smirk. Sanskar picked up his keys “I’m getting late. See you in the evening kiddo”; “Bye” Laksh said while stuffing his face.

At office

Rohan and Swara reached office and just then Sanskar entered. She walked past him to her cabin and left Rohan to deal with him. Rohan greeted him “Good Morning Mr Maheshwari. Let me show you your cabin”, with a lot of effort Sanskar gave out a fake smile and followed him. His cabin was beside Swara and Rohan’s cabin. The thought of Swara and Rohan in such proximity made him see red, but he controlled himself; “Mr Sharma, I will need all the documents pertaining to previous year’s assessment. We will meet after lunch for the future business plan” he said; “Sure, I will have Sally to get all the files to you and in case you need anything, I’ll be in the cabin beside. See you after lunch Mr Maheshwari”; “Mr Sharma can you please ask Ms Gadodia to help in understanding the company’s details, I will need some help to begin with” he said coolly. Rohan hesitated “Sure sir, I will ask Swara to help you. I’ll take your leave now” he leaves. Sanskar smiles to himself thinking finally I’ll be with her alone without anyone’s interference.

“Are you crazy Rohan? I am not going to sit with him in the same cabin” she snarled. Rohan looked helpless “I am sorry but he requested me and I couldn’t refuse. He the biggest investor we have right now Swara. We have to do what he says. Please do this for the company’s sake” he begged her. He saw how angry she was but they had no choice.

Reluctantly she went to Sanskar’s cabin “You needed my help with something Mr Maheswari?” she asked. He grinned and said “Swara, please come” before he could say anything else she cut him off and introduced two colleagues to him “Mr Iyer will help you with all the accounts and finance related details and Mrs Gupta will help you with the other details. Hope you have a good day Mr Maheshwari and in case you need anything else please talk to Rohan, he will help you out” she said and stormed out of the cabin. Sanskar stood there dumbstruck and with a pained expression on his face.

She went back to her cabin, closed the door and stood there shivering with anger and resentment, Rohan looked at her in shock and held her “Swara, are you alright? Calm down” he made her sit and drink water; “It’s alright. Relax” he calmed her down. She looked at him and broke down “I can’t handle this Rohan”; he hugged her and said “You can and you will handle this. I’m here with you”. She broke the hug and said “I’m sorry’, I just need some time”; “I will work from home today. See you at dinner” she said picked up her bag and she left.

Sanskar saw her leaving and thought to himself you will have to give me a chance Swara, I won’t take no for an answer. You will have to leave Mr Maheshwari; I will never give you another chance to break my heart she thought

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