Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 3)

Gadodia Industries

After signing the papers, Swara was about to leave with Rohan when the door opened and she saw him. Time stopped when they looked at each other. Five years, since they saw each other, five years of pain, five of loneliness, five years of desperation; it all came back in that one moment when their eyes met. She broke the eye lock and noticed that she had tightened her fist around Rohan’s arm, it was then she realised that she was standing because of his strong grip that held her.

The advocate then spoke up “Ms Gadodia, please meet Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, Managing Director of Maheshwari industries and the new shareholder of Gadodia Industries”; she couldn’t muster up courage to speak up. Rohan noticed this and spoke for her “Thank you Mr Maheswari, for investing in our company. I know it was very risky decision considering the amount of losses in, but we assure you won’t regret your decision” he said. Swara was still clinging to his arm and made it a point not to look in his direction.

Sanskar noticed how she was avoiding him, she looked so weak and so fragile; it seemed like she could break down at any moment. He walked towards Rohan and Swara, shook Rohan’s hand and said “I don’t take any decision without calculating the risk Mr Sharma, I have complete faith in Ms Gadodia and her team” he said as he looked at her.

“Thank you, Mr Maheswari for investing in our company” she said without looking at him. Sanskar was about to speak when she cut him off “Rohan please let’s leave. I need to get out of here”; “Sure, let’s go home” he said. “We’ll take your leave Mr Maheshwari. See you tomorrow” he shook hands with Sanskar and left with Swara. Sanskar gave a forced smile and saw them as they walked away.

If Sanskar could express himself right now, the entire office would be in ruins. The way Rohan had his arm around Swara, if it was for him he would have cut it off then and there. But what hurt the most was the way she avoided him, like he didn’t exist in that space. I need to figure out a way to get her to talk to me

“Mr Shaw” he turned to the advocate; “What is Mr Sharma in this company? Are they related?”; “Mr Sharma is the CEO of the company and Ms Gadodia’s closest associate, they started this company together four years ago” Shaw informed. Close associate? That doesn’t answer my question he thought “Thank you Mr Shaw. Please send the papers to my office tomorrow” and leaves from there.

Rohan Sharma, I need to figure out who he is to Swara he thought. He took out his phone and dialled a number “Hello? Listen I need information on Rohan Sharma, CEO of Gadodia Industries ASAP” he said; “Thanks, I knew I could trust you. Bye”

At Night

That night both of them could not sleep. They had come face to face with each other after all these years. I need to leave she thought. I can’t let her leave again he thought

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    1. thank you..glad you liked it 🙂

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