Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 2)

He stared out the window, recollecting his past. He always thought that money could buy everything. There was nothing that Sanskar Maheswari could not afford. The hunger and passion that he possessed, to be the most powerful person and helped him achieve great heights. His ambition took him places; he had never imagined he would ever see. He never stopped learning, always took new lessons from every experience, and that is what kept him prepared for every situation.

He loved his family immensely and could do anything for them. He always made sure that he provided them with every luxury and kept them protected at all times, specially his younger brother. He was always thankful for their support at all times. The trust his father had shown in him, the first time he announced his ambition of wanting to start his own business, was overwhelming. The emotional support that his mom gave him at all times was more than her could ask for.

Sanskar Maheswari had it all and never thought he needed anyone else in his life; fate was going to prove him wrong on that cold winter evening, when he crossed path with that one person, who had entered his life to stay, forever. Swara Gadodia. She made him realise the emptiness in his life. She made him yearn for a companion. He fell in love with her simplicity; he fell in love with the way he could be himself with her. She made him believe in love, he found happiness in her. She entered his life like a breeze and then, she vanished from his life into thin air.

He made every possible attempt to trace her, but with no results. It was like searching for an oasis in middle of a dessert. But he had to find her at any cost; he had to tell her how sorry he was for breaking her heart, how sorry he was for hurting her. Over the years he came close to finding her, but somehow she managed to vanish again. It took him years to find her and when he did, he did not want to take a chance and lose her again. This time he was going to make everything alright, no matter what it takes.

His thoughts were interrupted by a phone call, the name Advocate Shaw flashed on the screen; “Hello Mr Maheshwari, the deal is done. Ms Gadodia has agreed to sign the acquisition papers and has accepted to all conditions” he informed Sanskar; “Thank you very much for helping me with this Mr Shaw. We’ll sign the papers tomorrow at 10 am, at Ms Gadodia’s office. Please inform them” he said and disconnected the call. It felt as though his heart might leap out of his chest, that is how happy he was.

This is it, he thought. Tomorrow after 5 years I will meet Swara and I will not let her go. Ever Again.

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