Swaragini – For the Longest Time (Episode 18)


Durgaprasad and Annapurna Maheshwari and Shekhar and Shramishtha Gadodia sat staring at Laksh and Ragini, waiting for them to say something, while Rohan stood beside them trying to control his laughter. “Mom dad we want to tell you something about Sanskar” Laksh said. Durgaprasad looked at both of them and said “Beta, we have been sitting here for half an hour and all you have managed to tell us is this once sentence” Annapurna and Shramishtha couldn’t control their laughter. He turned to Ragini and asked “Ragini honey, what is going on?”. “Papaji Sanskar and Swara love each other and Swara is going to propose Sanskar today and he is not aware of it” Ragini blurted out in nervousness. “When did this happen?” Annapurna beamed. Laksh and Ragini narrated the entire incident to them. Durgaprasad turned to Shekhar and said “Shekharji, I cannot express in words, how lucky we are to have both Ragini as Swara as our daughters now.” Annapurna and Shramishtha hugged each other “I have never seen pictured anyone else in place of Swara as my Daughter”. “Our daughters are very lucky to have found such a good family” Shekhar said. “If this group thanking is done, can we tell you the entire plan?” Laksh interrupted. “I hope its not your plan” Durgaprasad teased. “Very funny dad” Laksh scowled. Ragini and Rohan told them the entire plan. “How will we get the arrangements done in such short notice?” Annapurna asked. “Mom, it doesn’t have to be grand. She doesn’t want to jinx it” Ragini said. “So, the senior citizens will be on the arrangements for wedding in the apartment, I and Ragini will get the Pandit and Rohan is to make sure Sanskar reaches there on time” Laksh said “Who did you call senior citizens. We’re still more energetic than you” Durgaprasad said. “Dad, lets have that argument some other day. Now move it” Laksh said while everyone laughed.

Shekhar and Shramishtha went to Rohan and hugged him “No one, would have done what you did for Shona Rohan. We will forever be grateful for you, beta” Shramishtha said while crying. Rohan hugged her tight and said “She is my friend aunty and be assured I will do whatever it takes for her to be happy.” Shekhar smiled and said “We are very lucky you were with her beta”.

Gadodia Industries

Sanskar sat there staring at the wall blankly. He felt as though his world had halted, Swara hadn’t given him a reply yet and he did not know what he is to expect. His thoughts were disturbed by a knock on the door, “Come in” he said. Sally entered with a file “Sir, I need your signature on these papers. Swara mam has not yet come and I need to send these papers urgently” he nodded absent mindedly and signed. Rohan entered his cabin “Sanskar”, Sanskar looked up at him “Hey, what’s up?” Sanskar asked. “You need to come with me, immediately. Swara is going to make the biggest mistake of her life and only you can stop her” Rohan said in a rushed tone. Sanskar got up and started moving out “Where is she? What is happening?” he asked in a worried tone. “Just come with me” Rohan said. They got into Rohan’s car and drove away.

The Place Where It All Started

Sanskar rushed into the apartment “SWARA” he called out for her, he stopped in his spot and looked around “This is our old apartment. What is happening here?” he asked himself. “SWARA” he called out again. He saw her coming out of a room, dressed in a saree. As she walked towards him, time stood still. She stood inches apart from him and said in a husky tone “Breathe Sanskar”. He realised he had been holding his breath, “Swara, you, wh- what’s happening here? At our old apartment” he asked. “I am getting married” she said in a casual tone. “WHAT?” he asked with boiling blood. He held her arm “is this a joke? If it is, it’s a very bad joke Swara”. She smiled at him “Mr Maheshwari, this is not a joke”, “Here? You are getting married here? You expect me to believe that” he said through his gritted teeth. “Yes Mr Maheshwari, here. I am getting married here. Because this is where I first met you” she said calmly. He suddenly was aware of what she said “Wh- What?” he asked. He left her arm and she continued “This is where we met, this is where we fell in love, unknowingly maybe, but this is where it all had started Sanskar. We have had our share of pain and suffering and one good thing that we got to know through our toughest period is that we love each other immensely, so much that we refused to move on with anyone else. If this is not true love, then I do not know what is. I have never imagined my life with anyone but you Sanskar Maheshwari.” She said and bent down on one knee “So, Mr Maheshwari, will you marry me?”. He stood there frozen, trying to sink in what just happened, “If you don’t say yes to her, I’m not letting you marry anyone else” Annapurna teased, he looked up to see Laksh, Ragini, Annapurna Durgaprasad, Shekhar, Shramishtha and Rohan standing there. “For god’s sake son, respond to her before the poor girl breaks her knee” Durgaprasad said with a laugh, “Thank you papaji” Swara said with a grin. Sanskar sank on the floor facing Swara, who now had tears in her eyes. He cupped her face in his hands touched his forehead to hers “Ofcourse I will marry you, idiot” They both cried and hugged each other, “Ahem Ahem” we are still here Ragini announced, while Shramishtha and Annapurna looked at their kids with tears of joy.

The next thing Sanskar knew was that he was getting married to Swara with all the rituals, in that apartment which would be their home. “We’re still having a grand wedding in Kolkata” Shramishtha and Annapurna said in unison “Mothers, let us get through this wedding before making any futuristic plans” Laksh said to them. “You scared me” Sanskar whispered to Swara. She laughed and said “That’s my thing Mr Maheshwari” “You will be getting a lot more these antics for an entire lifetime now” she said with a grin. “And I would be extremely happy with that Mrs Maheshwari” he said and saw her blush; he flicked a finger over her check and said “I missed this, and now I’m never letting that smile go off your face”. They were looking at each other when Ragini and Laksh slowly crept behind them and said “You both need to tone down your romance a bit, senior citizens are still here” Laksh said and Ragini laughed at their embarrassed faces. After the wedding rituals were complete, the two of them took their parents’ blessings. They both went and hugged Rohan who handed them a cover “This is your wedding present from Ragini, me and Laksh. Your honeymoon, in Spain”. “Thanks, man. But you guys shouldn’t have spent so much” Sanskar said. Ragini whispered “They are going to have their honeymoon even before getting on the plane” and the three of them laughed at Sanskar and Swara’s embarrassed faces.

One Year Later

“I swear to god Laksh, I will kill you” Ragini shouted. “Baby I am sorry” Laksh said while dodging himself from all the things that Ragini was hurling at him, Swara and Sanskar came inside their room to see stuff flying around, Sanskar went beside Laksh while Swara tried to calm Ragini down. “Ragini, what happened sweetheart? What did Laksh do?” Swara asked her, Sanskar gave Laksh a questioning look and Laksh whispered “Hormones” they both laughed while Ragini glared at them. “I told him to get me a chocolate cake. He got me a chocolate and a vanilla cake” she told her while glaring at Laksh “Baby, I really didn’t find a chocolate cake. All the bakeries were closed and the one that was open had only this cake” he tried to explain. “I don’t care Laksh, I’m bearing you a child and you can’t even get a cake for me” Ragini said and started crying Sanskar rushed to comfort her “Rags, don’t worry we’ll bake a cake for you now, but till then you sleep. As soon as it is ready, we’ll wake you up” he said while patting her head, “Pakka?” she asked with a pout. “Yes, now you lie down for a while and we’ll get you the cake” Swara said while making her sleep. “Is she asleep?” Laksh whispered to Swara. She giggled and said “Yes, it’s safe for you to sleep now”. “Thank you for saving my life Shona. Now both of you get out” he said. She lightly hit his arm and said “Goodnight”.

Sanskar and Swara were getting ready for bed, “I wonder how you will handle me” she said to him. “Ragini was always the quiet one, if hormones can do this to her. When I get pregnant you’ll have to deal with a tsunami of emotions of mine” she laughed. He nuzzled closer to her “I will handle anything to keep you happy” he said. “So cheesy Mr Maheshwari” she laughed. “So, talking about pregnancy, are you having any ideas-” before he could finish his sentence, she cut him off “Don’t over think it Sanskar. There’s still time”. “Good, I’m not prepared for your mood swings as yet” he said while pulling her closer to him. “Btw, did you talk to Rohan?” he asked. She nodded and said “He’s coming in India next week. I really need to find a girl for him; he’s definitely not going to do that for himself”. “Baby, let him enjoy his single life for as long as he can, why do you want to push him into marriage” he said, “Oh really, Mr Maheshwari. So you miss your single life” she asked. Then he realised what he just said “No, No- that’s not what I meant” she cut him off “That’s exactly what you meant and I’ll give you a dose of your single life now” she said while pushing him off. He laughed and pulled her closer “Oh baby, since you came in my life, I can’t recollect my single life at all”, she narrowed her eyes at him “Such bad attempt at flattery Sanskar”. He laughed “I know, deal with it”. She laughed and said “Sleep now, we have work tomorrow, plus we’ll have to bake a cake before Ragini wakes up or else Laksh will really be dead in the morning”. They both laughed and turned in the night.
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NEW FF – Since You’ve Been Around (Intro)

She met a stranger on New Year’s Eve, although she denied it, she felt a sort of instant connection with him. After the not-so-brief encounter she threw herself into her career trying to push that one night from her memory. He had never met someone as passionate as her, he had no name for the feelings she ignited in him. Little did they know, that destiny had put them together.

Years Later, they crossed paths and ended up on the same table in a conference.Will they give love another chance?
Hey guys,

Since, this was the final episode it is a bit dramatic. Sorry if you don’t like it.Anyway, i had a lot of fun writing this FF for such a lovely audience. I’m glad that you enjoyed my FF as much as i enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the support and i hope that support continues in my next ff too.

I haven’t named the characters in the brief, if you guys liked the intro, i will continue with it. Also, i am having a poll on which characters you want the new ff to be focused on. So please do vote.

Lots of Love !

Eshana 🙂

Credit to: Eshana

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