Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 17)

The silence between them was broken by the doorbell. They both composed themselves and Swara went to open the door. Rohan rushed in and said “Sanskar, you need to leave right now.” Sanskar looked at him baffled and Swara was about to say something “Your parents are here, well at your place” and he looked at Swara “Ma baba will be reaching here at any moment. Apparently the parent gang though of giving you all a surprise” he again looked at Sanskar “Why are you still standing here? Leave immediately, otherwise it will become very difficult for us to explain the situation”. Sanskar picked up his keys and gave Swara one last look of pleading before he left. Swara watched him go and sank in the couch behind her. “With the looks going back and forth, I guess you guys talked everything out?” Rohan asked while sitting beside her. She gave a sigh and said “Yes, we talked it out, heard each other’s side of story, and he wants us to get back again”, “Now that you know the gist of what happened, whose idea was this” she asked while narrowing her eyes at him. Rohan spat out the water he was drinking “Wha- What idea? What are you talking about” he said. “Let’s not play the dumb game here Rohan, whose idea was this?”

she asked expressionlessly. He sighed and said “It was a collective idea”. “Thank you” she said. He turned to her and saw her smiling. “Swara Gadodia, are you smiling? In spite of us plotting against you?” he said with a grin. To his surprise she started laughing. Before he could say anything, the doorbell rang, he opened to see Shekhar Shramishtha, he took their blessings and Swara came forward and hugged them excitedly “MA, BABA. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming, I would have made some arrangements” she said while escorting them in. “If we told you we were coming, how would we get to see this happiness on your face” Shekhar said while kissing her forehead. They settled on the couch, just as Swara was about to go to the kitchen, “don’t even think about it” Rohan stopped her, “you sit with uncle and aunty and I will get tea for everyone” Swara narrowed her eyes at him while Shekhar and Shramishtha smiled at them.

At Sanskar’s Apartment

Ragini opened the door and Sanskar walked in “Did you both talk it out?” she whispered. He nodded while walking in “So, what’s the verdict?” she saw his expressionless face, “that hasn’t been decided yet”. Annapurna and Durgaprasad were talking to Laksh when they noticed Sanskar walk in. “Ma” he hugged her, “Sanskar, are you okay beta?” Annapurna asked in a concerned tone, while Laksh and Ragini exchanged looks. “Nothing Ma, it’s just been so long since I saw you and dad. I am a bit overwhelmed” he walked over to Durgaprasad and hugged him “How are you beta?” he asked “I am fine dad” Sanskar said with a forced smile. Ragini signalled Laksh and he announced “Let’s all gout for dinner tonight” trying to steer the awkwardness away. “We’ll celebrate Ragini’s first working day at the office and my first getting-paid-for free day”. Durgaprasad looked at him and said “Laksh, beta you need to start cracking better jokes, its high time” everyone laughed. “Not today Laksh, we’ll go out tomorrow. I and your Dad are very tired. You kids can continue with your plans if you want” Annapurna said. “Thanks Ma, we won’t be late” Ragini said. Laksh caught Sanskar’s hand and dragged him out, Ragini followed them out.

Swara’s Apartment

Rohan got tea for everyone, “Ma, baba, I need to tell you both something. But first promise me that you both will listen to me patiently and please I want you to accept the decision I have taken”, they looked at her and Rohan stared at her in shock. “Beta whatever you have decided, if it makes you happy we will not mind it. All we want is for you to be happy”. Swara narrated the past and why she moved to Mumbai, why she decided to leave everything behind, how she and Sanskar came face to face. After listening to what she had to say Shekhar said “What have you decided now Shona?”. She looked at them and said “I want my happiness back. I want my love back”. Shramishtha asked her “Are you sure beta? This is what you want?” Swara nodded at her, “Today, I realised what I want Ma, all these years the pain and hatred that I had buried in me, it ate me up. Today when I said everything out loud, I realised the emptiness in me. He completes me Ma” Shramishtha smiled and said “Go tell him how you feel”. Swara smiled and said “Not so soon, I have a plan” and she looked at Rohan “So, Mr Sharma. Ready to get to work?”. He grinned and said “Yes, mam”.

Somewhere In the middle of the road

“Bhai we have been driving for an hour now, going in circles. Speak up” Laksh said. “Sanskar, what happened there?” Ragini asked. Sanskar spoke in a low tone “We both talked it out, I begged her to give me another chance. She didn’t say anything. But I saw the doubt in her eyes. She’s still not sure about me”. “Oh honey, don’t worry. She’ll come around. At least you both got to clear the air” Ragini consoled him. Suddenly Laksh’s phone rang, stopped the car and picked it up without looking “Hello?” he looked at Ragini, signalling her and got down from the car. “What’s going on?” he spoke into the phone, “Yeah, that apartment is still mine. Dad got it as an investment. But Why?” he listened to the caller and said “Alright, I’ll be there with Ragini. See you in an hour”. Laksh messaged Ragini and started the car, “Bhai, we’ll drop you off home. I and Ragini have some work. We will be back in sometime”. Sanskar nodded absentmindedly while Ragini was constantly texting someone.

Gadodia Industries

Ragini and Laksh rushed in. “Shona, what is going on?” Laksh asked, he saw Rohan and Swara smiling. Ragini too noticed both of them “Shona, Rohan why are you both smiling?” she asked. “I have taken a decision” Swara announced. They all looked at her intently “These five years have been a torture to all of us, because I refused to talk it all out. Today when you all planned to leave me alone with Sanskar, which was actually a good plan, someone should have done it years ago” she laughed “We both spoke out our side of stories and I realised that, even after all these years we both love each other immensely. So much that we refused to move on with anyone else.” There was a slow smile growing on Laksh and Ragini’s face “So long story short, I decided to keep my sister’s legacy on and I am going to propose to Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, just like Ragini proposed to Laksh”. Rohan, Ragini and Laksh laughed “So, how are going to do that?” Laksh asked. “First things first, our parents need to meet up, you and Ragini will explain them everything tomorrow morning”. Rohan is going to bring Sanskar to the same apartment where I and Sanskar met for the first time, where you and Ragini stayed together” she announced with a smile. Ragini and Laksh hugged her “We are so happy Shona, you have taken the right decision” Laksh said. Ragini noticed Rohan standing there she went and hugged him “Thank you Rohan, all this might not have happened if you didn’t put some sense in our brains” He laughed and said “That’s what I do”.

Get ready Mr Maheshwari you are going to have the most confusing day of life tomorrow, which will also be the happiest day of our lives she thought

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Hey guys,

Next episode is the last episode. Also, i will be starting a new ff, the brief of which i will post with my next episode. Hope you guys like it. I know i’m not that great a story teller, but thanks alot for the support you guys have given me.

I hope you like this episode.

Lost of Love!!
Eshana 🙂

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  1. ohh finally happiness is coming in to their lives

    1. Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Good that Swara topl correct decision. Waiting for next episode.

    1. Thank you Dhara 🙂

  3. Wow finally everthing is sorted out..nice nw waiting fr nxt

    1. Glad you liked it Kittuu 🙂

  4. Now misundrstanding are cleared, nd four all in cloud nine except sanskar who is stil not aware of his destiny… lolz nxt epi gonna change his life and swasan are back togther…. and eshana ur ff ws superb today..

    1. Thank you so much Navi 🙂

  5. Hi eshana, though it’s my first comment. Don’t consider yourself as not a good story teller, you were superb dear. I loved your f2f.

    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation Bhargavi 🙂

  6. Superb storyline. I am going to miss u r ff a lot

    1. Thanks a lot Sweetie pie 🙂
      I’m coming up with a new FF. Hope you like that as well 🙂

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