Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 15)


At Swara’s Apartment

“Anita, get my coffee please” she said while sitting on the couch. “Didi, coffee” Anita handed her the cup, “Where are didi and bhaiyya?” Swara asked. “Didi, they left early. He left this note for you” she handed her the note. The note read “Sorry, had to rush out. We’ll see you in office. You were snoring happily, didn’t feel like waking you. Love, Rohan & Ragini”. “I don’t snore” she said to herself. “Anita, please make my breakfast. I have to leave in 10 minutes”. Swara was getting dressed when she received Ragini’s call “Hello? Why didn’t you wake me up before leaving” she spoke in the phone. “Will you stop blabbering Shona, Rohan dropped me off and you were sleeping peacefully, we didn’t feel like waking you up. What time will you reach office?” Ragini asked. “I’m leaving now. I’ll be there in an hour”. “Alright, see you then” the call disconnected.

While having breakfast Swara felt a little dizzy. “Didi, are you okay” Anita asked while holding her shoulder. “Yes I am fine” she said. Anita put her hand on Swara’s forehead “Didi, your body is burning. I am calling bhaiyya”. Swara sat with her head down, her phone rang and Anita picked it up “Swara where are you?” Ragini asked, “Didi, Swara didi has fever, her body is burning. Rohan bhaiyya has the doctor’s number” Anita spoke into the phone. “What? Anita, be with her I am bringing the doctor home. Make her lie down on the bed” Ragini disconnected the call.

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“Rohan, call the doctor. Tell him to reach home. Anita picked up Shona’s phone, she’s not well” Ragini said. Rohan got up and dialled a number, “Doctor Rao, Rohan Sharma here. Can you reach home? Swara has high fever. 20 minutes? Thanks” he walked out of his cabin while Ragini followed him “Sally cancel all my and Swara’s meetings today. Tell them there’s a medical emergency”. Laksh and Sanskar saw Ragini and Rohan rush out, “Ragini, what’s wrong?” Sanskar asked while catching up with them. “Anita picked up Swara’s phone, she’s not well –“ Sanskar cut her off “I am coming with you. Did you call a doctor?” he asked Rohan. Rohan nodded and said “The doctor is reaching home” he said while rushing to his car. “I and Sanskar will come in my car. You go with Rohan” Laksh said to Ragini.

At Swara’s apartment

“Doctor, what happened to her?” Sanskar asked. “She is fine, her fever is due to stress. Is she under work pressure or any personal issues? Whatever it is, she needs to be away from work and any kind of pressure or stress for a while. If she continues like this, it will affect her in the long term”. “Thank you, doctor. I’ll walk you out” Rohan offered. Sanskar went to her room, saw her unconscious “I am sorry Swara, for everything that happened. For putting you through all this. I never wanted to hurt you, I love you Swara. Please forgive me. I cannot see you like this” he felt a hand on his shoulder “Don’t worry bhai, she will be aright in a matter of days. You know how strong she is” Laksh assured him. Ragini sat beside Swara and patted her hair, she looked and Sanskar and said “Don’t worry Sanskar, she is okay. It’s just fever. The doctor said she’ll be fine by tomorrow”. Rohan came in and saw how tensed everyone was “So, because of her habit of over-stressing. Laksh’s Shimla plan is a bust” he said trying to lighten up the mood. Laksh understood his intention and joined in “I know right. Every time I have a brilliant idea, which is very rare. Things go haywire” Sanskar and Ragini gave a little laugh and she said “Let’s go to the living room. Let her sleep for a while”.

Anita gave tea to everyone while they sat in silence “I think we need a new plan to get her to talk to him” Rohan said. “Yeah now that my Shimla plan is a bust. Anyone else got any ideas?” Laksh said. Ragini grinned and Sanskar noticed that. “Rags, what are you planning?” he asked her. The three guys looked at her, waiting for her to speak “Rohan, Laksh lets go out for coffee” she said. Laksh frowned “Shona’s not well, we just had tea and now you want to go for coffee”. Rohan understood what she meant and said “Yes Laksh, let’s go out for coffee”. Laksh and Sanskar gave them a weird expression “Have you both lost it?” Sanskar said. Ragini gave out a sigh and Rohan explained them “Ragini, Laksh and I will go out. I will send Anita home and you Mr Maheshwari will stay here, taking care of your stubborn lady love”. “OH, now I get it” Laksh said Ragini laughed at him “Finally. So, now can we go?”

Swara woke up after a while, she called out for Anita, but there was no response, slowly she got out of her bed and walked towards the kitchen for water. As she was walking suddenly she felt dizzy, she lost her balance when a strong hold held her. “Anita, where were you” she asked without looking. When there was no response, she turned around to see Sanskar holding her, his brown eyes piercing through hers. “How did you come here?” she demanded while setting herself free from his hold. “Rohan? Anita?” she shouted. “There’s no one except for you and me. Rohan, Ragini and Laksh had to attend an important meeting, because they have to finish the formalities of joining the office and Anita had some emergency at home. So I am all you have today” he grinned at her. She shot him a glare “You can leave now, I will manage” she said through her teeth. He came closer to her “Try all you want sweetheart, I am not going anywhere” he said in a husky tone, and suddenly he moved back and said “It’s time to take your medicine”. She sat on the couch with arms crossed across her chest “I will not take anything that you give me”. He sat on the couch beside her and came closer to her, she froze in her place and he screamed in her ear, she shouted in shock and he popped the pills in her mouth. She sat there breathing heavily while he laughed at her. She downed the pills with water.

“I will get back at you for this Mr Maheswari” she said in a steely voice. He grinned at her and said “Bring it on”
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Guys thank you so so much for the amazing comments and support you have provided me from the start of the ff. I know i am not that regular with my updates, but managing this with work is a little difficult, plus it takes a lot of time for me to write an episode, i need to get into the characters for the story to shape up. I am trying to update as frequently as i can, i don’t want to give you guys a bad or a short episode. So, please bear with me and keep supporting 🙂

I am very sorry i haven’t replied to the comments in the previous episode, forgive me for that , i will reply as soon as possible.

I hope you like this episode too.

Lots of Love
Eshana !!! 🙂

Credit to: Eshana

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