Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 14)


“Yes, I love her” he said, Ragini gave a smile and was about to say something when he cut her off. “Hear me out first. I love her, but not in a way that you think or how the world perceives our relationship. The sad truth is that there is no name for the kind of bond we share. But every relationship is not Black and white and it does not have to be like that either, there exists a grey area too and that is where our relationship stands. I understand your concern, as to what is the future of our relationship, what is at present will remain in the future too and not a single aspect of our relationship will change.” Ragini looked at him and said “You both need to understand that, you cannot go through life in the same way that you are currently living. I will tell you the same thing that I told Swara, there will be a point where you will have to decide about it. Maybe not each other but you both will have someone in your lives, how will you both handle new people in your life? How will you both handle your relationships? You very well know that this situation is very complicated.” “You know Ragini, we both are mature enough to handle all that and it’s just a myth that best friends will end up together. No, it doesn’t always work out like that” he said. “Now let me ask you something and you have to answer honestly” he said. Ragini nodded, “I want you to tell me what happened after Swara left and honestly. Don’t try to paint Sanskar in a negative picture”. She gave him a long hard look and sighed “After she left, I and Laksh had to convince both our mothers that we were mistaken and there was nothing between her and Sanskar. I told Ma that Kavita was his girlfriend, but he denied and said that he and Kavita were no longer in a relationship. I couldn’t avoid him because we stayed in the same house, but there is not one day that I did not hate for what he did to Shona”, Rohan could see the hatred in her eyes.

“Ragini, you know how much he loves her, yes he made a mistake by not telling her about Kavita beforehand, but he has suffered more than the mistakes he made, and you know that. If didn’t love Shona he wouldn’t have lived a miserable life for 5 years, he would have moved with Kavita or with someone else. I recently met him and I can see the pain in his eyes, you know him for so many years, I am sure you have seen it too. I understand your anger towards him for hurting your sister. But in all this anger, hatred, feeling of betrayal, all you forgot that you left your happiness behind. Did you give him a chance to explain himself? From what Swara told me, you both were really close friends, doesn’t it hurt to see your best friend every day and not talk to him? They both love each other immensely and you cannot deny the fact. For your sake for Shona’s sake, give him a chance to explain himself, hear his side of the story. We have an entire life Ragini, why should we spend it hating someone so much that nothing else matters. All I want is for Swara to get her love back and I will of whatever it takes to get them back together” he saw Ragini’s eyes fill up tears, he went beside her and hugged her “I am a very bad sister Rohan, a very bad friend too. I could see the pain in their eyes yet I let them suffer, I should have given him a chance to explain, I should have made Swara understand” she said while crying. He patted her hair “No one would ever do what you have done for your sister, all these years even you suffered silently Ragini, you lost your friend too. It wasn’t easy, maybe the time wasn’t right, but now is the time to put an end to all this. We need to find a way to get them together, but first you need to talk things out with Sanskar”. “See that’s why we keep thanking you, you always enlighten us with your wisdom” she said while giving a little laugh. He laughed and said “let’s go sleep now, and take Swara with you. We all have a long day ahead”

Next Morning at Sanskar’s Apartment

Sanskar came to the breakfast table and saw Ragini and Laksh talking to each other. He knew she wouldn’t respond to him, so he sat there silently and his favourite breakfast on the table. “You’re welcome” he heard her say, he looked up to confirm if she actually spoke to him or it was all in his head, he saw Laksh grinning and Ragini staring at him and she said “You’re welcome”, he sat there shocked, “I know you will thank me for making your favourite breakfast” she continued with tears in her eyes. He got up and went and hugged her, they both cried their hearts out. “You’re an idiot Sanskar. You’re an idiot because you didn’t even once force me to listen to your side of the story, you’re an idiot for not using your right on me as a friend to make yourself heard, you’re an idiot to let me hurt you for so many years” she said while crying. “I missed you sweetheart” he said “I didn’t know how to apologize to you and to her. I should’ve cleared out everything beforehand. I never imagined things would go so wrong” he said while patting her hair. Laksh joined them for a group hug “Mere do anmol ratan phir se saath aa gaye” and wiped away mock tears. “Shut up Laksh” the both said and unison and laughed at him. The three of them sat in the living room and talked Sanskar told Ragini how he felt when he saw Swara after a long time at the wedding, their intimacy screwed with his rational mind. Ragini and Laksh heard his side of the story. “All said and done, now we need to think of a way to get you and Swara together” Ragini said. Sanskar looked at her with a shocked expression, “Oh don’t look at me like that, you both love each other. Even a kid can point it out. Knowing Shona, she isn’t going to give in so easily. We need to make an elaborate plan” she said. “Baby, we don’t have to rob a bank” Laksh mocked her. “You know Shona better than anyone else, between convincing her and robbing a bank, it’s easier to rob a bank” she said to Laksh. “That is actually true” he laughed. “Has she moved on with Rohan?” Sanskar asked her. Ragini laughed at him “Rohan and her are anything but together. There’s nothing between them, I confirmed with both of them” she said. “I have a plan, let’s send them together to Shimla in lieu of a meeting” Laksh said. “She will never agree to go with him” Ragini said while Sanskar sat there listening to their discussion. “That’s where Rohan comes in. We will tell her she has to go with Rohan, and on the day of the trip, Sanskar will go to the airport” Laksh said. “I’ll handle all of that, you don’t worry about it. She’ll listen to me” he looked at Sanskar and said “Pack your bags. Oh and I am booking the same room for both of you. It’s actually the holiday season so you won’t get rooms anywhere else and we’re cost cutting” Laksh laughed. “Baby, when did you start getting such intelligent ideas” Ragini mocked him, he frowned at her while Sanskar laughed at them “Sounds like a plan” he said

Finally, Miss Gadodia, you will have to take me back he thought

There are no words to express how thankful i am for all the feedback i have received in my last episode. Your opinions and advises mean a lot to me, it helps me write better. It gives me immense pleasure to see you guys enjoying my FF, i never expected this sort of overwhelming response. i hope you like the way this story has shaped up. i have made sure to keep everyone’s opinions in mind and decided of how the story will move forward. Since alot of guys have pictured different actors for Rohan’s role, i am not naming any actor, each one of you can imagine your favorite actor while reading, this will make everyone happy 😀

I hope you enjoy this episode too!!

Lots of Love Eshana!!!

Credit to: Eshana

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