Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 13)

Laksh came forward to hug Ragini “I’m so happy you’re here baby” he said in a childish tone. Ragini put her hand on his chest to stop him “Don’t baby me mister, you’ll pay for this” in mock anger. Swara laughed at both of them. They settled and started talking “So this was the surprise you both were talking about” Swara said. They both looked at each other “Actually this was just a part of the surprise” Laksh said. Swara gave a questioning look “We both are shifting to Mumbai” Ragini announced. “WHAT? Really? Are you Serious?” Swara said in an excited tone. “The surprise isn’t over yet” she said. “Papa wants us to help Bhai in business, which means Ragini and I are going to join the office from tomorrow” Laksh said. Swara was squealing with excitement in her seat “Oh My God. This is the best news you’ve given me”, Ragini and Laksh looked at her, Swara noticed Ragini tearing up; “It’s been so long since I have seen you like this Shona” Ragini said. Swara held her hand and said “I have decided to let go of the past, I am finding my way back to my old self again. So now please stop crying”. Ragini smiled “Alright, I can’t handle overflow of emotions” Laksh teased them. “Shut up Lucky” they both said in unison, the three of them then laughed.

While leaving the restaurant, Swara asked Ragini “How did you know we were here?” “Rohan told me, I went home to see you. I told him to come along with me, but he denied. So I dropped my luggage off and came here.” She then turned to Laksh and said “don’t forget to pick me up tomorrow”. Laksh nodded and Swara stopped and asked “You’re staying with me today?” Ragini nodded and Swara almost jumped in excitement. Laksh and Ragini laughed at her. They reached Swara’s apartment, “Come over for a while Lucky” Swara said. “You guys have fun. I’ll go home” Laksh kissed Ragini and left.

Swara and Ragini entered and saw Rohan waiting for them. “You don’t sleep early nowadays” Swara exclaimed. “Yeah, I guess I’m turning into an insomniac” he teased. “You guys want coffee?” He asked. “Wow, that’ll help you sleep” Swara teased him, he narrowed his eyes at her, “No coffee for you”, she threw a pillow at him “I want cold coffee” she demanded, Ragini and Rohan laughed at her while she showed him her tongue. “What about you Rags?”; “Nothing, I ate too much” she said. He smiled and left “So, what’s up with the two of you” she asked Swara. “What do you mean?” Swara said, “You know what I mean, it’s been 4 years Shona, you guys are staying together, and there’s no name to your relationship. I mean this doesn’t seem like just friendship there’s more to it” she said. “You know us better than that Ragini, I had a hard time explaining ma baba, don’t start again” Swara retorted. “Shona, you both can’t live like this forever. At some point you will have to decide about this relationship” Ragini said, just then Rohan entered and handed Swara her coffee. The three of them spent the night reminiscing old times.

“Where’s Ragini?” Sanskar asked when Laksh came home. “She’s staying with Swara tonight, she’ll come home tomorrow” he said while sitting beside Sanskar “Are you ready to face her?”; “Yes, I am. One day I have to face her. And you guys are shifting here not that we can avoid each other. I wonder how she’ll feel seeing me every day” Sanskar sighed. “Dear God, I will have to witness the silent tension between the two of you” Laksh said. “Let’s go sleep. We’ve to go to office tomorrow”.

Swara fell asleep on the couch while Ragini and Rohan sat talking. “She told me her past last night” he said “I cannot even imagine what she must be feeling looking at him every day”. Ragini looked at her “You know I never thought she would be able to move on, but today when I saw her, I saw a change in her, I saw she wanted to live again” she turned to him and said “Thank you for being there for her when I couldn’t be, Rohan”. He sighed and said “Rags, please. I’m tired of hearing thank you from you, her, uncle and aunty. I have done nothing. What she has achieved, is all her hard work and her strength. I am happy about the fact that she let out her pain and decided to be happy from now. I didn’t know when I would get to see her smiling and laughing again, I am happy that I got to see that”. “Can I ask you something, but promise me you’ll tell me the truth” she said, he nodded “You love her, don’t you?” He looked at Ragini, not understating how to respond to her question. Am I in love with Swara he thought.
Hey guys !

When i started out with my ff, i had an idea in my mind. But when the story started progressing, there is a growing chemistry and intimacy between Swara and Rohan, their bond is very special, and to be honest their bond is inspired from my life. Rohan has been with her through thick and thin and staying together they have a certain amount of intimacy which cannot be explained.

Alot of you guys are angry with Sanskar for cheating Swara and your anger is justified. But the fact is when he saw Swara after a long time, he forgot everything and all he wanted was to be with her. I understand that this is not a reason enough to hurt her and it is not justified also. But at the end of the day, no matter how much they hurt, or the amount of despise Swara is carrying in her heart for him. They both love each other and that us not going to change. I haven’t thought of how Swara and Sanskar will work through their past and find their way back to each other, i’ll just go with the flow in that case 😀

Now i am in two minds whether to pair Rohan and Swara or not to change their bond and let them be. And introducing a new character for him will be difficult because it will be very difficult for someone new to break through their bond and to make her place in their lives.

I really feel bad for Rohan. Also please suggest which actor do you guys want as Rohan 😀

P.S : How did you guys like the bonding between Ragini Laksh and Swara? 😀

And once again, thank you very very very much for supporting me. I wouldn’t have been able to write if it wasn’t for you guys. Next update is up tomorrow.

Lots of Love!

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  1. I guess u should introduce a new one for rohan and the bond between swara and rohan should remain the same as it’s quite different and very special…
    It’s my suggestion. Sorry if im hurting you. Thanks for such a nice ff.

    1. You didn’t hurt me..your opinion means alot..Thank you 🙂

      I’m glad you like my ff..keep reading 🙂

  2. Ya i agree with u for swara rohan bond…it’s the firs time i agree to pair swara with someone else but if u can pls make them a couple then something happens and there’s swasan bond…swahan(swara rohan)in to swasan..just a suggestion

    1. Thank you very much for the suggestion Jyoti. I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Plzz make it swasan and a new entry for rohan

    1. Thanks for the suggestion bresh 🙂

  4. I am huge swasan fan but first time I have no prblm swara with someone else . I am kk with it if u make swara and rohan as couple.Whoever be couple I will read it.

    1. Thank you very much for the support Sana 🙂

  5. You know what I’m a die hard fan of swasan…. But according to your ff.. Pls pair up swara Rohan… That will be awesome… N logical.. May be introduce a new character for sanskar

    1. Than you for the suggestion Subi 🙂

  6. I never read anything with swara n some one else but I love rahul and I don’t mind their pair in fact I love their pair as much as I love Raglak in this story

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Gayu 🙂
      I’m glad you like RagLak here 🙂

  7. Swasan yr

    1. Thank for you opinion 🙂

    1. Thanks for your opinion:)

  8. Sorry I don’t remember…..is sanskar married to kavitha…if yes then pair swara and rohan…..if no …then make swasan pair…as rohan and swara has a bond of pure friendship…..all relationships are not based on love….but some are pure and true……all above the love……

    U decide as it’s your ff….:-)

    1. Hey Arati to clarify your doubt kavita and Sanskar were not married, she was his gf..thanks for your suggestion:)

      I’m glad you like my ff 🙂

  9. plzz unite swasan soon.I cant see sanskaar lke ths,in my view sanskaar didnt cheat swara,he only did one mistake that he didnt told swara about kavita.I think swara should had given him one chance to explain the matter

    1. Thank you for your opinion Sakshi, don’t worry Sanskar will not be sad for long 🙂

  10. Plz make swasan n new entry 4 rohan

    1. Thaks for the suggestion Fransi 🙂

  11. pls swasan dr……make them as bff…..bcoz dis will show a negative impression that a boy nd girl cannot be friends…..pls dnt pair rohan…..nd sanskar too waiting 4 her for 5 yrs pls make swasan…..

    1. Thank you for the suggestion abi 🙂

  12. Loved todays epi

    1. Glad you liked the episode renu 🙂

  13. I think karan wahi will be suitable for rohan.. and it is fair to make rohan as nd swara as couple

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jwala 🙂

  14. arjun bijlani as rohan

    1. Thanks for the suggestion:)

  15. Pls make it SwaSan..
    As some relations are true and pure…
    Rohan & swara bond is also like that so let it be in the same way dont change it…

    1. Thanks for the suggestion anu 🙂

  16. Nice but i want swara to pair wid rohan becoz no girl will go back to the person who has cheated her .Rohan has helped her a lot if in place of rahan is sanskar swara would jave fallen in love wid sanskar so i want to pair swara and rohan
    pair swara and rahan

    1. Thanks for the suggestion angel 🙂

  17. Only swasan

    1. Thanks for the suggestion:)

  18. sanskar dint do anything…..as ragini said him to keep distance with swara so he tried to forget swara by moving on with kavita…..bt he cant nd even swara r no one gave time to give explanation from him….just kavitha told swara that she s girlfriend f sanskar may be she s just a friend f sanskar…..even now he s just thinking about swara loving her……so swasan pls…..nd one more thing if a boy helps a girl by taking care f her making her laugh then that doesnt mean he s doing al dis just bcoz that s love…..no it s a wrong perspective he can be a frnd too…..soo pls dnt change d deir relationship…..let them be frnds…..even frnds can care us a lot…..so let it b swasan pls…..

    1. Thanks for the suggestion abi 🙂

    2. Pervious I am confouse but after reading ur comment I agree with ur POV. So pls swasan

  19. Bring som1 for rohan, keep it swasan..n roahan and swara…the bond which they share is amazing, let them be bff

    1. Thanks for the suggestion tanvesha 🙂

  20. Please keep it Swasan. I am really a die hard Swasan fan. Introduce someone for Rohan but let Rohan and Swara still be best of friends. Let Rohan understand Sanskar and help him win back Swara. This is just my suggestion.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂
      Glad. You like my ff 🙂

  21. Make it swasan. ..and plz no new entry for rohan and plz make rohan fall for swara so sanskar could feel jealous……and I really want karan thaker as rohan..plz

    1. Thanks for the suggestion ayesha 🙂

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