Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 12)


Rohan and Swara sat in silence for a while. “I always knew you were a strong girl Swara. But I underestimated your past. I’m glad you let it all out, and now you can start afresh. You drowned yourself in work all these years, now live a little sweetheart. You never know when life will pass by you, and it might be too late by the time you realise it” he said. Swara turned to him “You have played a huge role in keeping me strong Rohan and I can’t thank you enough for that. The reason I let out all this is because I want to leave the past behind. Meeting Laksh after years made me realise how I sacrificed my happiness for because of the guy who hurt me. How much I have hurt people who love me, and I’m tired now. Tired of running, feeling this way, tired of hating him so much that it consumes me”; “I want to be free now Rohan, free of all my baggage. I want to be me again” she said with tears in her eyes. “I don’t want to be consumed with the hatred that I have in my heart”; Rohan hugged her “This is a start honey, everything will be fine. You’ll be happier than you ever imagined” he comforted her. “So Rags and Laksh are married? It’s funny how I never got a chance to meet my childhood friend’s husband all these years” Rohan said while laughing. “You hardly met me and Rags while we were Mumbai, how would you know about her husband, you didn’t even come to weeding even after she invited you” Swara taunted him. They both laughed “I still remember how out of the blue you got in touch with me during my final year. My destiny brought you to me when I needed a friend the most. And no matter how many times I say this, I can never thank you enough” she said. “Now that it’s out, let’s leave the past behind Swara, we’ll never talk about it again. Deal?” he said. She smiled and nodded. “Let’s go to sleep now, we have a meeting tomorrow” he said. “I’m going out with Laksh tomorrow after work. Is that okay?” she asked him. “Why are you asking for permission, idiot. I’m glad you’re meeting him. Have fun” he said. They retired for the night.

At Sanskar’s Apartment

Laksh came home to find Sanskar waiting for him in the living room. Sanskar looked at him and was about to say something when Laksh cut him off “Do not say a word. There is no excuse for what has happened. You and I are aware of how much you have hurt her, and it has taken me a long time to forgive you for it, because I saw how much you love her even today. And I know that she loves you too. You are also aware of the fact that Ragini hasn’t forgiven you and the chances of that happening are very bleak. The past cannot be erased by one sorry and you have to earn back every bit of trust from both Ragini and Swara and it might take a while. I’m advising you not to rush it, what happened today will not happen again” he warned Sanskar. Sanskar sighed “I am aware of each and every thing Lucky. I also know the main reason why you have forgiven me is because she had given you her promise. There is no excuse for the mistake I made, but I never wanted to hurt her. Because of mistake I lost Ragini too. It hurts to see my best friend and not being able to talk to her. And I deserve every bit of pain I am going through. If going through this pain will bring her back to me, then I am ready to suffer ten times more than what I am suffering” he said in a quivering tone. “I can’t say that I know what you’re going through, but I’ll help you get through it. I know for a fact that even she is suffering and I want her to be happy now” Laksh said. “Go to sleep now, you have a meeting tomorrow” he said to Sanskar; “BTW, I’m going out with her after work tomorrow” he informed Sanskar. Sanskar nodded and went to his room.

Gadodia Industries

Sanskar arrived at office to find Rohan and Swara already there. He saw them laughing and talking. Seeing her laugh, he felt his heart flutter; it had been so long since she had laughed heartily laughed like that. Rohan saw Sanskar approaching them “Good Morning Mr Maheshwari” he greeted, “Good Morning Rohan. Please call me Sanskar. Mr Maheshwari is too formal” he smiled. “Good Morning Mr Maheshwari” Swara greeted him, “Good morning Swara” he replied with a smile. For a moment Sanskar could not believe his ears, she had greeted him today; he saw a change in her expression. Something had changed. She wasn’t as cold as she had been until tomorrow. He wondered what had changed. “Shall we start the meeting Sanskar, the investors are waiting for us” Rohan said. The three of them went for them meeting.

After the meeting ended, they got busy with their work. “Let’s go out for lunch?” Swara asked Rohan. “I’m too exhausted to go out, let’s order in please” he said. She agreed and he turned to Sanskar and asked “Sanskar, would you like to join us?” he looked at Swara to see her expression, “Sure I would love to” he replied. Sanskar noticed that Swara hadn’t denied him from coming nor did she react in anyway, he felt strange. The three of them were having lunch and casually discussing about work. Sanskar had noticed how Swara had not tried to avoid him, even though she restricted her talks to business related stuff, he was happy that at least she had started interacting. This was a win for him.

The day had passed by and Laksh came to office to pick up Swara. “Hey man, how are you? He asked Rohan. “Doing great” Rohan replied with a smile. “Ready to go?” he looked at Swara, “Give me five minutes, I’ll be done with this” she said without looking at him. “Your five minutes will never come” Rohan said while snatching the file from her, “You leave right now. I will take of the paperwork” he ordered her. Swara sighed and said “You always forget I am your boss Mr Sharma”. He laughed and said “Shut up and leave. Have a great time”, she narrowed her eyes and picked up her bag, kissed him on the cheek “We’re going for dinner to that Chinese restaurant, I won’t be late. See you”. Laksh saw all this and thought there is something different today. When they were leaving from office, the came across Sanskar, he smiled at her, she replied to his smile with an expressionless Good evening. “What time will you be home?” he asked Laksh, “No idea. I’ll call you” he replied. They said their goodbyes and left

Laksh and Swara reached the restaurant, and sat at their table. “Tell me something” he said; “Tell you what?” she asked him. “What is different today?” “I noticed you spoke to Bhai and you seem a little less cold towards him. Change of heart?” he asked. She frowned and said “Don’t read too much into it. The only reason I am acknowledging his presence is because it’s exhausting to constantly hate someone. I don’t want to waste my energy on someone who doesn’t matter to me” ; “Shona –“ he tried to say something, she cut him off “Lucky please, I don’t want to spoil our dinner”, he nodded unwillingly. “BTW, you were supposed to give me a surprise today. What is it?” she asked. Suddenly his eyes went wide, “Oh no” he said. She looked at him “Laksh are you okay? What happened to you?” she asked. Someone spoke from behind Swara “He will not remain okay for a long time. He apparently forgot to pick his wife up from the airport”, Swara turned around to see Ragini grinning at her, she couldn’t believe her eyes “RAGINI” she hugged her. “Surprise Shona” Ragini said while kissing her hair.

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  1. nice ep plzz unite swasan soon

    1. Swasan is endgame Bresh. they will unite for sure 🙂

  2. good…

    1. Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Vry nice..waiting fr nxt

  4. No…not so soo …….please ….Good one…
    Let swara comes to normal
    …and then decide…sanskar or Rogan

    1. Swara will be back to normal soon. Thanks for the feedback Aarti.. Hope you enjoyed the episode 🙂

  5. amazing dear… s.. she shouldn’t hurt others for sanskar betrayal…want old Swara back…

    1. Swara will be back to normal soon.. thanks for the appreciation Siya 🙂

    1. Thanks Pavi 🙂

  6. how could he think to marry Swara being relationship with kavitha?? he betrayed both kavitha n Swara… he shouldn’t get forgive so easily… n if Swara want she can move on with rohan who stood all the time for her without any expectation…

  7. Who is playing the role of rohan
    Nd swarohan is also gud couple i m a swasan fan but i like them also plz make karan wahi to play the role of rohan

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