Swaragini – For The Longest Time (Episode 10)

Laksh and Ragini exchanged rings and were taking everyone’s blessings. Sanskar walked towards Swara and stood beside her. She blushed and made it a point to avoid eye contact. “You look different, from the last time I saw you” he said “You’ve become more beautiful” he said, she blushed harder. “Thank you” she said without looking at him. She was afraid; her eyes would convey her feelings to him. “So you talk to everyone like this? By not looking at them?” he teased, she looked at him and he held her gaze “No, it’s nothing like that” she said hesitantly. He laughed and said “Relax, I’m just joking” and she blushed harder. Laksh and Ragini noticed them talking “Lucky, is it my imagination or do you sense something between them?” she asked. Laksh gave a knowing smile and said “I saw something between them the first time they met”. “WHAT” she glared at him “why didn’t you tell me something before” she asked, “You were clearly not comfortable with their relationship and you spoke to bhai, what would I have told you” he said. She looked at them “I’m still not convinced, but I can read in Shona’s eyes that she has feelings for him”; “Let them figure it out on their own, let’s see where their destiny takes them” he said.

The day of haldi arrived, entire Gadodia house was decorated in tones of yellow and white. Ragini was made to sit in the centre of the hall and the elders of the house started the rituals, the happiness was evident on her face, she was glowing. Sanskar entered Gadodia house with the Shagun ki haldi, Shramishtha greeted him “Thank you very much Sanskar. I would ask you to come in but this is a ladies function, I’m afraid I cannot invite you in”; “Please aunty, don’t be so formal, I’m aware of the rituals” he smiled; he bent to touch her feet and take blessings. Just as he was about to leave, a kid stained his shirt with haldi. “Sorry bhaiyya” the kid apologised, “No problem kiddo, you go and play” he patted the kid’s hair and smiled. “Sanskar, honey go and wash of this stain, the washroom is in the room towards your right” Shramishtha said; “Thank you, aunty. I’ll take a few minutes and leave” he said and went to the room.

When Sanskar came out of the washroom, he saw a girl struggling to tie strings at the back, “Shona, come quickly” Shramishtha’s voice came from the hall, “I will be there in 2 minutes Ma” the girl replied. As he moved closer, he saw her face in the mirror. He went closer to her, mesmerized by the way her yellow dress complimented her, her hair was loosely braided and strands of hair framed her face. As he moved closer, she felt someone moving behind her, then she saw Sanskar in the mirror and froze, he kept coming closer, she could see the intensity in his eyes, it matched the one in her eyes. He took the strings in his hands and started tying, while staring at her. They both held each other’s eyes, through the mirror. She could feel his breath on her nape, and he realised how close they were. Suddenly their chemistry erupted in the air between them, he brushed his finger on her nape and she shuddered, her breath became heavier, so did his. They lost every bit of control they had on their actions. He held her shoulders and kissed her neck. Her heartbeat increased and her legs went jelly. If he wasn’t holding her, she would have fallen. He turned her around to face him. He could see the coyness in her eyes, he brushed his thumb over her collar bone and she shuddered again, he saw her lips quivering, and had an overwhelming urge to kiss her. “Shona, are you ready yet?” came a voice. They came to their senses and realised what just happened. She got embarrassed and ran out. He also left without getting noticed.

That night, both of them could not sleep. They kept thinking about what had happened. Next day the families met to decide about the sangeet. Swara and Sanskar avoided each other as much as they could. “I think we should have a combined sangeet” Laksh said; “Everyone will dance in pairs”; “I think that’s a good idea” Durgaprasad said. “The couples will dance with each other, and others will be paired according to their relation to Laksh and Ragini” Shekhar suggested. Sanskar and Swara looked at each other. I can hardly control myself when I am around her, now dancing with her is going to push me over the edge he thought. Being close to him messes my sanity, how will I dance with him without losing my senses she thought.

Swara and Sanskar were paired together, and the theme of their dance was to portray Laksh and Ragini’s love story. They decided to dance on the song A thousand years. They weren’t aware of the fact that Laksh and Ragini had chosen this for them on purpose. They wanted to see their chemistry. Every time Sanskar and Swara danced together, their chemistry grew stronger, and it was visible to Laksh and Ragini. “I think have still not acknowledged their feelings” Ragini said to Laksh. Laksh nodded in agreement “I know and it’s frustrating me”; “sometimes I feel like shaking them and make them realise that they love each other”, then he gave a grin and said “if only they were smart like us, to realise it sooner” Ragini blushed “Stop it Lucky” she said.

The day of sangeet arrived. As the time for their dance came closer, their hearts started beating faster. Laksh and Ragini danced on You Belong With Me, their performance reflected their love for each other, it mirrored their feelings and everyone could see how happy they were. It was time for Sanskar and Swara’s performance, they came on stage and looked at each other and everyone disappeared. Looking into each other’s eyes, like always, they felt complete, nothing else mattered. They started dancing, and their chemistry sparkled, the air around them sparkled with their intimacy. Everyone could see they were bound together. Their performance ended and there was silence all around. Laksh and Ragini smiled. Before it got more awkward, Laksh and Ragini started clapping. It was their claps that got Swara and Sanskar back into their senses. While everyone clapped, Annapurna and Shramishtha came to Laksh and Ragini. “So kids, what are you both smiling about” Shramishtha asked them. “Ma, their performance was so good” Ragini tried to cover up. “Yeah, the performance was very good, and a very believable one too” Annapurna said. “How much do you both know?” Annapurna asked. Laksh and Ragini looked at each other “if you both don’t tell us, your late night dates which you sneak out for will be banned” Shramishtha blackmailed them, while Annapurna laughed. “You both know about that?” Laksh asked them. “Yes, and now tell us. What is going on between both of them?” Annapurna asked. “They both haven’t acknowledged their feelings yet” Ragini said “But as you can see. They both definitely love each other”. Annapurna and Shramishtha looked at each other and said “Leave that to us. We’ll make sure they confess before you get married”; “but till then, no one should know about it” Annapurna said.

Laksh and Ragini grinned in all glory. “Nobody will know” they said in unison. Meanwhile Sanskar and Swara who were fighting their feelings and felt that they were losing control of themselves. The entire night their eyes were locked with each other. They were not aware of what was going around them.

I need to tell her that I love her he thought. I need to confess to him that I love him she thought
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