swaragini long love story (episode 4)


Hi I am back with my ff I am Teja and this will be the last episode and I want to say that I am sorry that I am not able to write romantic episode as you expected to write because I hate to describe the scenes deeper and this will be last episode and from next I am concentrating on marriage love story and I will put small promo on that tomorrow
So let’s begin the story:

Epi 4:
@swasan side:
Swara was sitting and suddenly sanskar got up from his seat and went near swara and given a gift swara didn’t understand sanskar said that do you remember this day swara thought for a while and said sanskar
Swara: Happy marriage anniversary Sanskar
Sanskar: same to you swara I know you had forgotten this day but see I remembered and bought a gift and what gift you had for me?
(Guys I think till now you guessed it what is happening but let me clear actually they are married when they parted)
Swara thought for a while and asked sanskar to wait and she went to her room and decorated the full room and went to sanskar and closed his eyes and taken to her room and removed her hand and sanskar was surprised.
Sanskar: swara this will be the best surprise for me
Swara: I know and I want to take our relation to next level
Sanskar: swara you became so fast
Swara (blush and fake anger): shut up if you tease like this I will cancel the surprise then do what you want
Sanskar: no swara please don’t do it
Swara went near sanskar and pinned to the wall now sanskar was afraid she is coming closer to sanskar and he was sweating and said that now you will understand how I will feel when you do like this to me and sanskar was sweating and swara placed her lips on his lips kissed it turned to passionate kiss their hands were roaming around their bodies they broke their kiss due to lack of oxygen and swara hugged him sanskar started kissing her face and went near neck and bit she moaned he started kissing her neck she hugged him and he took her and placed on bed swara opened her arms inviting him and sanskar came near her and they consummated their marriage

Ragini and laksh were sleeping hugging each other Ragini woke up from sleep as sunrays are falling on her she saw laksh behind her she kissed laksh on his forehead and she suddenly remember about her project she went to freshen up and after coming she went near laksh and woke him and asked him to drop her to college and he is having his last exam and they planned that they will marry after his studies completed so he dropped Ragini and went to give his paper and ragini completed her work and went to laksh college and waited for him after sometime he came and Ragini said that she is leaving today as her work is completed and laksh was sad but he said that he will also come with her as his brother is also there

@swasan side:
Swara and sanskar were sleeping peacefully and swara woke up first and saw sanskar sleeping beside her she smiled seeing him and kissed his forehead sanskar also woke up and saw swara staring him he asked her that why she is staring him and swara replied that I am staring because I am thinking how I fall in love with idiot like you.
Sanskar (fake anger): swara I am not an idiot understand
Swara: oh you got angry my sweet cute little angry baby
Sanskar: swara you never changed you always use call me like that in college also and I feel embarrassed because of you. You know I always hate that
Swara: what to do sanskar it’s my habit and you know I love when you are embarrassed and do you remember you come close to me and I use to escape from you by pouring water on you
Sanskar: ya how can I forget you use to call principal one day and other day pouring water and other day putting chillies on my nose which creates sneezing and other time putting onion near my eyes which made me cry I am always victim of your pranks
Swara: sanskar hahaha you still remember and by the way get up my sister is coming if she sees us like this I will be in trouble
Sanskar: ok but on one condition
Swara: now what?
Sanskar: you have to stop calling me that stupid name
Swara: ok get up now
Sanskar got up and went to have shower and swara went to other room for having shower but in sanskar side water is not coming so he thought to go to other room for having shower he went to other room and opened the door swara was having bath(don’t worry there is curtain between them) sanskar seen it and went from there as he knows that without her permission he does something then she will make him embarrassed and swara came outside and saw sanskar and asked why is he waiting sanskar said that water is not there in his rooms he came and sanskar went to have shower. Meanwhile swara got ready in knee length dress and took her vermilion box and filled her hairline with vermilion she also put her black chain.

Ragini and laksh both packed their bags and they left for airport and after sometime they reached to us and went to Ragini house and they rang the bell and swara opened the door.
@Swaragini house:
As swara opened the door Ragini was shocked to see swara and asked why she had put vermilion and wearing that chain and the reply from swara was shocked Ragini and laksh
Swara: Ragini I am sorry the truth is that in my college days I use love a boy named sanskar maheshwari and before leaving we got married and I don’t want anyone to know about it so I have hidden it and who is this boy with you
Ragini: he is laksh maheshwari brother of your husband and my jiju and I love him
Swara: what?
Laksh: where is my brother I will kill him today how can he get married without saying me?
Ragini: di I too don’t leave you for this secret you have to bear punishment
Swara: ok and I want to talk to laksh for some time and you meet your jiju
Swara and laksh went to room for talking and Ragini was sitting and watching TV meanwhile sanskar came and saw a girl watching TV and he thought to ask the girl
Ragini turned back and saw sanskar and called hi jiju you know laksh maheshwari is here
Sanskar (shocked): what laksh my bro is here and who are you?
Ragini: so bad don’t you know swara has a sister Ragini
Sanskar: oh you are Ragini my salli and where is my bro
Ragini: he went with swara to talk about my and laksh marriage
Sanskar: what
Ragini: actually laksh and I are in relationship since 5 years we love each other but today only I got the shock of my sister and laksh also got shock about his brother
Sanskar: sorry
Ragini: its ok but I want a treat
Sanskar: ok

@swalak side:
Swara: laksh how many years you know Ragini
Laksh: 5 years and I love her and she also love me
Swara: how you met her
Laksh: in flight
Swara: laksh I have no problem with you as I know your brother for 7 years if you want to marry ragini I have no objection but I request you do not hurt her
Laksh: ok bhabhi
Swara: you are not angry on me
Laksh: no but I am sad that my brother married without telling me and I have a bhabhi
Swara: sorry laksh if our family came to know they will not agree
Laksh: I know
Swara: but when I decided to tell them they died in an accident I and my sister are alive
Laksh: now I got it brother also want to say something but our family died in an accident and I and sanskar saved
Both came out and swara and sanskar decided that they will get their brother and sister married and soon the raglak marriage happened they live happily ever after


Guys I am sorry for not writing up to your expectations please pardon me

Credit to: Tejasvi

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