swaragini long love story (episode 3)


Hi I am back with my ff I am Teja guys I will post marriage love story after wards and I want to say that I am ending marriage love story soon as I am not getting enough comments and this ff has only 2 episodes left after this and I will write new ff
So let’s begin the story:
After their lunch swara invited sanskar to her house as Ragini is going to London for some project she is leaving in the evening and sanskar also accepted as he wants to confirm that swara loves him or not and swara also wanted to talk to him and know whether he still loves her or not so they both left the place but somewhere they felt that now they will be together forever.
@Swaragini house:
Ragini was packing her bags as she is leaving to London and swara is helping her swara asked ragini that where she is going to stay

Swara: Rags where are you going to stay as your college does not book any hotels can I book hotel for you
By listening Ragini face turned to pale and she is sweating as what to say her she thought she will stay with laksh as he is living in London
Ragini: no di I will stay in hotel no need to book as my friend already booked the rooms and I paid her
Swara: ok Rags take care and have a good journey bye

Swara booked a cab for Ragini and she said that she is not coming to airport as she have some work and Ragini kept the luggage in the car and left to airport
Swara was preparing the favourite dishes for sanskar as he loves the food made by her and then she went to change her dress she wore a beautiful baby pink sari with sleeveless blouse and has deep neck at backside she did light makeup and put matching ear rings for the sari and by the time door bell rang swara went to open the door she saw sanskar he is looking handsome in suit she welcomed him inside the house
Sanskar: swara you looking beautiful in this sari I have never seen you in sari I have asked so many times but you refused today what’s special?
Swara: sanskar you are looking handsome and at that time I don’t know that we will be separated for seven years and today we met after seven years it is special for both of us
Sanskar: swara you are right but I want to know you still love me?
Swara was silent for sometime her eyes are welled up she wanted to shout yes sanskar I love you but the only word came from her is yes sanskar

Sanskar happiness has no bounds he started crying because of happiness
Swara: sanskar you love me?
Sanskar was sobbing and said: yes swara
Swara hugged him tightly and cried her heart out she was happy that they met and sanskar also hugged her
Screen freezes on hugging swara and sanskar

Precap: swasan dance and romance

Credit to: Tejasvi

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