swaragini long love story (episode 2)

Hi guys I m back with my ff I m Teja and I m writing the second part of Swaragini long love story and I want to say that laksh and Ragini met in flight and they fell in love at first sight but they are not aware of their sibling love story and they don’t know about each other siblings they were in relationship since 3 years.
So let’s begin the story
Epi 2:
@Swaragini room:
Swara and Ragini are sleeping on the bed swara woke up due to alarm sound and patted on Ragini’s cheek and she woke up and asked
Ragini: di why are you disturbing me I am sleeping can’t you see?
Swara: Rags are you mad I am also sleeping how can I see? By the way I patted because you had put alarm to get up early for college
Ragini: ya how can I forget I have to go to college early today

Swara: And I have meeting today so I have to go to office
Ragini first got up and had her shower and wore a pink crop top and blue jeans she did light make up and made loose curls and left the hair and wore black high heels she took car keys and sunglasses and went to college. Ragini use to have her breakfast in car only she use to take box in which she use to arrange her breakfast it’s her habit and swara went and had her shower and dressed up in formals as she has meeting she did light make up and left her hair she put black heels and had her breakfast and took the car keys and went to office.
Sanskar was sleeping and the alarm started ringing sanskar got up due to alarm and switched off the alarm and went to fresh up as he is having meeting. So he has to go early he wore formals and put perfume and wore sun glasses mean while he got a call as soon as he saw the caller id his face lit up and smiling he lifted the call
Sanskar: lucky what’s up?

Laksh: bro I am feeling bored when you are coming you left me alone and went to America
Sanskar: you know lucky that I have meeting and I will come in few days
Laksh: ok bring something from there
Sanskar: what you want?
Laksh: perfume deodorant or shirt and pants ok bye I think you are getting late
Sanskar: ok ya I forgot bye talk to you later
Saying this sanskar cut the call and took his sun glasses and went as car is waiting for him
@swara office:
A white bmw car comes and swara comes out the car and went to office as soon as she entered all greeted her and while coming an old man falls while cleaning swara went to him and helps him
Swara: what is this baba you should be careful

Ram: ok beti you are so good at heart you always take care
of others may god give you all happiness
Swara: thanks baba (she feels bad as her love is not with her but she is happy that at least she has memories of him)
She left from there and went to her cabin her Pa name is priya came to her cabin
Swara: priya when is the meeting they came
Priya: mam now only and they came
They both left for conference hall but swara felt that something will happen today but ignored her feelings and entered the hall and took her seat and checking files if there are any corrections and in meanwhile a black bmw car came and sanskar came out of the car and went to the car he also felt that something will happen today but ignored the feelings.
Sanskar went to the meeting room and shocked to see the person there he called
Sanskar: swara
Swara turned to see the person and shocked to see him
Swara: sanskar

Sanskar: what are you doing here?
Swara: I am the MD of gadodia industries and you?
Sanskar: MD of maheshwari industries
Swara: ok let’s start the meeting
Sanskar: ok
They both started their meeting and they both liked and they signed the deal and swara and sanskar were not able to talk to each other and they don’t know from where to start and with much difficulty sanskar asked swara for going to restaurant and having lunch swara accepted as she wanted to talk.
They both sat and ordered each other favourite foods
Swara: you remember my favourite food
Sanskar: yes how can I forget and you also remember my favourite food
Swara: yes how can I forget and how are you Sanskar?
Sanskar: fine swara you?

Swara: fine sanskar are you married?
Sanskar: no swara I am unmarried what about you?
Swara (mind): I am so happy he still loves me god you made my day beautiful I am very thankful to you
Swara: no sanskar I am also unmarried
Sanskar (mind): thank you god she still loves me you made me happiest person in this world I am so happy
Screen freezes on happy faces of swara and sanskar

Precap: swasan meeting at Swara house

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