swaragini long love story (episode 3 contd.)


Hi I’m back with my ff I will write marriage love story after few days as I want to complete my second ff soon as it contains few episodes and I forgot there is twist in last episode.
So let’s begin the story:

Epi 3:
@swasan side:
Swara and sanskar share a long hug after that they shared a passionate kiss as they missed each other badly and they broke the kiss and went for dinner. While having dinner sanskar and swara started talking.
Sanskar: swara these dishes are superb I loved it
Swara: thanks
Sanskar: swara are you leaving alone?
Swara: no sanskar my sister Ragini is also living with me
Sanskar: then where is she?
Swara: she went to London for project work and what about you?
Sanskar: I am also living with my brother laksh in London and I came here for meeting
Swara: oh and who thought that this meeting changes our lives
Sanskar: yes it is true my hope of seeing you came true
Swara: same here and what have you decided to do?
Sanskar: swara now I have decided to stay here I will shift from London and settle here
Swara: wow sanskar I am happy of this decision and sanskar what we will tell to our siblings.
Sanskar: that we will see
Swara: sanskar I think we should tell them truth as they had the right to know and some or the other day they will know the truth
Sanskar: ok swara now we will finish our dinner
They completed their dinner and sanskar asked swara for a dance and swara accepted it they danced romantically on party on my mind

@Raglak side:
Ragini came to London and laksh came to pick her up they went to flat Ragini hugged laksh and said that your house is beautiful and asked him with whom he stays laksh said about his brother and Ragini also said about her sister they both had lots of fun and Ragini was so happy and laksh asked his gift Ragini kissed him on his lips and said this gift is enough for you laksh was shocked he asked her whether it is his dreams and Ragini pinched him he shouted Ragini and she ran from their both became tired after sometime and had their dinner and went to sleep.

Screen freezes on both couples

Precap: swasan romance and Raglak come to know the truth of swasan

Credit to: Tejasvi

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