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Yipeeeeee..it’s weekend and I am here to entertain you by posting two episodes. Actually I wanted to upload it tomorrow but the episode gets updated in the evening. So I am uploading one now and another tomorrow afternoon. Hope you will enjoy.
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Sanskar was staring at swara while swara approached him and gave him her mobile.
Swara: sanskar talk to her once?
Sanskar:( surprised) who?
Swara: the lady who is speaking in mobile.
Sanskar took her mobile.
Sanskar:( hesitatingly) hello
Lady:( emotional voice) sankar beta.
Sanskar: ( tears started rolling From his eyes) ma..
Kavitha’s mom: where were you? We have been searching for you from the last two years.
Sanskar is silently listening to her.
Kavitha’s mom: you used to call me ma and will any son do like this?
Sanskar: (trying to collect words) sorry.
Kavitha’s mom: kavitha left us. It was our fate but we don’t want to leave you. I know that I have behaved rudely that day but it was just because of pain..pain of loosing my daughter.
Sanskar: but..
Kavitha’s mom: let me finish sanskar..but after thinking we realized that the incident hurted you the most as you loved her to the core. W uncle and I wanted to ask for an apologize. We came to your house but they didn’t have any information regarding you. We were missing you beta. Please don’t leave your mom.
Sanskar:( teary eyed) no ma! I will never and this is my promise.
Kavitha’s mom: and please say thank-you to swara. After all she was the reason for our union. I couldn’t bear my happiness when she said me about you.

Sanskar: yes ma…he looked at swara.abhay grabed the mobile from him.
Abhay: enough ma. Stop crying. See sanku is also crying.
Sanskar realizes and wipes his tears.
Abhay: okay ma byee.
Sanskar: I never thought that you all will respond positively.
Abhay:(smiled) we are always positive.okay bye . actually I need to attend an important meeting but cancelled it to meet you. My assistant has informed that there were some issues that are to be fixed. So..
Sanskar:( smiled) bye.
Abhay hugged him while leaving.
Abhay:( wishpered in sanskar’s ear) think about her once. Try to feel her love. I hope that you will start smiling from now.
Sanskar: bye abhi…looked at swara.she smiled.

Ragini was about to step out of the house but laksh interrupted her.
Laksh: hello..oops namaste
Ragini: please don’t fold your hands. You are elder to me.
Laksh:(to himself) oh..so this is your weakness.
Laksh: its okay ragini ji. By the way where are you going ji.
Ragini:( irritated) laksh ji I have asked you not to add ji as you are elder to me.
Laksh:( smiled) so you got to know now..how embarrassing it will be. So please don’t add ji for my name even.
Ragini smiled.
Laksh: so can I accompany you.
Ragini: its your wish.
Laksh: I am ready always.
Ragini: okay then
Laksh: but where are we going?
Ragini:( smiled) surprise!!
Laksh is looking at her

Sanskar: thank-you swara.
Swara: don’t thank me. All I want is to see you smiling.
Sanskar: shall we go out?
Swara: where?
Sanskar: shopping
Swara: ( excited) yes..(to herself) may be he is planning to gift me something.

Sanskar and swara entered a shop.
Sanskar: so swara.please select a shirt for me
Swara:( surprised) what me? I am not good at selection.
Sanskar: you have a good taste.. ( to himself) and so you have selected me.
Swara: okay but scold me afterwards saying that you don’t even..
Sanskar: I promise you. Please select swara.
Swara has ate the salesman’s brain for more than an hour by asking him to show all the desings in fashion etc..
Sanskar: swara!! You are taking lot if time to just select one shirt.
Swara:( makes a face) I said you earlier that you will scold me.
Sanskar: OK sorry. Please make it fast.
Swara finally selected a shirt for him.
Sanskar: perfect! Now please select a jeans
Swara is surprised as he is giving her priority but is very happy for this special treatment. She selected a blue jeans for him.
Sanskar:( excited) thank-you swara for shopping my clothes. Let’s go.
Swara:( surprised and in a low voice) what! I thought that you are going to gift me.
Sanskar: did you say anything?
Swara: no
Sanskar smiled as he read her mind.
Sankar: swara
Swara:( depressed) hmm.
Sanskar: this is for you..he handover a bag to her

Swara: ( happy) this is for me!! Thank-you sanskar.but when did you shop.
Sanskar:( teasing ) I don’t need hours to shop de…swara
Swara smiled and they both started walking out if the mall. It was then sanskar dashed a girl.

Laksh opened his mouth seeing the crowd. Ragini is continuously laughing seeing his expression.
Laksh:( irritated) is this fish market or .
Ragini: vegetable market laksh. I think this is the first time for you.
Laksh: I won’t get in.
Ragini: okay bye. I have to buy so.e vegetables.
Laksh:( helplessly) wait! I will also come.
He was struggling to get inside the market. Someone stamped his foot and he started screaming.
Laksh: no one has sense here. America is best in this.
They reached to a tomato selling store.
Ragini: kaka. Please give me a kili of tomato’s.
Vendor: okay
He gave her the bag but laksh took it and started counting the number of tomotas.
Laksh:( irritated) see this kaka..showing a damaged tomato.. You are charging money for this also.

Vendor replaces it
Ragini: how much it costs
Vendor: 20 rupees.
Laksh:( exclaimed) 20 rupees. I think a family pizza costs less than this
Ragini:( confused) what??
Laksh: a single tomata costs 20rupees and there are 25tomatos in the bag. It means that the price of kilo tomato’s is 500..
Ragini is surprised. Ragini and vendor looked at each other and bursted out laughing.
Vendor: I think he is new to this.
Ragini: this is not America.
Laksh:( confused) but..
Ragini gave him the money and moved to another store to buy carrots.
Laksh is staring at her.
Laksh:( to himself) I know ragini that a kilo costs 20 but I behaved like this to just see you smiling. You look very cute when you smile.
Ragini:(shouted) laksh ji..are you coming?
Laksh: yes!!

Sanskar dashed a girl and the other two started shouting at him.swara came there to see the dispute but is shocked to see sanskar.she tried to listen their conversation but unable to understand anything as they were speaking in Kannada. She heard somewhere in the conservation the word” charecterless ” and fumed in anger.she went forward pushing sanskar.
Swara: ( angry) how dare you to call him charecterless. First of all remove those sunglasses then you will be able to see around.
Sanskar:( tensed) swara..please leave it.
Swara: you just don’t interfere
Sanskar is shocked by this.
Swara: what do you think of yourself.. An angel..you ate nothing in front of me..
The two girls sated talking themselves and it annoyed her as she was unable to understand them.
Swara: hello Miss..I am shouting here and you are not bothered to pay attention.samskar pulled swara by holding her shoulder.
Swara: you both are charecterless. How dare you..
Sanskar: calm down
Swara: but..
Sanskar:( loud voice) calm down. It was my mistake and I have said sorry. Now please drink this water.
Sanskar gave her a glass of water and she finished it in no time.
Sanskar started smiling later swara joined him.

Dadi: ragini
Ragini: ha dadi
Dadi: tomorrow is sanakar’s birthday. So wish him tonight at tweleve o clock.
Ragini:( blushes) but dadi maa
Dadi: he is your to be husband.here is his number.don’t forget to call
Ragini: ji dadima.
Sanskar: tomorrow us my birthday swara
Swara: ( excited) what! But why didn’t you inform it earlier.
Sanskar: I have shopped for my birthday and I wanted you to select my outfit. Swara smiled.
Swara: okay then I need a party.
Sanskar: sure. I will take you outside tomorrow and it is surprise.
Swara:( excited) then I will be here by 9:00
Sanskar: I will come for pick up.
Swara: okay bye..
Sanskar is desperately waiting for swara’s call.he wanted him to wish her first. His mobile rang but he got disappointed seeing his mother’s number.
Sanskar: hello
Sujatha: happy birthday sanskar.
Sanskar: thank-you ma
Sujatha: wait a minute. I will turn on loud speaker.
The clock struck tweleve.
Sanskar:( happy) thank-you so much. I too love you all and miss you so much.
Laksh: bhai..we need a party.
Sanskar: I will give you when I come there.
Laksh: sure..
He was about to talk but sanskar interrupted
Sanskar: I need to attend an important call. I will calm you tomorrow morning..
Laksh: okay bhai! Happy birthday once again.
Sanskar: bye..( to himself) sorry lucky. I want some other person to call me.

His mobile rang Again but this time a number flashed on it
Samskar;:( hesitatingly) hello.
Ragini:( in a low and sweet voice) hello sanskar ji. This is ragini.
Sanskar’s smile vanished.
Sanskar: hmm
Ragini: happy birthday ji. Dadi has informed about it.
Sanskar: thank-you.
Ragini: your welcome. What are you planning for your birthday?
Sanskar: ( uninterested) nothing new. Just to vist a temple. By the way I must attend a call. So bye.
He ended the call without waiting for her reply.
Ragini: hello..I think he ended the call.
She threw her mobile on bed.
Ragini:( depressed) this man doesn’t even know to speaknd my didi wants me to marry him. Uff what is written in my destiny . let’s see.
Saying this she lied down on her bed and slept.
Sanskar was waking for every fifteen minutes just to check whether swara called him but is always disappointed seeing no notification. He waited whole night for her call.

Sanskar woke up and got fresh. He was wearing the shirt that was selected by her.
Sanskar:( looking himself in mirror) after two years I am celebrating my birthday as per my wish. You are the reason for this swara. But why didn’t you call me. See my eyes have become red due to sleeplessness. Still I lo ve this paim. I love waiting for you.
He looks at his watch
Sanskar:( worried) oh no! It’s already 8:30 . I must start now otherwise she starts giving lecture.
Screen freezes at sanska’s worried face.

PRECAP: swara and sanskar reached a hilly area. Swara is at back of sanskar and is trying to confess her love. Sanskar’s heart beat raised.

Credit to: Sree harini

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