SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 9)


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Swara is standing in front of her office
Swara: finally I am here. I wish that my life gets settled soon .
Tara: it will happen swara.
Swara:( confused) sorry I didn’t recognise you
Tara: its me Tara
Swara: oh hello mam
Tara: no mam only Tara
Swara: thanks Tara for comforting me. U thought that you would be a strict lady but my assumption is wrong
Tara smiles and hugs swara

Shekar: ragini..I think you must start learning sitar as you have a mth of vacation.
Ragini: ji papa but I don’t remember anything now as I have stopped learning it in my seventh standard.
Sumi: give a try dear. There’s nothing wrong in it.
Ragini: okay mom. I will contact guru ji
Sumi smiles

Tara: you don’t need to get tensed swara as the working staff are extremely friendly except.
Swara: except..
Tara: our head. You know he is such a workaholic person that he will never introduce himself to any fresher and is neither interested in knowing about others
By the time they reach swara’s cabin
Swara: what!! But I don’t believe this
Tara: you will start believing this is no time
Swara: so he is a sadist
Tara: no.. Don’t say like that. He is good by heart but is not interested
Swara: I call him as sadist because this also a type of sadism. If he will not involve in his team members issues then how can he able to understand our problems?
Tara:(smiles) its up to you swara. This is your cabin and be aware it is in front to our boss cabin
Swara: who cares it
Tara: everyone
Swara is shocked
Tara: yes.. Many females in our office are back of him. He is such a handsome guy. Everyone has tried to get this cabin but as you are luckiest… You are here
Swara: chaa. Let me see him first.

Ragini: mam I have talked to guruji and he has asked me to come with in an hour.
Sumi: oh then go and get ready dear. Your father will drop you
Shekar: sorry beta. I have some important work and so I am leaving now
Ragini: its okay papa I will go by bus
Swara: so Tara will you say me the name of our head
Tara: he is..ohh he is there.
Swara looks at the entrance and is shocked to see him.

Ragini: maa meri jari hu
Sumi: God bless you beta
Ragini comes to the busstop and is waiting for bus. Laksh, who was going in the same route saw her.
Laksh: what is she soory my angel doing here? I need to know. Driver kaka please leave to the home. I have some work here
Driver: ji beta. ( to himself) I don’t know why is he behaving like this?? He went out yesterday even . I think u must inform this to Annapurna ji
Ragini got into a bus and laksh followed her. He sat in the next seat to her
Laksh leaned towards ragini
Laksh: can you hear me?
Ragini( to herself) who might be talking to me?? But I won’t turn round at any cost.
Laksh: I am laksh.. Yesterday..temple ..dash
Ragini( to herself) oh.. U think he is following me. I must act as if I had not heard anything otherwise he will make a mess here
Laksh: I know that you are listening to me
Ragini ignores him
Laksh: hey whats is that on your hairs?
Ragini keeps her hand on her hairs to check.
Laksh: so..you can listen me
Ragini is shocked by this and turns to him
Laksh:(teasing smile) I know that you were listening
Ragini gives a weird look and gets off from the bus. Laksh follows her.

Swara is shocked to see her boss. She was experiencing an eath quake under her feet
Swara: ( to herself) but how can this happen??
Mean while he passes her but doesn’t look at her
After reaching his cabin he calls Tara.
After few minutes
Tara: swara.. He needs to talk to you
Swara: ( still in shock) yes
Tara: come with me
They both enter into his cabin . he gestured her to sit in front of him
Swara us still unable to believe.. Her heart beat has raised and she can hear only that. How can this happen I mean how come he is working here. I thought that I have lost him but no destiny was planning something else for me. I can feel butterflies all over my body as I am in front of my love..SANSKAR..
Sanskar: so miss..he looks at Tara as he forget her name
Tara: swara sir
Sanskar: so miss swara , you need to work with dedication as I believe that a dedicated worker will….
Sanskar was continuing but swara is lost at his looks and us feeling happy for her fate
Sanskar: so ..start loving your work and all the best. You may leave now
Swara came to her senses. Both girls came out of the cabin
Swara: what did he say I mean I didn’t listened to him.
Tara: ( teasing) so the girl who was calling him as sadist before few minutes has fallen for him
Swara: ( trying to hide her shyness) ni Tara I was just thinking about my family. ( to herself) mo Tara I had fallen for him a week ago and now I will get his love at any cost.
Tara is still looking at swara’s face.
Screen freezes

PRECAP: Swara is trying to get SANSKAR’S mobile number.laksh is annoying ragini

Guys, I belong to south India and I have hardly seen 10 movies in Hindi. It is the reason that I am not using any background songs. Sorry for inconvenience.. Hope you liked my fiction

Credit to: Sree harini

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