SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 8)


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Sanskar is looking at laksh
Laksh: try to give another chance for your life. I can’t see in you pain. I want my sansky back
Laksh gests emotional remembering their childhood and leaves the room.
Sanskar: I can understand you lucky. I am trying to get out of her thoughts but I am unable to it as she is close to my heart.
He picks ragini’s photo which is on the table and is staring at it.
Sanskar: you have decided to be a part of my life but I can’t promise you to give happiness as your husband but I must do this for my family. I am sorry ragini.

Next day morning
Dadaji: shekar,parvathi sumi where are you
Shekar: what happened papa? You are looking so happy.
Dadi: we will also become happy if you will say the reason.
Dadaji: you will start dancing now. Durga Prasad ji informed me that their pandit ji has fixed engagement date which is exactly after three months.
Dadi: (smiles) omg..we have to do a lot of work.
Sumi: this is just engagement
Dadi: I know but this my grand daughter’s
Swara: what happened ma.why are looking so happy?
Sumi: ragini’s engagement date got fixed.
Ragini: ( worried and surprised) when?
Sumi: exactly after three months
Ragini: so didi will be back by that time
Swara: and I will be with you at every moment.
Everyone smiles.

Ram Prasad: sanskar. You engagement date has got fixed and it is exactly after three months.
Sujatha: ( happy) I can’t believe this sanskar. You are going to get married but still you are a kid for me
Sanskar: hmm( thinking about someone)
Sujatha: what hmm?
Laksh: chachi..he is feeling shy. Leave him
Sanskar: I need to pack my things
He leaves the room while laksh and sujatha were worried

Sumi:( crying) please take of you dear
Swara: you have said this thousand times
Sumi: you will never understand me
Shekar: stop it sumi.see everyone is looking at you
Sumi: let them. Why don’t they have children and won’t they cry ?
Dadi consoles sumi
Ragini: (hugs swara) didi take care of yourself but don’t forget to call me..everyday
Swara: okay my pari but take care
Ragini: hmm
Swara: never think like I have spoiled your studies and life by making you to accept for this marriage. Please don’t think me wrong
Ragini: its okay di. But you should marry before me. Don’t forget
Swara: yes.
Swara gets into the train and bids bye to everyone.the train started moving and gained speed.everyone was waving their hands to swara . swara is getting ready for her life in banglore by breaking all the obstacles.she was feeling that her life is also equal to the trains journey as it does the same.

Swara: finally I am here . I am away from my family. I can live and enjoy as per my wish.
A man comes near and says
Man: miss swara gadodia
Swara: yes
Man: I am das, driver of your car
Swara: ( surprised) my car
Driver: yes mam. I was appointed a for you and now its my duty to leave you at the hostel.
Swara nods while das keeps all her stuff in the car and reached the hostel
Warden: so you are swara
Swara: hmm
Warden: we have been informed about your arrival and before getting inside you must sign some papers.
Swara: papers?
Warden: rules and regulations of hostel
Swara: okay
Warden gives her the papers. Swara signs it after reading them thoroughly.
Warden: das. Show her the room
Swara follows das who is carrying her luggage

Swara:( surprised) wow..I mean to say beautiful
Das: did you like this ?
Swara: like..I loved it. I was expecting a room with with cheap cots and a very small room but this one is like a five star hotel suit.
Das handoves the keys and Leaves.swara is roaming in the room to check the facilities. Just then she gets a call
On phone
Lady: am I speaking to miss swara gadodia
Swara: yes speaking
Lady: well. A herty welcome to you
Swara: thank-you. May I know your name please
Lady: oh sorry! Myself Tara. I am working as a marketing executive in the same company where you came to work and I am your head
Swara: oh sorry mam
Lady: its okay swara please call me Tara. I am comfortable with it.
Swara: okay..Tara
Tara:(laughs): fine..so be at 10:00 by tomorrow morning . I will give you the details about your job.bye
Swara: bye mam

Ragini: didi I am missing u a lot. I wish that you would be here right now. I don’t know how three months are going to pass. She closes her eyes and sees laksh in front of her.
Ragini: what has happened to you?? Stop thinking him
Screen freezes showing SWARAGINI face.

PRECAP: Tara says to swara that their boss is workaholic. Swara is shocked to see him. Ragini is ignoring laksh.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  9. Sorry to disappoint you Priya but I have said earlier when I have thought of writing the fiction there were many swalak and ragsan stories and so I have opted for this but I will promise all the readers to give many twists and turns and increase the level of suspense .
    I have tried to describe the emotions if all the four in this fiction.

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