SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 7)

Swara is a bit self-centered and ragini is selfless in my fiction.. Thank-you for commenting

Next day morning
Swara got up from the bad and noticed that ragini was not there in the room.
Swara: maa.. Maa
Sumi: why are you shouting??
Swara: (worried) where is ragini?
Sumi: she went to the temple to wish for her life.
Swara: thank god..okay ma I must get ready and then go for shopping.

Ragini is walking on the desserted road with thali in her hand.just then she gets a call.
Ragini: hello
Dadi: hello ladoo.don’t forget to distribute swaeets and bring corn flour while returning
Ragini: ji dadima
She ends the call and collides with a guy.
The guy hold her by placing his hands in her waist.
Ragini: (angry) will you leave me?
The boy was mesmerized seeing her beauty especially her eyes.he is staring at her constantly and can hear his heart beat. At that moment he felt like he has won the entire world.
Ragini: Excuse me
He came to his senses and left her
Ragini: (still angry) what are you thinking about yourself?
Guy: i am so..
Ragini: I know very well about these type of guys. If they see any pretty girl on their way then they will simply dash her and later apologizes to prove that they are innocent
Guy(angry): hello..please don’t judge everyone in common.
Ragini: look mister.
Guy: laksh..lakshya
Ragini: whatever I am not bothered and now please arrange my thali.( in a sarcastic way)
Laksh sees that thali has fallen down and all the items have scatterd.he likes at ragini and arranged the thali
Laksh: yeh lo madam ji
Ragini rakes it and moves forward
Driver: laksh beta come ..the car us ready
Laksh: uncle please take my bags to mm and I will come after sometime. (Looking at ragini who is walking) I have some important work.

Swara is on the bed and is surrounded by clothes and other stuff
Swara: what should I do now? Everything is so confusing. Dadi please help me
Dadi who is cleaning swara’s shelf turns to her
Dadi: take this. She gives her a pile of traditional clothes
Swara(surprised): dadi ..I am not working in an ordinary company and it is banglore.. So please
Dadi: you will never like my choice. It’s up to you now.
Swara starts packing her bags

ragini: come on children..take these sweets
Ragini is distributing sweets to street children and laksh us looking at her.
Laksh(to himself) : what a good heart you have my angel.I am lucky as I met u. I have many girl friends but I was feeling strange when I met you, my heart was about to blast when I touched you,I loved the way you scolded me, I can feel your innocence , your sweetness and yes I want you in my life at any cost.
Saying this he leaves from there while ragini is still distributing the sweets.

Annapurna is constantly looking the entrance .she is actually waiting for his sons arrival.
Annapurna: why did you leave him there?
Driver: mam laksh beta has said that she has some important work.
Annapurna: what might be the reason??
Laksh: mom. Mei aagaya
Annapurna: ( happy) laksh.. Where were you till now?
Laksh : (thinking about ragini) mom to went to meet my friend
Annapurna: so your friend us more important.
She makes a face
Laksh: maa you are my first priority. Achaa where is papa,chote paa and all
Sujatha: they all went to office
Laksh: chachi..you have not changed at all
Sujatha: haa because I was in diet.
The trio laughs.
Laksh: where is sansky? I have heard that you have seen a girl for him.show me my bahabi. I am eagerly waiting
Sujatha: it is on the table
Laksh goes near the table and is about to pick the photo but uttara grabs it
Laksh: shaitaan
Uttara: perfectly.why didn’t you come earlier ?
Laksh: I was busy
Uttara: so you must pay for it.
Laksh: uttara.. Mom please say to her
Uttara; mom you are not going to interfere and bhai you must see her on the day of engagement. You have no other choice.
Uttara runs with ragini’s photo while laksh keeps smiling.
Laksh: sansky where are you??

Sanskar: I am here
Laksh: ( seeing sanskar) hey you have became very handsome hmm whats the matter
Sanskar( smiles) actually I am following laksh ji’s tips and so I am Like this.
Both of them smiled
Laksh: don’t act smart . I know the reason you did this for my bhabi.
Sanskar smile vanushes. Laksh observed it
Laksh: are you okay?
Sanskar: I am trying to be
Laksh: don’t think about past because we can’t get it back.try to move forward.
Sanskar: but I can’t do that
Laksh: remember one thing.there is life after love and love after love.
Sanskar looks at laksh
Screen freezes

PRECAP: Swara reached banglore and is excited seeing her room alloted bu the company.

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  1. Sorry guys many grammatical mistakes.please ignore them and I will try to correct them from the next episode

    1. I guess she will meet sanskar in baglore….

  2. Plz sree harini make it a swalak ff … Plz fr the sake of swalak fans … There are lot of swasan ff ….. Swara and laksh r my fav …. Plz fr the sake of silent swalak fans

  3. vary good stori pleez continu

  4. Ohhhh but plzzzzz yaar bhabhi devar ka rishta spoil hoga na plzzz dont do this

  5. It’s very good…. plz make sawsan

  6. pls make it swasan pls….. pls…. pls…. pls…..pls…..

  7. Nice yaar pls make it swasan

  8. Thankq everyone..and Anjali you are right. When I have planned to write fiction there were many swalak and ragsan stories but I don’t know why they stopped all of a sudden but I don’t assure that swasan will be lead pair or swalak but I won’t disappoint you. Love you all for commenting and liking my fiction.

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