SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 6)


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Ragini is shocked to listen dp’s words.
Ragini: no this can’t happen and will never happen
Saying this she runs upstairs crying. Swara gives a hate look to the maheswari family and runs after ragini.
Sujatha: please don’t misunderstand us. We are not saying that swara is not eligible for marriage but she is not perfect for my child.
Shekar: ( in high voice) but what are you asking is not correct. We are not interested in marrying our second daughter.
Durga Prasad: please understand us. At last every parent wants their children happiness.
Dadaji: its okay durga Prasad ji I will let you know about our decision.
Durga Prasad: ji namaste. We will leave now and sorry for hurting you.
Maheswari family leaves and gadodia family is in tension.

Ragini is crying and swara becomes worried for her.she went near ragini and placed her hand on raginis shoulder
Ragini: what is this didi??
Swara: marriage
Ragini( confused) do you want me to..
Swara: yes
Sumi: ( angry) what are you saying swara??
SWARAGINI turn and sees their mom standing at the door
Sumi: is your brain working? I wanted you to get married not ragini.
Swara: yes maa.anyhow it us fixed that they won’t accept me. At least I want my sister to be happy.
Sumi: I am not going to agree for this.
Sumi leaves the room swara follows her
Sujatha: will they accept our proposal jiji??
Annapurna: I think no. Everyone was shocked by listening this and no parent will accept.
Sujatha: but I am sure that if ragini becomes a part of sanskar’s life they he will become a normal man
Annapurna: what is said is correct. Let’s wait for their decision.we can’t do anything right now
Sujatha( to herself) please God make ragini and other members to accept this. Please

Swara: maa please listen to me
Sumi: please don’t try to convince me
Swara: dadi atleast you make my mom to understand this
Dadi: no swara I support your mom in her decision.
Shekar: swara..we have chosen him for you and not for your sister.
Ragini: exactly papa..you have seen this match for didi. If everything was good then he would have been my jiju but how can I accept him now.sorry didi
Swara: yes ragini but see you won’t get such a good match when you want to marry. We know about the status of durga Prasad ji and I am sure that you will stay happy there as bahu.
Shekar: ( thinks for a while) okay swara I agree with you but how can I marry your sister without marrying you?? Have you seen anywhere like thus.
Swara goes near shekar
Swara: papa. You always used to say that I am equal to your son means I will be brother of ragini even. And in many families brothers marry after the marriage of their sisters.
Ragini: stop talking rubbish
Swara: this is not rubbish ragu. I want to see you happy. If this match was seen for you then you would have accepted it right?
Ragini: yes I would have but this was not seen for me
Swara: do you love me??
Ragini: you are my life.
Swara: if you remember..you have asked me to make a wish on my birthday and said that you will fulfill it.
Ragini: yeah I remembered it.
Swara: I said that I will ask some other day..and now I want you to marry him please fulfill it.
Ragini is shocked but she cannot oppose her now
Swara: maa,papa,dadi aur dadaji please don’t think about me. Everything happens for a reason. Please accept it.
Ragini: but on one condition
Swara is shocked
Ragini: I am ready to marry didi bit you should also get married after returning from banglore. If you promise me then I will accept him.
Shekar: yes we all wish the same.
Swara: okay papa. I will do anything for my family happiness.
Everyone smiles while dadi gets relaxed.

Shekar: ji durga Prasad ji I will inform it to my dad. Good night.
Sumu;: with whom are you talking??
Shekar durga prasad ji. He was feeling very happy regarding our decision .he said that he will consult panditji tomorrow and finalize the engagement date.
Sumi: what I have thought and what happened..
Shekar: everything happens for a good cause. Let’s sleep now.
Sujatha: ( extreme happiness) what bhaisa!! I can’t believe this
Annapurna: finally I think good time has started for our sanskar.

Swara is staring at ceiling
Swara: ( to herself) finally my sister is going to get married and I can continue my career atleat for few months as I have promised her to marry after returning. But I am very happy for ragini. She is going to become a bahu of Avery big family. But I hate those maheswaris.especially sujatha aunty.she doesnt even have minimum common sense.
Ragini( to herself): didi I have accepted this as I promised you but I cannot accept this. I want to see you happy and if you will be happy by seeing my marriage then I will try to accept.
Swara: ragini..
Ragini: haa didi
Swara: tum mujhse naraj nahi ho na
Ragini: nahi didi.you are elder to me and every decision taken by you is for my good future. SWARAGINI smiles.

Sujatha: its already 10:30. Sanskar has not called me yet
Sanskar: ma..what are doing in my room??
Sujatha( smiles) I was waiting for you beta
Sanskar just looks at her and goes to washroom .
Annapurna: sujatha!! What are you doing here??
Sujatha: I came here to talk to sanskar about marriage proposal.but one thing jiji please don’t say about what has happened in BAADI.
Annapurna: but I think we must say him.
Sujatha: no like that jiji..I will say him afterwards.
Annapurna leaves
Sanskar: do you have anything to say?
Sujatha: yes but how do you know
Sanskar: come on mom. You will never come to my room at this time. I think it is a serious matter.
Sujatha: shows ragini’s photo to him) we have selected this girl as your life partner
Sanskar( shocked): but when. I mean you didn’t inform me.
Sujatha: everything has happened so quick that I was unable to inform you.
Sanskar: mom you know about me right! I cannot accept any other girl in place of..
Sujatha: I know but as a mom I want you to be happy. I think you will understand this.
Sujatha leaves the room.
Screen splits into two showing sanskar and ragini’s face.

PRECAP: Ragini collides someone in her way to temple.

Credit to: Sree harini

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