SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 57)

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One year passed. Ragini has finished her studies.
Sanskar is talking to swara on phone
Sanskar: take care swara.
Swara: okay Mr. Maheswari. You have been saying the same thing from the past fifteen minutes.
Sanskar: I know but..
Swara: but what!
Sanskar: I am concerned for you and my daughter.
Swara:( smiles) so Mr.MAHRSWARI is possessive for his son and wife.
Sanskar: don’t forget to call me if you feel something uncomfortable.
Swara: I won’t.
Sanskar disconnected the call.swara slowly carressed her belly.
Swara:( emotionally) few more days dear. You will be in laps of your mother.
Laksh opened his eyes and looks ragini who is brushing her hair.
Ragini:( smiles) good morning laksh!
laksh smiled and slowly approached ragini. He then hugged her from back.
Ragini:(in a low voice) what are you doing laksh. Leave me..
Laksh: romancing with my wife. I think it is not crime to romance. Is it?
Ragini: yes laksh ji! It is not all crime to romance but it is not the correct time to do it.
Saying this she pushes him into washroom.

Ragini:(smiles) now get ready. we must go to BAADI to meet swara didi.
Sujatha: ( excited) I can’t wait more jiji. My son is going to become father with in few more days.
Annapurna:( smiles) control yourself sujatha.
Uttara: I think that you will faint due to this excitement ma.
Parineta: ha uttara! By the way chachi..I have prepared swara’s favourite dish. I will handover it to ragini. She will give it to swara.
Sujatha: good job parineta. Prepare more dishes for her.
Everyone smiles seeing sujatha’s excitement.
Sumi: did you drink milk swara..
Swara: yes ma!
Swara:( to herself) I want to see your dad dear. I am missing him a lot.
Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.
Swara: I will see ma.
She opened the door and is surprised to see sanskar.swara is out if words now.
Sumi: sanskar.. Come inside.
Sanskar greeted sumi while swara is still in trans.
Sumi: anything important?
Sanskar:( smiles) nothing ma! I just came simply like that.
Sumi observed swara blushing.
Dadi: arey sharmista..you will never understand. He came to meet his daughter.
Sanskar feels embrassed while swara takes him to her room.
swara is resting her head on sanskar’s shoulder.
Swara: I was missing you badly Mr. Maheswari.
Sanskar: I know it Mrs. Maheswari and so I am here.
Swara: where is my chocolate.
Sanskar gulps and checks his pocket.

Sanskar: sorry!!
Swara:( makes a face) I know that you don’t love me. Chi sanskar.. Don’t talk to me.
He smiled at her cute face and removed a chocolate from his pocket.
Sanskar:( smiles) how can I forget my sweet heart’s favourites.
Swara’s eyes widened in happiness and she grabbed the chocolate.
Swara:( happy) I know sanskar that you love me a lot.. Sanskar looks on.
Ragini is walking here and there in front of the washroom holding her stomach.
Ragini:( irritated) how much time will you take laksh? Come out fast.
Laksh came out of the washroom.
Laksh: what happened ra…
Ragini pushed him aside and ran into the washroom.she came back after few minutes.
Laksh saw her wiping her mouth with towel.
Laksh:( worried) are you okay?
Ragini:( fake anger) not at all . my stomach is aching a lot and you are the reason for this.
Laksh:( widened eyes) me??
Ragini: yes. I have warned you not to make me eat all those yesterday night at the restaurant. But you didn’t listen to me.
Laksh smiles remembering how he made her to eat pizzas and all at the restaurant.
Ragini:( irritated) don’t laugh laksh. It is irritating .
Laksh doesn’t stop laughing.
Sanskar stopped smiling when he felt the tightened grip of swara’s hand on his shoulder. He looked at her and saw pain in her face.
Sanskar:( worried) are you okay?

Swara:( holding her stomach) I think..I am not.
Sanskar:( shouts) ma!! Papa!!
Sumi came running
Sumi: what happened sanskar!
Sanskar:( worried) ma!! Swara!!
He pointed her. Sumi smiled
Sumi: I think it’s time for your baby to come out. Call the ambulance sanskar. I will inform your parents.
Ragini:( excited) what dadi. Are you serious??
Dadi: ha ladoo. Be here by 10 minutes
Ragini: we are coming.
Laksh: what happened??
Ragini:( excited) didi has got pains laksh. She is admitted in the hospital.
Laksh:( happy) that’s great! I will bring the car ragini…meanwhile you inform other members.
Laksh went out to get the car while ragini informed everyone about swara. Everyone reached hospital with excitement.
Maheswaris entered the hospital and saw sanskar and others standing infront of operation theartre
Ram prasad: ( excited) where…is…swara.
Sanskar: she is inside papa.
Laksh: congrats bhai.
Sanskar smiles. Just then nurse came out of the theatre.
Nurse: who is sanskar MAHESWARI here?
Sanskar:( confused) its me.

Nurse: get inside the theatre.
Sanskar:( confused) but why? Anything serious!! Please let me know.
Nurse;( smiles) nothing as such mister. Actually your wife wanted you to be by her side during delivery.
Everyone are surprised and happy listening it.sanskar hesitatingly entered the room. He saw swara lying on the bed surrounded by many lady doctors. At first he felt embrassed but was about relaxed when swara holded his hand.
Sanskar: don’t worry dear. Everything will be alright!
Swara smiled at him.at the same time, she was screaming in pain.swara tightened her grip on sanskar’s hand.
Doctor: push the baby swara..push …
Swara started pushing the baby but she was unable to due to the pain. A nurse helped her. Sanskar stood there speechless seeing this. Tears stared rolling down from swara eyes and she was screaming as hell.
Sanskar:( to himself) is it so difficult to give birth to a baby…hats off to women..really…
Other nurses were continously rubbing her hands and legs but swara didn’t leave Sanskar’s hand . he was able to feel swara pain.

Finally after a big scream, swara delivered the baby.
Doctor:( happy) congratulations Mr. Maheswari. It’s a baby girl.
Sanskar’s eyes filled with tears. Swara gestured him to bring the girl child near to her. Doctor gave him the baby and for the first time in his life, he has touched a new born child.
Sanskar:( to himself) she is my child..sanskar maheswari’s daughter.
He leaned to swara so that she can see her daughters face clearly.
Swara:( emotionally) she is our daughter sanskar..symbol of our love..
Saying this, she slowly kissed the forehead if the child.
Nurse: we have some post delivery processes to be completed so…Mr. Sanskar..it would be better if you leave the room.
Sanskar looked at swara emotionally and slowly walked out with his daughter in his hand.he held her close to his chest in fear sanskar:( emotionally) its a baby girl.
Everyone become emotional and with in no time,they circled him..
Sumi:( teary eyed) she just looks like you sanskar
Sujatha:( excited) oh my god! Someone please hold me. I am going to faint out of this happiness.
Durga Prasad: congratulations sanskar..
Sanskar is listening to everyone but nothing goes to his brain. Right now he is enjoying that precious moment which every father enjoys.
After everyone pampering the baby,sanskar approached ragini.
Ragini:( emotionally,teary eyed) my baby..she is so cute
She took the girl into her hands.
Laksh hugged sanskar.
Laksh: congratulations bhai! Finally you won.
Uttara comes near ragini and plays with the child.
Ragini: my daughter..
Laksh: she is your sister’s daughter.

Ragini looks at him and then to the girl.
Ragini: no she is my daughter..
Everyone smiles.
Nurse: excuse me..please handover the baby..we must bath her.
Ragini gave her the child.
Ragini: be careful.
Sanskar: ( worried) how is swara??
Nurse: she is unconscious now. It may time for her to gain consciousness. We will shift her to the room meanwhile.
Everyone got relaxed.
Ragini:( still excited) I really can’t describe my happiness n….
She faints leaving everyone shocked
Laksh:( shocked) ragini!
Annapurna: ragini!!
Parineta: what happened laksh? Is she fine
Laksh:( worried) I think food poisoning bhabhi. She vomited twice in the morning.
Durga Prasad: thank god we are in hospital.
Ram Prasad: sanskar..call doctor..
After few minutes.
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and saw herself lying on the bed.
Ragini:( worried) nothing has happened to me. please leave me doctor. I don’t want to take any injection.
Parineta: shh…let the doctor check.

Doctor:( smiles) nothing to worry Mr. Durga prasad. You are going to become grand father soon.
Annapurna: ( widened eyes) really!!
Doctor: yes..
Parineta: double dhamaka.
Ragini blushes. Laksh becomes happy listening this.
Sanskar hugged laksh
Sanskar:( in a low voice) but you are too fast laksh.
Laksh stampped Sanskar’s foot.
Sanskar:( in pain ) ouch!
Uttara: what happened bhayya?
Sanskar:( tried to smile) nothing..
Ram Prasad: leave them for sometime.
Everyone vacated the room leaving ragini and laksh
Laksh: thank-you ragini for this gift.
Ragini:( teary eyed) I think God has shown mercy on us for our struggles we faced.
Laksh hugged ragini.
Ragini: this is the symobol of our love laksh.
laksh: ( teary eyed) yes..
Saying this he kissed ragini on her forehead.
Few hours later.
Everyone are in swara’s room. Swara is lying on the bed and the baby is in the cradle beside her.
Swara:I think you are happy now as you won our bet.

Sanskar: of course. I was sure that I am going to get princess. …papa’s princess. Hai na pari..he said this looking at baby.
Parineta: but I thought that it would be a boy.
Swara (makes a face): me too.
Sanskar leaned to her and whispered: don’t worry sweet heart. Better luck next time.
He winked at her and she started blushing as she understood his words.
Sanskar: by the way swara…you no need to worry about a son..you will become mother of a son within few months.
Swara:( confused) what!!
Sanskar: I mean ragini is going to gift you.
Swara is still in confusion.
Sumi: buddhu..your sister is pregnant.
Swara’s eyes widened in happiness.ragini blushed.
Swara: congratulations ragini…love you dear.
Ragini:( blushes) thank-you didi.
Uttara: so we will have a boy in our house after few months
Laksh: no it will be a girl who is as sweet as her mom.
He looked at ragini and she smiles.
Annapurna:( disappointed) then what about me laksh?? Don’t you want a baby like me?You have changed a lot after your marriage.
Laksh looks confused.
Sujatha:( fake anger) no way jiji.you and your son belong to same group. That’s why he didn’t mention my name.

Laksh turned to sujatha
Laksh: no chachi..
Parineta: bas laksh.no one is bothered about me in this house.even you too don’t want a girl like me
Laksh: bhabhi…
All others start giggling.
Uttara: its okay bhai.leave about everyone….laksh felt a bit relaxed…being the youngest girl, you don’t want your daughter to be like me..
Swara smiles seeing sanskar while sumi smiles seeing dadi
Shekar: ha laksh beta. Everyone is correct..you must think about them.
Swara:( makes a face) why devar ji!! Look at my princess.. You don’t want a girl like her??
Laksh:( surprised) bhabhi..you too.
Everyone smiled while laksh turned to durga Prasad and ram Prasad
Laksh: really papa and chacha. Once you have said me not to interfere in between ladies but it really took time for me to understand. These ladies are always typical. I will never understand them.

Screen freezes at everyone laughing and laksh looking confused.

Sree harini’s Vo ?:SWARAGINI… The endless love between the two sisters which made them to sacrifice their life for each other swara tried to sacrifice sanskar for ragini where as ragini tried her best to unite her sister with her love. Swara and sanskar also showed Limitless love to each other.. They became ready to sacrifice their happiness for their family. The brothers stood up for each other in times of pain and tried their best to convince the other and make him happy. Laksh never changed his love for ragini and ragini moved away from his life as she can’t see him in pain. Sanskar and laksh are no where less. The reason for their strong bond is that they loved each other unconditionally..actually their love never knew any limits. Thus I tried to justify my title…SWARAGINI- Limitless Love( tried something different. Please ignore if it is not good.)
Thank-you each and every person who have read and commented on my fiction. You all are really great that you have beared me for these many episodes inspite of doing some rubbish things in between like winding up the story . thank you everyone for being with me.

And a big sorry to hayathi. I gave seen her commenting on my episode from day 1. I really found her encouraging but never found a single comment after my 13th episode where I created a mess. I am so sorry dear. actually I am a very sensitive girl, sometimes I feel bad saying it but you know…I will change my decisions with in fraction of seconds. I have been regretting till date about those episodes and I felt like you were hurt reading my comments there. I think that you have thought me to be a nautanki and stopped reading my story dear. Once again I am sorry if I hurt you that day and I am badly missing your comments under my fiction. It’s upto you to comment or not but I just wanted this message to reach you dear.

Coming back to my friends,you all are really sweet I mean you loved me just through my writings . now a days, our own and cousins are not bothering and caring for each other but you all stood up for me and encouraged me very well.I am really thankful to you all. And I promise to reply all the comments under this episode. AND A BIG THANKS TO TELLY UPDATES FOR PROVIDING ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS ME AND ALSO TO GIVE ME SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Love you all..

It’s sree harini signing off??

Credit to: Sree harini


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    • Sree harini

      Hello riya. Glad to know that you are a silent reader of my fiction. Actually you were. Even I am going to miss you dear. But sorry to say that I cannot start writing a new one as exams are on my head.

    • Sree harini

      Hello vinita. Nice to see you hear. Actually I regularly read ur comments under veena di’s fiction. You are really a good at encouraging dear. Regarding my fiction, I have mentioned it earlier that raglak union will be my climax. Love you.

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      Hey Sasha don’t worry. I will try my best to start another one but not now. I think you are new here but thank-you so much for supporting me as a silent reader.

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      Love you too sis. I have tried my best to impress everyone. Naa fiction kosam inth ga wait chese vaalu unnaru ani naaku telidu but Nuvvu cheppinappudu chala happy ga anipinchindi. Next fiction…I will try dear. I have been seeing your comment from past fifteen episodes if I am not wrong. But you have a special place in my heart.

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      I have got an idea to write another fiction on swasan at my 38th or 39th episode I think. It is even running in my mind now but I cannot write it as I have hectic schedule for the coming three months. If everything goes good then I will surely return in the month of April. Your cute warning made me emotional. I am literally moved reading it. Love you sindhu!

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      Another regular reader. Hi vaishnavi. Nuvvu Telugu ammai ani telisina tarvata nunchi I was flying literally. I never expected Telugu girls reading my fiction. As mentioned above, na exams tarvata most probably after three months Nenu new story tho vastanu. Love you vaishu! And please don’t cry. I hate my friends crying .

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    • Sree harini

      Lol. I started laughing reading last line..publishing books. No dear I am not that capable. Thank-you for breaking your silence yamuna. Thank-you so much for loving me silently . not exactly season 2 but I will try to come back with swasan story after three months. I don’t promise because writing anorher fiction is not in my hands now.

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    • Sree harini

      Thank-you so much anam for your beautiful words. You are one of my besties again. You are really close to my heart. Regarding updates, I just wanted to make my reader..oops friends happy and so I didn’t look at my pain. That is the reason I try to reply everyone because I know the happiness when the writer of the story replies you back. It shows that they have seen their comments. I am glad to know that you were happy reading this update dear. Miss you.

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    wat can i do? i cant help but read ur ffs …. they r soooooooo nyc n attention grabbing i just cant express….. sry dnt mind bt sumwer m lil happy dat it ended. now atleast i can b free frm that “aur padhna h” feeling…..
    u wer awesome in ur potrayal of characters n i once again fell in love wid sanskaar….. thanx a lot dear……
    happy lohri n my “limitless love” to u n all……..

    • Sree harini

      Yeah you were correct. Even my proities ate studies even now. Actually before three months I guess I accidentally got to know that every serial has written updates and I reached this site. Initially oused to read comments only under episodes but after that I started reading veena di’s fiction which encourages me to write one. Being a sensitive girl..I must not say like that but I have stopped writing in between as I was not getting enough comments.but later with everyone’s encouragement, I have started writing it again. Actually the word studies madee share my journey dear. Sorry if it was boring. Even I am feeling relaxed now as I can focus on my studies.

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    • Sree harini

      I must say thank-you for bearing me. I will try to come back in three months. Actually I have got an idea to wrote a story on swasan during episode38 bit because of exams, I withdrew it. But I will surely wrote if time permits dear.

  29. Sree harini

    Thank-you namish for breaking your silence and I am glad to know that you were a silent reader if my fiction but I am feeling a bit wired seeing a giy commenting on my fiction cause generally guys won’t be interested in this typrle of stuff. Anyways thank-you for comment. I will try my best to start another fiction but after three months.

    • Sree harini

      I will try to write dear. I have a plot already in my mind but right now I must focus on my studies.thank-you richu for loving me and my fiction silently.

  30. Nive

    its nice ending… but didnt expect that you end this… i hope after your easms you will comeback with new ff…All the best for your exam…

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you Nive,another regular reader.I smiled involuntarily seeing your name. You have always commented and supported me dear from day 1 , if I am not wrong. I am really gonna miss you so much.

  31. shabrin

    Hey sree harini ur ff is really nice…I have read it from the first epi and the ending is really nice and sweet…u have a really good writing skills..u just show all the emotions so purely which connects the hearts really hatts off to u and plz continue like that ☺

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you for your wonderful words dear. I am moved by your comment. You are also very close to my heart dear. You never missed to comment on any of my update. I am really overwhelmed by your love. Miss you dear. Regarding emotions, I just love sanskar and ragini a lot and this I have lived their charecters in this fiction.

    • Sree harini

      Hey seethoty, I have seen you commenting under my fiction. You are really encouraging dear. Thank-you so much for your love and affection that you have showered on me till now. Miss you dear.

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    • Sree harini

      Even I am out of words to describe my happiness now. Right now, I have tears in my eyes and it is becoming difficult for me to type. You all guys are really so good. Thank-you aashi for regularly commenting. Miss you so much. I don’t want to miss anyone bit I am left with no other option. Regarding my studies, I am doing my bachelors degree currently.

  33. aashi

    Is there anyway to be in contact with you dear??? I will surely like to be in touch with an amazing and awesome writer like uhh!!! ?

    • Sree harini

      No dear, I am not on any social sites. Even I want to be in touch with you all but I think TELLY UPDATES is the only medium for me.

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    Hope you start a new ff with another interesting story… When ever you feel like!

    • Sree harini

      Hey niariya thank-you for your lovely cment dear. I am glad to know that you were waiting for my fiction. I am honored and I will try to come back with a beautiful story of swasan

  35. meesha

    hey u really wrote interesting episodes though I never commented but still ur twists always resulted positive story I liked ur ff

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you meesha for breaking your silence. Thank-you for supporting me silenty .actually I am not getting any words to describe my situation now. I became teary eyed by reading all your comments. Keep loving me like this and I LOVE YOU ALL…

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    U r such a brilliant writer am sorry if I had ever hurt u sorry
    U have lot’s of writing qualities thaks a lot for ur precious fiction hope so we will see u soon wid another wonderful fiction

    • Sree harini

      Hi hadi..nice to see you here after many days and you never hurted me dear. Don’t even think like that. But I didn’t understand your first lines. If possible please comment on it again. I will try my best to come back dear. Miss you

  39. Shraddha

    Hey Shree I’m so sorry that I never commented after new year before on 2-3 I did continuously but I ve read each n evey episode n ibve not just read I ve loved them to the core ur SwaSan ff is by far the deepest love or shall I say limitless love I ve seen in ff because I really like stories wwe family is given priority over ones self today’s episode however made me comment evn before reading ur VO because I loved the child birth process that u ve described that’s really really well very well written n u justify ur Ff name 100% ssly “naku nedi ff ante chala ishtam manchanga ishtam probably swasan engg episode time lo ur ff ante naku pichi ” I’m a huge huge fan of Mahesh babu n Prabhas actually almost all telugu actors had read ur from AP so tried a bit what I hv learnt through movies hope u got wat i meant

    • Sree harini

      Yeah dear. I understood what you mean and really feeling happy that you tried to comment on my mother tongue. So swwt of you dear. I have seen you actively commenting during swasan marriage but after that I missed you badly. After reading ur comments under veena di’s fiction, I got to know that you are not feeling well. BTW how are you now? Coming to today’s episode, I have planned this one on first day itself. I tried to make something unquie and I think I got successful in it. Even I too love family stories. And the birth process..actually I have taken the idea from my own dream. I always wished that my husband would be by my side during delivery. I know that it sounds funny but still I hope it turns true. Miss you so much shradda.

      • Shraddha

        Telugu is smthing I’m very fascinated to learn so wwn ever I see am1 I get exited infact II watch almost all Telugu movies (hit 1s I ve seen lol?) yea I never commented on this website Vini di also her 3 episodes of previous season made me break my silence dwn agin u made me do comment during SwaSan marriage time I actually I said ur is very deep love of SwaSan because it involvesd lot of sacrifices n pain that u showed was very touching n even tough I haven’t commented but I ve read each n every part of ur ff even recommended my friends to read do come back with 1 more limitless FF take care dear !!? Good luck!

      • Sree harini

        I am honored dear. Again I had tears reading that you recommended your friends to read it. I never dreamed a day like this where many people will start loving me just for my writings. All the best dear for learning Telugu and where are you from??. And I will try my best to start another one. All the best for your future.

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    I want u to write more plzzzzzzz……..
    Plzzzzzzzz…….. Shree…..
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    • Sree harini

      Hello jaf. No need to mention sorry for that and oh my god! You have read all the episodes in one day. It is really difficult to search in Google but it shoes your love towards me dear. Don’t feel bad. I will try to come back with a new one. Regarding novels, lol I am not that for to write them. Thanks for your affection.

    • Sree harini

      Actually I have a problem with the account I am using currently. I am in a plan to create another one and I will surely let you know at that time. Sorry if I disappointed you.

  41. Diya

    I am also a silent reader I started reading from the beginning… This ff is one of favorite and don’t end it yaar pls…y did u end it so fast..I will miss it..

    • Sree harini

      Hello diya. Another silent reader. I am overwhelmed to see many silent readers today. And you mentioned that I have finished my fiction soon but 57 isn’t a small number according to me dear. It shows your love. Love you too.

  42. Nandini

    ya harini u must continue it…. u really write well…in fact….very well…don’t end it up soon dear…really u made me ur fan…u just rocked it…btw..if u r ending it after our kind urges…then i would say I’m gonn miss ur ff heartly….hope u’ll listen to our urges…

    • Sree harini

      I am listening to all your urges dear but I can’t move forward by starting a new fiction because I must prepare for my exams even. I will try to come back after three months. And please don’t say fan. You are my friend.

  43. Tooba

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    • Sree harini

      Oh God! Thank-you TELLY UPDATES FOR giving me sisters even.right now I have tears in my eyes. No wonder, i this is happening with me since yesterday and my mom is literally worried about it. I will be back dear as I don’t want to miss anyone. I am feeling bad now but I can’t negelect my studies even. Thanks for your good wishes dear and please comment on other fictions too s your comment means a lot to them. Love you tooba. And miss you sis

  44. Taiana

    Tq u for ur compliment on my name…. I wil be happy if u back but take ur own tym dear…. Actually i hav started cmt on ur frm that day where u said u want to stop writing due to less cmts n u gav summary of the story… I don’t remember the no of part… After that i regularly commented…. In fact that tym i was new here n usually i never cmt on any website so i little hesitated to cmt… I put my 1st cmt in ur ff only so ur ff is always smtg special for me… N im glad to know that u feel me as ur frnd tqqq u for it… Ya surely i will miss u n ur ff alott dear… Best of luck for ur future.. Luv u…:*:*

    • Sree harini

      Hello tania. Even at first I too hesitated to comment but after startingto write, I understood the importance of it and please don’t say thank-you dear. There is no sorry and no thank-you in friend ship..according to sanskar? miss you too and all the best for your future.

  45. jaf

    Its ok shree i wont feel bad☺…
    I really lykd ur story & ya….
    I m not joking u should start writing coz u hv dt talent of urs!!…
    If u have read international best selling Books u mst have seen their depth in writing & i felt it in u too…

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you for your compliment dear but I haven’t read any international books infact I have started reading novels in July of the previous year. I am honored and moved by your comment.

    • Sree harini

      Hello sravya. I was waiting for your comment dear. Miss you so much. Thanks for staying with me from day1

    • Sree harini

      Hi shanaya. Even you are so close to me dear. I am gonna miss you soo much dear..you have regularly commented on my fiction and encouraged me as a true friend. Love you.

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    • Sree harini

      Even I am going to miss you so much Navi. You have regularly commented on my fiction. I have some issues with my current email account . I will definitely let you know when I create a new one. Thank-you for your love sister.

  47. swas

    really awesome dr…I read ur ff ….too Good. ….plz cntue…I waiting for ur ff…and tc …concentrate on ur studies ..all the best.:-)

  48. Sree harini

    Hello everyone. I may not be able to reply your comments till tomorrow night as I am leaving my city. Sorry guys.

  49. ShreyaJY

    Hiiii Akka I Am A Silent Reader……..
    n I wanted to tell u that I thoroughly enjoyed reading ur FFs…. πŸ™‚
    They were simply awesome :-* can’t say it in words………
    n I’ll surely miss u :’-(

      • ShreyaJustin

        πŸ™‚ If You Start A New FF Then Please Do Inform Us About It…………..
        Will Be Waiting For Ur Next FF………
        BYEEEEEE!!!! πŸ™‚

  50. ashi

    Yaar pls don’t end this ff …..Everyday I wait for your ff only pls continue your ff and showcasing your writing skills…..pls…pls

    • Sree harini

      But I cannot complete this fiction . I know that you all are feeling bad but this story is completed. I will try my best to start another one.

  51. jaf

    And ya plzz dont end it continue writing from 2dy…..
    U write really welll……
    I bcame so much used to ur ff that i m feeling bored constantly & searching for more ffs …
    Ya its true i had got 1 but its not that interesting….???????????plz start writing again

    • Sree harini

      Sorry jaf. I can understand you but seriously I cannot continue due to my exams. I will surely come back dear. Currently I am doing my bachelors degree.

    • Sree harini

      Finally you commented. I was waiting for you aqsa. I am gonna miss you even.I will try my best to start another one.

  52. joya

    actually i read ur ff at starting……..
    actually i dnt have any words……………..
    sorry dear…..
    swara went to Bangalore, started working in sanskar’s office…………..
    after dis i could not read ur ff………..
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    i really like dis last episode……….. specially sanskar wid swara at d time of her delivery…….. dis is my dream also……………..

    nice episode……………

    all the best for ur studies……….

    so i think u love vini di’s ff……….

    • Sree harini

      Veena di is my inspiration. I will never forget her and I have seen your comments on her fiction. You are really a good encouraging friend and please don’t say sorry yaar. You can get my episodes on chrome.never say that you don’t have right to comment. It really hurts me. You have all the rights to express your views. Love you dear.

      • joya

        thank you so much dear…….
        we r missing ur comment in vini di’s comment column………..
        take care………….. ….
        good morning………

      • joya

        thank for reading my comments there( stupid and lengthy comments….. hahaha…..only vini di bear me……..) and for good words….keep writing…….

      • Sree harini

        Even we can bear you dear. After all we all are one. Even I am missing veena di’s fiction but due to exams, I am unable to read any fiction of this page. Have a good day dear.

  53. jaf

    Its ok as my exms r also gonna start….
    From 1st march…12 boards u knw ..,
    And i actually is bord ….
    So i startd reading…
    But i want anothr soon as soon as our exms end ok??,.?

  54. krish

    Thanq..not to mention ji…and your favourite nivi di ff story?.I commented on this ff also nearly 2r3 times.actually I forgot this.so i searched again for knowing ur fav.

    • Sree harini

      Oh.. But I am not getting time to read any fiction. After this comment I may not be able to reply anyone even. Ha-ha why will I mention ji krish. All the best for your future.

      • krish

        Sree ji..i said no need to say thanks…may be u get confused..I think you will take more time to get back.actually i completed my engineering..I’m learning course for job.&thanks for your wishes..sign of.good bye dear take care

  55. Sree harini

    My exams are going to start from tomorrow. I may not be able to reply anyone. I SERIOUSLY MISS YOU ALL..YOUR AFFECTION AND LOVE EVEN THAT YOU ALL SHOWERED ON ME. I will try my best to come back. Byee

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